QuizTarget AI Review – The Ultimate Quiz Builder for Lead Generation and Sales

QuizTarget AI Review:

Generating leads and sales online is getting harder than ever these days. The old methods like email lists, webinars, and content marketing just aren’t cutting it anymore.

Your website and social media posts feel like dead ends. Paying for ads eats up your budget without results. Nobody wants to read your latest blog post or download your lead magnet.

You feel stuck in a rut watching your business stagnate. If only there was an easy way to capture targeted leads, grow your audience, and boost revenue.

A way to create fun, interactive content that people love to engage with and share. Something that can turn cold traffic into warm leads in any niche or market.

Well here’s some great news…

There’s a new AI-powered software that makes lead generation and sales easy by allowing you to create viral quizzes and surveys in minutes.

These quizzes grab leads like crazy, build your list fast, and send targeted traffic to your offers so you ring the cash register.

In this in-depth review, you’ll discover:

  • What this new quiz software is and how it works
  • The many types of viral quizzes you can make
  • How to use it to explode your optins and sales
  • Real user examples and case studies
  • Pricing and package options
  • Pros and cons
  • And much more…

So if you want an easy shortcut to lead generation and sales in 2023, you need to check out this review right now!

What is QuizTarget AI?

QuizTarget AI Review - What is it

QuizTarget AI is the world’s first AI-powered interactive quiz, survey and poll builder. It allows you to:

  • Create highly engaging quizzes, surveys and polls with no technical skills
  • Convert website visitors into leads and sales
  • Build email lists and generate leads faster than ever
  • Boost opt-ins and engagement by up to 78%
  • Make more sales by showing targeted offers based on quiz responses
  • Go viral easily with built-in social sharing

Why Use QuizTarget AI?

Here are the main reasons why QuizTarget AI is a gamechanger for marketers:

1. Lead Generation Made Easy

Quizzes are proven to boost opt-in rates by up to 78%, allowing you to build email lists and generate leads with ease. No more struggling with webinars, free reports and other ineffective lead magnets.

2. Sales Boosted in 3 Clicks

With QuizTarget’s logic branching, you can show targeted offers and product suggestions based on a user’s quiz answers. This allows you to boost sales instantly.

3. Traffic and List Growth on Autopilot

Quizzes are viral by nature because people love sharing their results. This means you can get a flood of highly targeted visitors without spending a dime on ads.

4. Valuable User Insights

The data you get from quiz responses allows you to segment and retarget users with tailored offers and messaging.

5. Works for Any Niche or Business

Whether you are in health, software, services, ecommerce or any other niche, quizzes will work to generate leads and sales.

6. Newbie Friendly

No technical skills, design experience or learning curve required. Just select a template, add your branding and publish.

7. Affordable Pricing

Starting at just $27, QuizTarget AI costs a fraction of hiring someone to build your quizzes for you. There are no monthly fees either.

As you can see, QuizTarget AI makes quiz creation easy, affordable and highly effective for any marketer or business owner. Let’s look at it in more detail.

How Does QuizTarget AI Work?

QuizTarget AI is a cloud-based software that works in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select a Template

First, you just need to pick a quiz template for your niche and goals. QuizTarget comes packed with 10,000+ done-for-you templates across all niches so you can just select one and customise it.

Step 2: Customise Your Quiz

Next, customise the look and feel of your quiz by adding your own branding, colors, images etc. You can edit questions, change formats, add videos and more.

Step 3: Publish Your Quiz

Finally, just generate your quiz link and embed it anywhere – your website, social media, email, ads etc. Or let QuizTarget host it for you.

And that’s it! Within minutes you’ll have a viral, lead generating quiz without needing any technical skills or paying a dime to designers or developers.

QuizTarget AI Pricing and Upsells

QuizTarget AI – Front End Offer

The Front-End offer is QuizTarget AI’s core quiz builder software available in 2 packages:

QuizTarget AI Basic ($27 one-time)

This gives you access to the essential quiz builder with 100+ templates across multiple niches. You can create unlimited quizzes and capture unlimited leads.

It’s great for getting started with quiz lead gen or using for a smaller business.

QuizTarget AI Commercial ($37 one-time)

This is the main offer that unlocks all features, 10,000+ templates, advanced capabilities, commercial license and special bonuses worth $3,465.

It’s the best value for serious quiz creation, lead generation and profiting from your quizzes.

QuizTarget AI Upsells (OTOs)

Here are the optional upsells available with the Front-End purchase:

OTO 1 – QuizTarget Pro

QuizTarget Pro removes all limits and allows you to create unlimited quizzes, get unlimited templates and collect unlimited leads.

It also adds powerful features like A/B testing, scheduling, Zapier integration, custom branding and more.

There are 2 packages available:

  • QuizTarget Pro ($47 one-time)
  • QuizTarget Pro Lite ($37 one-time)

This upsell provides the complete toolkit for advanced quiz creation and conversions.

OTO 2 – QuizTarget Agency

QuizTarget Agency allows you to sell quiz creation services to local businesses.

You get a done-for-you agency website, promo materials, commercial license and other assets to deliver client campaigns.

Packages available:

  • QuizTarget Agency ($97 one-time)
  • QuizTarget Agency Lite ($67 one-time)

Perfect for agencies and freelancers to profit from the massive demand.

OTO 3 – QuizTarget Reseller

This lets you resell QuizTarget AI licenses and keep 100% profits. You get access to their sales material and assets to promote QuizTarget as an affiliate.

Two packages:

  • QuizTarget Reseller Pro ($127 one-time)
  • QuizTarget Reseller Lite ($97 one-time)

Great for anyone wanting to sell SaaS products.

OTO 4 – QuizTarget DFY Club ($47 per month)

Get access to a new done-for-you quiz template and campaign each month for quick and easy monetization.

Allows you to outsource the quiz creation while profiting from hot new templates.

OTO 5 – QuizTarget Masterclass ($97 one-time)

Comprehensive training on becoming a quiz pro shows you how to get the most out of the software and create winners.

Also covers advanced traffic methods and DFY funnels.

QuizTarget AI Bundle Deals ($297)

You can get the Front End Commercial package along with the OTOs bundled together at a one-time price.

This allows you to save money and unlock all the pro features and agency rights.

Now let’s explore some of QuizTarget’s standout features in more detail:

The Top Features and Benefits of QuizTarget AI

🤖 AI-Powered Q&A

One of the most powerful features of QuizTarget AI is the AI-powered Q&A. This allows you to:

  • Get AI-generated engaging quiz questions tailored to your niche and goals.
  • Analyze any piece of content and turn it into interactive quizzes.
  • Let AI suggest the optimal quiz flow and question sequencing.

This AI automation makes quiz creation 10X faster and easier. You don’t need to rack your brains for good questions or the best quiz formatting.

🎥 Interactive Video Quizzes

QuizTarget lets you add YouTube, Vimeo and other videos into your quizzes. Viewers watch the video then answer questions about it on the same screen.

The benefits of video quizzes include:

  • Boost engagement and completion rates
  • Add your personality to connect with users
  • Educate users within your quiz
  • Reduce friction by avoiding external video links
  • Capture leads and boost optins

Video quizzes are perfect for increasing viewer time on page, social shares and leads.

📈 Logic Branching for More Sales

Logic branching is a powerful feature that displays targeted content and offers within your quiz based on a user’s responses.

For example, if a user selects choice A for question 1 and choice B for question 2, you can show them specific CTA like a sales offer or webinar registration on the thank you page.

This segmentation allows you to:

  • Boost conversions and sales
  • Provide a personalized experience
  • Show users exactly what they need
  • Reduce irrelevant content

Logic branching is like having your own sales rep guiding users to the right offer.

📊 In-Depth Analytics and Reporting

QuizTarget provides detailed analytics and downloads reports in CSV/Excel formats. You can view data on:

  • Quiz views, visits and opt-ins
  • Audience demographics
  • Top performing quizzes
  • Question and answers analysis
  • Lead performance over time
  • And more…

These valuable insights allow you to fine tune your quizzes and devise better lead nurturing campaigns.

💯 Responsive and Mobile-Ready

The quizzes created in QuizTarget are 100% responsive out of the box. They work perfectly on all devices and screen sizes.

This ensures maximum engagement, completion rates and conversions from mobile users.

🆓 Commercial License Included

QuizTarget lets you profit in multiple ways with commercial rights:

  • Resell quiz creation services to clients
  • Use quizzes for your own lead generation
  • Sell leads generated from your own quizzes

This allows you to create a lucrative income stream through lead generation quizzes.

🔒 GDPR Compliant Lead Capture

Collect leads safely and securely with QuizTarget’s built-in GDPR compliant lead capture options. This avoids hefty fines while reassuring your users.

📣 Social Sharing

Encourage users to share their quiz results on social media with the social share feature. This results in viral traffic from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Sharing also improves social proof and credibility for your brand.

As you can see, QuizTarget is packed with features to maximize engagement, leads, and revenue from your quizzes. And it takes just minutes to put together a high converting quiz.

QuizTarget Use Cases

QuizTarget AI can be utilized in a variety of ways by all types of businesses and marketers. Here are some examples of how it is being used:

Lead Generation

One of the most popular uses of QuizTarget is for lead generation. By asking engaging questions, you can grab emails throughout the quiz or offer lead magnets based on the results.

For example, an insurance agent created a “What Type of Insurance Do You Need?” quiz and generated over 500 leads in a month.

List Building

You can also rapidly build highly-targeted email lists with QuizTarget. Segment your lists based on the quiz responses.

Then send tailored offers or content to each segment for maximum conversions.

Customer Research

Run polls and surveys to get feedback from customers. Find out what they like, what needs improvement, and what new features they want.

The data allows you to improve customer satisfaction.

Pre-Sell Your Products

Before launching a product, create a viral buzz quiz to engage your audience. This warms up prospective buyers so you can boost sales on launch day.

Drive Traffic to Website

Embed quizzes on your website, ads and social media posts to pull in targeted visitors. Use the logic branching to send traffic to specific landing pages.

Nurture Leads

Create a series of follow-up quizzes for your email subscribers. Keep them engaged while collecting more data to segment your list.

Sell Quiz Leads

Capture leads from your own quizzes and sell them to businesses looking for their target audience. This creates a hands-off income stream.

Pitch Clients

Agencies use QuizTarget to create fun lead gen campaigns for clients. This provides tremendous value and makes pitching easy.

As you can see, the marketing applications of QuizTarget are endless. Next let’s examine the potential results you can achieve.

QuizTarget Results and Case Studies

The lead generation and sales potential of QuizTarget is immense. Just look at these real examples:

  • A healthcare clinic generated 947 leads, 30 consultations and $18,000 in new revenue with a hormonal health quiz.
  • An insurance provider captured 1,600 new subscribers per month with a policy finder quiz.
  • A skincare brand saw a 20,000+ email list growth and $200k in sales from a skin type quiz.
  • A clothing store doubled sales and grabbed 35,000 leads in 3 weeks using fun quizzes.

These results are possible because quizzes have up to 78% optin rates and get shared 1900 times on average.

QuizTarget makes it easy to replicate these results without any prior experience.

Who Should Use QuizTarget AI?

QuizTarget AI is perfect for:

  • 🏬 Local businesses
  • 📈 Affiliate marketers
  • 🎓 Online course creators
  • 📰 Bloggers
  • 💼 Consultants / Agencies
  • 🛒 Ecommerce stores
  • 👨‍⚕️Health and wellness brands
  • 💪 Fitness professionals
  • 🚘 Automotive businesses
  • 🏠 Real estate agents
  • 💼 B2B companies
  • 🎥 Video creators
  • 🎤 Podcasters
  • 💵 Financial advisors
  • 🏫 Online educators
  • 👨‍🎓 Coaches
  • 💼 Service providers

QuizTarget works across all niches because everyone loves quizzes. Any business can use it to turn strangers into leads and buyers.

Let’s also compare QuizTarget to the popular alternative, QuizFunnels.

QuizTarget vs QuizFunnels

Both quiz builders have similarities but some key differences exist:

  • QuizTarget is significantly cheaper than QuizFunnels
  • QuizTarget offers more templates, integrations and flexibility
  • QuizFunnels charges monthly fees while QuizTarget is one-time pricing
  • QuizTarget comes with commercial rights to resell and make profits
  • QuizTarget offers exclusive fast action bonuses worth thousands
  • QuizTarget provides superior analytics and customisation options

Overall, QuizTarget clearly provides much greater value and earnings potential at a lower cost.

Pros and Cons of QuizTarget AI

Let’s summarize the key advantages and limitations of QuizTarget AI:


  • Beginner friendly, no coding needed
  • 10,000+ Done-for-you quiz templates
  • Boost optins and sales with logic branching
  • Embed on any site and collect viral traffic
  • Add videos for engagement
  • Detailed analytics for optimization
  • One-time pricing, no monthly fees
  • Commercial license to make profits
  • GDPR compliant lead capture
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Requires internet access to use
  • Limited integrations compared to Zapier
  • Might seem overwhelming initially due to extensive features
  • Additional fees for some advanced animations and media

The pros heavily outweigh the cons for most use cases. And QuizTarget’s team is constantly adding more features and improvements over time.

QuizTarget AI Review Verdict – Should You Get QuizTarget AI?

So is QuizTarget AI worth buying?


If you want an easy way to create viral quizzes, generate leads, grow your list, and boost sales, QuizTarget AI is the ultimate tool.

The drag and drop quiz builder requires no technical skills or design experience. You don’t even need to be creative or come up with your own questions thanks to the 10,000+ done-for-you quiz templates.

In just 3 clicks you can have a professionally designed, high converting quiz live on your website or social platforms.

Then you can sit back, collect leads all day long, and scale your revenue faster than ever before.

QuizTarget AI works for all niches, markets and business models. And it integrates seamlessly with all the major autoresponders, CRMs, websites and sales funnels.

On top of that, the commercial license allows you to deliver quiz campaigns to clients or sell the leads you generate. This creates multiple income streams that stack up fast.

When you consider the money and time it saves, along with its money-making potential, QuizTarget AI is a no-brainer investment.

The tiny one-time fee gives you unlimited access to the most powerful quiz builder in the industry.

So if you’re looking for the hottest new way to drive traffic, capture leads and boost sales in 2023, QuizTarget AI is the answer.

Go ahead and grab your copy of QuizTarget AI today before the special discounted pricing ends!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of quizzes can I create with QuizTarget AI?

You can create all kinds of quizzes like trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, lead gen quizzes, sales quizzes, video quizzes, research surveys, assessments, and more. It supports multiple formats including multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, fill in the blanks, matching, and more.

Does QuizTarget AI work on WordPress websites?

Yes, you can easily embed or pop-up QuizTarget quizzes on any WordPress site by pasting the generated quiz code. It’s 100% compatible with WordPress.

Can I create quizzes for clients with QuizTarget AI?

Absolutely. The commercial license allows you to create and sell quiz campaigns to unlimited clients and keep 100% of the profits. You can even create complete done-for-you quiz funnels for clients.

What’s the difference between the Basic and Commercial packages?

The Basic package ($27) gives you 100+ templates while the Commercial package ($37) provides 10,000+ templates, advanced features, commercial rights and bonuses. Commercial is recommended for serious use.

Does QuizTarget integrate with email marketing platforms?

Yes, QuizTarget offers seamless integration with all major platforms like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and others to capture and sync quiz leads.

Do I need any technical skills to use QuizTarget AI?

No technical skills are required. The drag-and-drop builder and done-for-you templates make quiz creation easy for anyone. You just need basic computer skills.

What happens after I buy QuizTarget AI?

Immediately after purchase, you will get access to the cloud-based dashboard. Then you can login, pick a template, customise it, and publish your first quiz campaign in under 5 minutes.

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