ReZolved Review – What Exactly Is “ReZolved”? Should You Get This?

ReZolved Review – 

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ReZolved Review

A Quick Intro

Are you struggling to write content for yourself?

Are you looking to generate free traffic, leads and sales?

If yes, this is the right page for you buddy.

I am gonna review a software that generates 100% unique content in one click. You can publish them to your blogs to generate a lot of organic free traffic.

Let dive into the review.

ReZolved Review – Product Overview

Product Name ReZolved
Product Creator Mosh Bari
Launch Date & Time [2020-Jul-26] @ 09:00 EDT
Price $27 One-time
Bonus Yes, My High Value Custom Bonus
Refund Period 30-Days
Official Site
Product Type Content Generator
Skill All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended

ReZolved Review – What Is Called “ReZolved”?

“ReZolved” is a kind of content generation software that extracts content from YouTube videos and YouTube Podcasts. It’s a kind of transcribing software that extracts text content from YouTube videos or Podcasts. Basically you will end up getting high quality unique articles in any topic. If you are struggling to write content in your niche, this software is perfect for you. These type of content always generate free organic traffic to the sites.

With ReZolved you can

  • Generate the highest quality is written and other contents
  • Drive free traffic completely automatically
  • Make affiliate commissions

Without any hard work, driving paid traffic. You are just required to perform simple tasks inside this software. Simply enter the keyword and search videos or podcasts and click generate content button. That’s it. Let me take you inside ReZolved members area in few seconds.


ReZolved Review – A Quick Demo

Why “ReZolved” & What Problem Does It Solve?

I know why you think nothing works and everything seems like scam because all the products and software you have purchased so far haven’t brought one thing for you and that one thing is the missing piece of the puzzle that one thing is the solution to the problem, once you have that one thing, your problem is solved and the game is over, and you win the game.

Once you have that one thing you start making money on demand and you will see everything will fall into place and that one thing is “content and traffic”. Content and traffic helped some people to make over millions of dollars using nothing but my laptop and internet connection.

But There Is A Big Problem!

  • Problem #1: Content is not free. It takes Skills, time, effort and money to build high quality traffic getting content and generate traffic
  • ​Problem #2: Traffic is not easy. It’s really hard to get traffic. Especially these days there is a lot of noise out there so you can’t get traffic Easily.

​Perhaps you have already tried some software to get content and traffic and got 0 results and that created more problems

  • Expensive monthly fees
  • Hiring content creators
  • Expensive hosting charges
  • Spending of hours and hours for so many steps
  • Expensive softwares

But still, content and traffic is everything you need to succeed content and traffic can generate more and more free and viral traffic and bring sales and commissions for you.

“Content Is The King”

  • People use the internet for content. No one would visit a website without content
  • Content can generate traffic, sales and money faster than anything else
  • Every internet Millionaire publish content
  • Every popular website publish content
  • People love contents,
  • Good contents get shared on social media
  • And those social shares generate viral, organic traffic

To generate awesome content, ReZolved is powerful weapon for you!

ReZolved Review – The Key Features

  • Automatic Podcast To Text Conversion – This will automatically Discover other people’s podcasts new generation text content automatically in just one click. You’ll legally create content from other people’s hard work in just one click.
  • One Click Youtube Closed Caption Import-module – Lets you create text content from YouTube videos in just one click
  • One Click Voice To Text Transcription Module – Lets you upload any voice file and transcribe it to high quality text content in just just one click
  • One Click Import High Quality Viral Content – this module lets you discover and import/curate high quality viral content from 6 different content sharing sites to your website in just one click (flickr, vimeo, youtube, pixabay, giphy, imgur)
  • One Click Monetization Using Amazon And Ebay – You’ll also receive our step-by-step training, showing how to make the most out of ReZolved…
  • Step By Step Video Training – You don’t need to worry about learning how to use the software in make money with it. step by step high quality video tutorials are included inside
  • Quick Start Guide (Document Version) – Sometimes videos are boring. document version made of short text and screenshots is included inside the box to ensure you don’t miss anything and can take the maximum out of the sure-fire money software

The Features I Personally Like

Feature #1: ReZolved 1-Click Website Integration

You know, ReZolved generates high quality content for you on autopilot. Also, it posts to your WordPress websites in 1 click. Just give your site login details to the software as mentioned below and you are good to go.

This makes our work easier.

ReZolved Review

Feature #2: ReZolved Viral Traffic Module

If you want to other people send traffic to your offers, then this feature is for you. This feature allows anyone to get endless stream of viral traffic.

Tell people to share your pages to X number of people in order to get a reward. Basically you give away something for free in order to get people’s emails.

ReZolved Review

What ReZolved Eliminates For You?

What you’re about to see is completely untapped & brand new say goodbye to expensive & outdated methods like…

  • Making Videos: You have to learn how to edit videos, and you’ll have to create dozens of them to get even a trickle of traffic. Not to mention how frightening it might be to put yourself out there
  • Solo Ads: You’ll find yourself burning through thousands of your money to find a reputable provider. And even if you do, it’s nearly impossible to profit unless you’re a refined expert marketer
  • SEO: Ever since the panda update, getting traffic from SEO is a super-complex and has never been harder…
  • FB Ads: You’ll find the Facebook Ads compliance team breathing down your neck, constantly denying your ads. Or worse, entirely banning your account
  • Google Ads: Like FB, their compliance team is not laid back either. Make a few mistakes and it’s not uncommon for them to ban you from the platform.

ReZolved Review – What You Get Inside “ReZolved”?

  • ReZolved App: You’re getting instant access to the ReZolved app, in a secure members area.
  • ReZolved Traffic Hub Builder: This is where the money is made – with the traffic hub builder inside, you’ll get all the free traffic you need to start making sales. In any niche of your choice.
  • 3 DFY ReZolved Traffic Hubs: Not only will you get access to ReZolved, you’re also receiving access to 3 done for you ReZolved Traffic Hubs that you can start getting traffic with in minutes.
  • Traffic Monetization Training: What good is traffic if you don’t know how to monetize it? That’s why, we’re going to show you how to put the traffic you generate with ReZolved to good use.
  • Step By Step Training: You’ll also receive our step-by-step training, showing how to make the most out of ReZolved.

  • White Glove Support Team: If you experience any issues with the ReZolved software, worry not. Because you’re getting access to the support team. Hit us up if you have any problems, we’re here to help.

ReZolved Review – The Good Things & Bad Things

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Good Things” cons_title=”Could Be Improved” ][i2pros]You are one click away from unlimited high quality content traffic and sales
No tech skill required
No hosting order main required
No Extra Expenses
Never-Before-Seen Software
No additional cost for content and traffic
Web Based App
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
[/i2pros][i2cons]If you wait you might have to pay 10x more[/i2cons][/i2pc]

ReZolved Review – Who “Rezolved” Is For?

ReZolved works for

[+] Students
[+] Freelancers
[+] Offline Marketers
[+] List Builders
[+] Stay At Home Dads
[+] Employers
[+] Employees
[+] Retired govt employees
[+] Elderlys

ReZolved Review – My Final Words

You have all the facts, right here on this page. ReZolved builds you “Traffic Hubs” in any niche, that get you all the traffic you’ll ever need (and yes, the traffic converts into sales).

It’s not uncommon to pay $2 a click for targeted traffic, and we’ve generated tens of thousands of free clicks with ReZolved. Now it’s your turn.

How many ReZolved Traffic Hubs will you create? At last, you have a chance to win and start earning online. It doesn’t get any better than this.

  • No recurring fees
  • No extra costs such as domains, hosting, funnel builders, etc
  • Generate converting traffic in any niche

The software will eliminate all the hard work and expenses and generate highest quality unique viral in traffic getting content for you. Contents that are proven to generate more viral traffic and send the traffic anywhere you want.

But that’s not all you will also make money from the built-in affiliate marketing modules inside the software. All you need is just to take 60 seconds of your time and use the software

So try this system before it goes to monthly price. Remember, ReZolved doesn’t require you to make videos, spam social media, or make your own content. And you don’t need a domain name, hosting, autoresponder, nor do you have to pay monthly for a website builder.

The “Rezolved” Bonuses

F.A.Q. About “ReZolved”


We made it beginner friendly. just follow the simple and step by step training modules and you are good to go in no time


You don’t need any previous experience to use and get resource our software. all you need is basic English and a computer and internet connection.


This is an “On-demand” software and training that you can access at any time.


It’s a cloud bi software. Training modules and bonuses are also hosted in the cloud so you can access from anywhere and using any operating system.

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