StopMotionSuite Review + ($64 Discount) + OTO/Upsell + (Best Bonus)

StopMotionSuite Review

 – New App Creates RED HOT Stop Motion Videos from Templates & Drag-n-Drop Technology

StopMotionSuite Review OTO

StopMotionSuite Review – An Overview

Product Name StopMotionSuite
Product Creator Ben Murray
Launch Date & Time 2020-June-10, 10:00 EDT
Price Range $37
Bonus Yes, Best Bonuses
Refund  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official site
Product Type Video Creator
Training Yes, Included
Customer Support Effective Response
Skills All levels
Recommended Highly Recommended!


Stop motion videos are all the rage right now and it opens up a tremendous opportunity for people to cash in on this crazy demand!

Thousands of influencers, major brands and smart marketers use stop motion videos to capture attention like never before …

During this crisis, if you don’t give clients stop motion videos, you are losing out on thousands of dollars a week.

Because of the situation, the world is addicted to video, and thousands of biz owners on YouTube , Instagram, TikTok, and more are trying to get their video seen over others.

Stop Motion videos are all the rage now and stand out in timelines crowed …

Just went live with Commercial Rights, a world-class video app called ‘StopMotionSuite,’ which creates red hot-stop motion videos for you and clients.

Because of the current situation, it’s no secret businesses scrambling to get their videos seen over the competition on TikTok, Instagram , YouTube & Facebook.

Now, you can use groundbreaking video tech to create stop motion video businesses will pay big bucks for their business and help save them.

What Is StopMostionSuite?

StopMotionSuite Review and Bonus

StopMotionSuite is the ultimate solution and using drag-n-drop technology to create stop motion videos that drive traffic and increase conversions.

StopMotionSuite comes with 40 stop motion templates to make amazing stop motion videos from within minutes (20 built for YouTube + the same 20 square only for Facebook / Instagram). These are in hot niches, locally and generally.

About The Creator

About The Creator Of StopMotionSuite

Ben Murray has generally been known a successful affiliate marketer with tons of profitable products, as well as software creator. Specifically he is a Top 5 affiliate on JVZoo winning over 40 Day Awards Products in previous releases. His long-term goal is to help people deal with SEO work problems, traffic generation, website setup, …

Some of his remarkable launches are MultiStore Builder, Reddule, MaticPress Agency, Vidmonial, Commercial VidRepurposer, PlayPix Commercial, Diamond VidRepurposer, Spy Stream Pro, AgencyReel, etc. Check on the internet randomly for one of those names and you’ll find it with tons of positive review, strong expert review and consumer trust, and you’d think it’s sold out to thousands.

This time, Ben Murray is teaming up with Harshal Jadhav to develop a brand new product – StopMotionSuite that I’m sure won’t be an exception and it’ll make you wonder!

Why Did They Created This Software?

To survive the current situation, local businesses need to take the video marketing more seriously than ever before. Its current customers are on video sites such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more. The more their videos stand out the more they can push traffic and lead.

It is here that StopMotionSuite comes in. StopMotion videos are all the rage on social video platforms now and in just a few simple steps this cloud-based video creator is making them for you.

How To Does StopMotionSuite Work?

Choose from Instagram and YouTube Stop Motion Templates

To start, pick a template for stop motion to use on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook. These are DFY stop motion videos already in lots of the hottest local niches (and general niches) for you to customize in minutes and make your own.

StopMotionSuite Review - Choose a template

Or, Add Stop Motion Effects to Any Previous Video

Instead, upload your own video or add effects for the slow motion. In the app, you can also insert a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram video link, and make it a cool stop motion video.

StopMotionSuite Review - Choose any video

Customize the Video with the Drag-n-Drop Editor

Add text, emoji, pictures, logos, CTAs and more to your video and drag / drop them in. To cut your video into whatever length you want, using the video joiner and splicer technology, it’s exactly how you need it.

StopMotionSuite Review - Customize the video

Render the Video and Sell to Clients

Finally, you can click Render and download the video when your video is just like you like. Buyers can get commercial rights at the end, and you can sell them at whatever price you like and for previous videos you can sell stop motion effect services.

StopMotionSuite Review - Render the video

Watch This Walkthrough Video Of StopMotionSuite

StopMotionSuite Review – Few Amazing Features

40 DFY TEMPLATES IN HOT LOCAL NICHES: Get 40 stop motion templates to create stunning StopMotion videos (20 designed for Youtube, + 20 for Instagram only) within minutes. They are in hot niches, both local and general.

DRAG-N-DROP TIMELINE EDITOR: Customize your videos with the easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor. Add text, CTAs, images, logos, and more anywhere you want in your video easily.

THOUSANDS OF GRAPHICS, CTAS, AND AUDIOS: Add in graphics, emojis, buttons, CTAs, or background audio clips into your videos to make them sparkle to life.

CREATE VIDEOS FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, AND INSTAGRAM: Insert any Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram link and turn that video into a stop motion one in seconds.

TURN YOUR OWN VIDEOS INTO STOP MOTION ONES: Repurpose the previous videos to avoid motion effects with other editors. Works for all sizes. Get even more and make it more engaging with a single video.

VIDEO JOINER & SPLITTER TECHNOLOGY: Join multiple videos together or crop a video at any time in the editor to get your video exactly how you want

CUSTOM FRAME RATE TECHNOLOGY: You can even customize the amount of ‘stop motion’ you want in each video. Make it smoother or choppier with a press of a dial.

VOICEOVER TECHNOLOGY: Upload any background music, voiceover, or record your own custom voiceover right inside the app.

COMMERCIAL RIGHTS INCLUDED: Sell stop motion videos to business owners for any price or simply charge them to turn a video that is already produced into a cool stop motion.

Who Should You Consider Using StopMotionSuite?

[+] VIDEO MARKETERS: Create stop motion videos for your agency or freelance biz to generate leads on demand.

[+] AFFILIATE MARKETERS: Create videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook , and YouTube which will give you more leads, clicks and juicy commissions than ever before.

[+] AGENCY MARKETERS: Many people can not compete with a brand-new video creation service. For minutes of your time, collect easy pay checks.

[+] SOCIAL MEDIA LOVERS: Create attention grabbing videos for your social media audience.

[+] ECOM MARKETERS: Create great videos showing your product on stop motion. The competitive Facebook and Instagram schedules would turn it into more consumers.

[+] NEWBIE MARKETERS: Start up your own stop motion video company today, and watch the local owners of biz, ecommerce stores and other small businesses scramble to recruit you.

Is This Worth To Buy?

The catch they can’t continue to offer StopMotionSuite for a few coffees and donuts for much longer at this ridiculously low price.

They have to raise the price every few hours for the early action-takers to help with the bandwidth for this cloud technology and to provide you with world class support.

Moreover, soon after the specific launch period ends, StopMotionSuite is sold for a months or an annual subscription. If you buy now, you will lock it month by month, today at a one-time low fee.

In my point of view, it is definitely well worth to buy it for the price of $27 to $37 onetime.

StopMotionSuite Positives & Negatives

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Drag-n-Drop Stop Motion Editor
Training and Tutorials Included
Ability To Upload Your Own Videos/Audios
Make Stop Motion Videos from 5 Sources
Custom Frame Rate Technology
Commercial Rights
User Friendly Software
Simple And Clean Interface
No Leaning Curve
Dedicated 24-7 Support Team
No Monthly Subscription (Low Onetime Fee)
30 Day Refund Policy
[/i2pros][i2cons]I can’t identify any con on this software.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

StopMotionSuite Discount/Coupon Details

There will be an earlybird discount until 12pm EST (price will be $37) then the price will increase again at 11:59pm EST on day 1.

Day 2 coupon: “stopmotion5” comes into effect to bring the price back down 5%

Note: The price will be increased periodically from the launch time. So, my suggestion is to pick this up with the special introductory price of $27 or $37.

StopMotionSuite OTO/Upsell Discount (Save $64)

If you decide to purchase the OTO 1 (Professional version). The original price is $97. Click here to get $48 discount.

If you decide to purchase the OTO 2 (Agency). The original price is $47. Click here to get $18 discount.

In total, you can save $64.

StopMotionSuite OTO/Upsell Details

FE:  StopMotionSuite Advanced Commercial (Click here)

OTO1: StopMotionSuite Professional (Click here)

OTO2: StopMotionSuite Agency-Business (Click here)

OTO3: StopMotionSuite Whitelabel 200 License (Click here)

OTO4: VidViral 2.0 Special Offer (Click here)

Front End: StopMotionSuite ($27 to $37 Onetime)

Users can create unique stop motion video from 40 templates or from previous videos with drag-drop editing technology (20 for YouTube, and 20 for Instagram edited dimensions). All of the above features plus commercial video sales rights are available to users at any price.

(1) StopMotionSuite Starter – $27.00

[+] Drag-n-Drop Stop Motion Editor
[+] Training and Tutorials
[+] Upload Your Own Videos
[+] Make Stop Motion Videos from 5 Sources
[+] Custom Frame Rate Technology
[+] 20 Templates (YouTube)
[+] Create 25 Campaigns at Once
[+] Create 100 Videos Per Month
[+] Upload Custom Audio

(2) StopMotionSuite Advanced Commercial – $37.00

[+] Drag-n-Drop Stop Motion Editor
[+] Training and Tutorials
[+] Upload Your Own Videos
[+] Make Stop Motion Videos from 5 Sources
[+] Custom Frame Rate Technology
[+] Upload Custom Audio
[+] 40 Templates (YouTube + Instagram)
[+] Create 100 Campaigns
[+] Create 500 Videos Per Month
[+] Commercial Rights
[+] Video Joiner Technology
[+] Video Splitter Technology
[+] Unlimited Video Cloud Storage
[+] Voiceover Technology
[+] Fast Action Bonus Suite

OTO 1: StopMotionSuite Professional ($97 Onetime)

Triple your StopMotionSuite results: get unlimited rights, more templates, extra video creators, and far more.


Create unlimited videos & campaigns like a serious agency


Create super unique stop motion videos from built-in recording tech


Available in the hottest, most profitable local niches


Add amazing effects like hyperlapse to make your videos amazing


Create popular Instagram videos from influencer’s images


Including Text-to-Speech suite, slow-motion effects, bonuses, and more

OTO 2: StopMotionSuite Agency ($47 Onetime)

Find targeted video clients and sell them StopMotionSuite for any price and pocket the profit. Upgrade for advanced agency level technology, team features, client finder technology, huge DFY selling suite, and more.


Add unlimited clients and delete them with agency-level technology


Add your team members to StopMotionSuite to help create the campaigns for you


Learn how to outsource your StopMotionSuite services (even if you don’t think you have money to hire anyone) with this training


Help sell your agency services with a gorgeous website with DFY checkout


Customize our done-for-you professional video agency marketing materials to help start your own agency


Including DFY reseller rights setup, video script training, PPC video training, and more

OTO 3: StopMotionSuite Whitelable ($67 to $97 Onetime)

Get full whitelabel rights – sell the popular StopMotionSuite app under your brand with your custom logo – we even handle the support get video agency clients far easier by removing StopMotionSuite branding and replacing it with yours.

This is a rare opportunity to launch your own valued brand-non-startup software business.

Typically we never do this, but for a time, the famous StopMotionSuite program can be sold in its entirety by you as your own.

With your logo on the application, you can sell the version of the Agency-Business at any price you want.

OTO 4: VidViral 2.0 Special ($29 Onetime)

StopMotionSuite customers can get access to a VidViral 2.0 software that adds top & bottom social media CTAs to drive and convert more PPC traffic from stop motion ads they create.

StopMotionSuite Bonuses








Note: These are my custom bonuses for StopMotionSuite You can’t find these bonuses anywhere else on the internet. I hope my bonuses will help you get best results with this product.

How To Get All Of The Above Mentioned Bonuses?

STEP 1: Click on any one of the buttons advertised on this page and it will go to the StopMotionSuite official sales page.

STEP 2: Order the product 

STEP 3:  Send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 12 hours.




Test and drive today for 30 days this innovative stop motion tool.

If you do not agree that is the fastest and most straightforward way in which you can create professional stop motion videos that the owners of local biz desperately want and need at the moment … There will be no questions.

StopMotionSuite offers a powerful shortcut for production of stop motion videos that the owners of the StopMotion Suite are searching for and purchasing like mad videos.

This tool saves you thousands of weeks of backbone work, thousands of dollars on expensive tools, equipment for studios, freelancers and training.

F.A.Q. About StopMotionSuite


StopMotionSuite is currently only available through this deal for no monthly fees. All you see here today will have full access for the above price. Yeah, if you ever have questions or concerns, we have full tutorials and support.


Definitely! Even if you are a complete newborn boy, we provide complete step by step training which leaves nothing to chance. Moreover, if you face any problems, you’ll get quick support.


StopMotionSuite is 100% online-based so it works with an internet connection on any browser, although we recommend using Google Chrome.


It’s a unique special deal, as reported. We can not promise that it will be available at or for the same price if you leave and return. It is best to assert this by clicking on the button right now, if you want access.

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