SERP Scout Review – Relevant Bonuses + Pricing + OTO Review

SERP Scout Review – Introduction

At the moment many businesses are closed or restricted … But help will be required today to completely reopen and recover lost revenue.

That is real. A lot of companies are trying to remain open because of the government demanding social distancing, but are limited to what they can do. So during this time, they are trying to come up with innovative ways of making a profit.

Heck, one business (a restaurant) recently decided to still sell food and bring it out to your car along with everything you may need like bread, milk, or potatoes.

While these are difficult times, it has still given you a great opportunity to bring a solution that will also help these local businesses get customers.

For those who put themselves just right during this time … they’re going to end up making an absolute kill and set up well for the future.

In today’s topic i will be reviewing a new tool, that can help you to land $500/month or $1000/month clients with simple click of your mouse.

So keep reading my full SERP Scout Review before you decide to pick up.

Serp Scount Review OTO

SERP Scout Review Overview

Product Name SERP Scout
Product Creator Todd Spears
Launch Date & Time 2020-April-01, 11:00 AM EST
Price Range $37
Bonus Yes, My HQ Bonuses
Refund  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official site
Product Type Software & Tools
Training Yes
Customer Support Excellent
Skills All Levels
Recommended Highly Recommended!

What Is Called SERP Scout?

SERP Scout is the first tool to scan Twitter, Yellow Pages and our own over 65 Million Companies Internal Database to review their site to decide whether they have weaknesses. The ability to contact these companies and advise them on digital marketing services is infinite. Serp Scout discovers these organizations and their contact details, and prepares a report describing the issues they have.

SERP scout helps you find high paying clients in only a few simple steps without making a single cold call. With SerpScout, you’ll find profitable local business leads is an absolute breeze.

SERP Scout Review – How It Works?

SERP Scout works in just 3 simple steps.

STEP1: Enter your search criteria and let SERP Scout pull back the results

STEP2: Create an amazing beautiful report to send to your prospects

STEP3: Let the follow up campaign warm them up, they contact you, and you close the sale!
That’s it!

The above mentioned are some quick steps to tell how the software works. To see more info, lets watch the demo video below.

SERP Scout Full Demo

SERP Scout Features – Briefly Explained


We all know that Google holds a lot of data but with that data, Google can also be stingy. That’s why they had the SERP Scout Data Scanner built. To help you quickly achieve the results you need.

In any geographical area, you can initiate a simple search for any sector, and define which page results you want to obtain data from.

For instance … if you want to see the Dallas Plumbers results on pages 1-3, you can do that. Or if you want to learn about the Chicago Dentists ‘findings on pages 4-6, you can do that too!

The results you wish to get from the search engine here are totally versatile. Simply state your conditions and it’s good to go!


If you have done a search in the SERP Scanner, the application will go out and collect all the data available for those findings. Here you’ll find everything from email, phone, contact page, FB page and more.

You’ll immediately know what information is available from growing company with our ‘red light’ green light system. And if there are many email addresses or phone numbers? SERP Scout is going to mention every single one.

This means you increase your chances of getting even more before your future customers!


SERP Scout will also go deeper into the results to give you insight into the problems that the local business could face. Such data will help you show the prospective client where they can change and open the door to sell your services when the local business approaches you for assistance.

The deep analysis performed here includes:

  • Page Speed
  • Whether the Site Is Mobile Friendly
  • Schema
  • Social Shares


Unlike other apps, this option allows you to build a visually stunning report which your prospects can not ignore. By using the included pretty info, you’ll surely stand out from the competition!

All the information you get back from the SERP Scanner results is made available here, and all you need to do is drag and drop it down using the feature-rich editor in place.

Finally, the report shows them the problems they have in their company, and directs them to contact you to solve those problems.

With the report builder you’ll be able to:


Using integrated SMTP options built into SERP Scout, you will also be able to communicate with your potential client. That means all the campaigns can be handled in one place.


Using SMTP protocols will often bring down the deliverability levels. That’s why I’ve also made sure to provide the link option to any Gmail or Outlook account you’d like to use.

Through having this option, you’ll increase your chances of getting your emails sent to the inbox and being seen through your potential customers.


Once you’ve found a local business for which you’d like to collaborate, just click the ‘Build a campaign’ button next to the result. You can set up a campaign from there that will warm up the local business without any cold calling from you.

This option allows you to:

  • Automate and schedule follow up campaigns to numerous prospects
  • Track opens your original and follow up emails and clicks them so you know exactly how successful your campaigns are.


You do not have to find out what to say to your prospects with that option. We have looked after that for you already. Only use these fill in the blank models (with your SERP Scout account already included) to pique the interest of all of your leads.

You’ll never have to deal with any local business owners who aren’t a good match, that way. If a local business owner responds to you for more details, you’ll know they’re a hot lead!

You just have to answer and close the deal. No injuries whatsoever.


If you are looking for various results to zero in on other variables, you can do it here. Simply select the filtering option and you can easily filter out the results by:


If you want to make sure that the SERP Scanner does not carry those places back, you can do it using this method here. This is perfect for places like Amazon, Yelp, or some other major business that may come up.

SERP Scout is already configured to filter a lot of domains that your local marketing activities won’t be important. So if you ever have a domain that you don’t want to use, just click the flag icon next to the result and the rest will be taken care of by SERP Scout.

Let me give you the over all features in one single picture… 

SERPScout Review and Best Relevant Bonuses

SERP Scout Review – The Earning Poof

Marketing agencies are an excellent way to profit huge while working from the comfort & safety of your own home, just like david hood who banked over $428,600 last year with his agency amplified business consulting

I didn’t just pick a name at random. David Hood is actually a very close personal friend of the SERP Scout software developer, who runs an extremely successful agency to the tune of almost a half a million dollars per year.

And when it/ comes to marketing and delivering these types of services, he is an absolute pro when running the actual business. I heard that, In reality he’s so fantastic that he’s doing it with zero workers.

Todd Spears decided to try David’s support in making SERP Scout the best resource on the market for prospecting. His experience has been invaluable in helping get the program to where it is today.

In reality, he was so pleased with the software’s initial version that he agreed to shoot us a training video series on digital marketing that you can get along with your SERP Scout software copy.

SERP Scout OTO(Upsell) Review

SERP Scout OTO1 Review – PRO Version

Have you heard the saying ‘you never get a second chance of making a first impression’ right?

And this couldn’t be true any more. That is why it is of utmost importance today to get access to SERP Scout Pro. Through doing so, you will be able to whitelabel and customize your reports in a way that makes you look like a genuinely professional, high-profile local marketing agency!

If you had to look for someone to repair your expensive 72 “tv, would you go to the person who’s got the polished store with incredible tv’s or would you go to the person who’s working in the alley fixing tv’s in their dirty garage?

Think of it this way:

I’m sure the former will give you more faith that the job you want to do would be done correctly?

Here, it is the same way. By today upgrading to SERP Scout Pro, you will be projecting true professionalism and confidence in any potential customer you come into contact with.

Plus, with 10’s of thousands of leads from the Yellow Pages you’ll still be able to use all of the campaign apps.

SERP Scout OTO2 Review – Elite Version

If you’re on the fence to get access to this update, then let us tell you it’s the right time to act now. And we’re going to get the price up really soon.

Nevertheless, since we are in a special launch process, today’s investment is a pure one-time investment. That’s Okay.

For less than a good dinner date for two you will be able to:

  • Get access to our personal database of 65,000,000 leads. (That’s 65 MILLION with a capital M!)
  • Access MILLIONS of more leads from with the YP scanner.
  • Get multiple data points for each lead (company name, email, postal address, website url, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Profile, Twitter Profile, Retargeting Pixel Results, Company Reviews, Google Rankings For The Company, One Click Facebook Messaging)
  • The ability to save on credit usage while getting more leads for less!
  • Find thousands of high quality leads in less than 60 seconds!

SERP Scout OTO3 Review – Agency Training

There are, of course, several ways to provide different services using the resources inside SERP Scout. But, I have to be frank and say that in my view none is more lucrative than SEO. It is a great opportunity for at the same time learning and receiving. Additionally, consumers who want to get local SEO done for them prefer to pay more and produce monthly income for their bottom line.

Why? For what? Since the local SEO is not simply a one-time contract. Maintenance and continuing research are still in order not just to get results but also to hold them.

And in some cases, only one client alone may be worth a full-time salary. 2-3 clients can mean the difference between a normal lifestyle and a true liberty life.

And that’s what we want today to be giving you the keys. True independence that pays handsomely when serving local consumers and delivering results for which they would be delighted.

SERP Scout OTO3 Review – Credit Boost

This is your only chance to save on credits by subscribing to a auto-refill package.

This is the cheapest way of getting your money, by far.

You’ll automatically replenish your account with credits every month!
The credits you’ve already bought up to this stage will stay in your account until you use them!

Who Can Use SERP Scout?

If you have struggled badly online and made little to no money, then it’s nice to get access to a resource like SERP Scout.

To be honest, it takes a lot of tweaking to try to introduce a digital product, course, or coaching program. Most people spend months trying to collect their things.

Ecom? Sheesh. Before you start making some income there is a big learning curve.

So this is why it makes sense to get into the local marketing. You can take all the online skills you’ve acquired and use them to build a trustworthy company to fight companies that urgently need your assistance.

This way, you’re not going to have to wait months just to make a few pennies. Today you may be using SERP Scout and have leads in hand ready to pay you thousands a month.

Plus, it’s already the hardest part. You just have to take steps to see what outcomes you really want.

SERP Scout Review – My Final Thoughts

Could you attempt all of this on your own without SERP Scout? Sure you could. But I wouldn’t recommend it. While doable, that would definitely be the hard way.

By choosing to try and profit from local marketing now, you would have to:

  • Spend hours every day searching manually for local business leads
  • Try to organize the contact information in various spreadsheets
  • Reach out to local business owners one by one while dealing with a TON of REJECTION
  • Create your own system for follow up and contact management

And a whole host of other things which are just not worth the time. And if you’ve tried to piece different resources together, they won’t equate to SERPscout. And definitely not for the price.

When making a one-time small investment in SERPscout today, you can not only find local business leaders under one roof, but also impress them with smart reporting and automated follow-up.

So SERPscout will work while you sleep to qualify local business leads!

And when you add that you are almost practically guaranteed to land at least one $500/million customer, how could you pass on this bid today?

But just in case you’re on the fence again…

SERP Scout Bonuses

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Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

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F.A.Q. About SERPScout

1. Do i need to install anything on my computer?

100% Cloud Based (Nothing to install. Works on every device)

2. Can i prepare report for my clients?

SERPscout has the drag and drop client report builder to build awesome engaging reports that impress your prospects and gets you noticed.

3. Does SERPScout has built-in email delivery system?

Yes. The SERPscout has Integrated autoresponder,  so that you can easily send emails directly from serpscout using your favorite smtp service, gmail, and outlook.

4. Any guarantee?

Yes, you have 30-day full money back guarantee with no questions asked.

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