Storipress Lifetime Deal – Should I Buy This Software?

Storipress Lifetime Deal

Storipress Lifetime Deal Overview

Storipress is a web-based content management system (CMS) designed specifically for bloggers and writers. It includes features such as Kanban boards, allowing you to see and track your writing progress visually, editorial calendars, allowing you to schedule your writing for the most appropriate times, and editorial collaboration tools, that enable simultaneous editing and commenting on each other’s work. Storipress also comes with a range of SEO tools that enable businesses to optimize content for search engines, a custom domain feature that makes branding more professional-looking, email newsletters, and paywall integrations.

Now let’s focus on the Storipress Lifetime Deal and Plans. The lifetime deal provides Storipress users with the opportunity to access premium features at a single one-time payment, in contrast to regular subscription plans that require monthly or annual payments. Below are the plan options and features of each from Appsumo:

  • Tier 1: Costs $49 and includes unlimited collaborators, storage, email newsletter subscribers, custom domain, editorial calendar scheduling, Kanban article staging, collaborative editing and commenting, and more. It allows up to 100,000 page views per month with 1 admin editor and 1 publication, and one custom domain per account.
  • Tier 2: Costs $159 and includes all the features of Tier 1, as well as up to 450,000 page views per month, 3 admin editors, and 3 publications and custom domains per account.
  • Tier 3: Costs $299 and offers all the features of Tier 2, but includes an unlimited number of publications and custom domains, up to 1,500,000 page views per month, 8 admin editors, and this plan includes custom fields.

Depending on the user’s needs, they can choose between the different plan options that cater to their pageviews, admin editors, publications, custom domains, and custom fields.

Storipress Regular Plans vs. Lifetime Deal

FeaturesStoripress Lifetime Deals & Plans From AppsumoStoripress Regular Plans from The Official Website
PriceTier 1: One-time purchase of $49
Tier 2: One-time purchase of $159
Tier 3: One-time purchase of $299
Standard: $16 per admin/m (Monthly) or $12 per admin/m (if annually)
Plus: $28 per admin/m (Annual billing only)
Pageviews per monthTier 1: 100,000
Tier 2: 450,000
Tier 3: 1,500,000
Standard: 150,000
Plus: 450,000
Admin editor(s)Tier 1: 1
Tier 2: 3
Tier 3: 8
Publication(s) & custom domains per accountTier 1: 1
Tier 2: 3
Tier 3: Unlimited
4 publications
Storipress badgePublish without a Storipress badgePublish without a Storipress badge
Custom fieldsYes (Tier 3)Yes (Plus)
Free trialNoStandard and Plus: 2-week free trial
Unlimited collaboratorsYesYes
Unlimited storageYesYes
Unlimited email newsletter subscribersYesYes
Editorial calendar schedulingYesYes
Kanban article stagingYesYes
Collaborative editing and commentingYesYes
Customizable theme blocksYesYes
Advanced SEO toolsYesYes
Email collectionYesYes
Custom integrationsYesYes
Email newsletters and paywallsYesYes
Shopify and Webflow integrationsBeta accessBeta access
Public GraphQL APINoYes (Plus)

Note: Pricing and features may vary depending on the user’s needs and preferences. It is important to compare and evaluate the options to choose the best plan for one’s business.

Storipress Lifetime Deal vs. Regular Subscription – The Pricing & Discount

Storipress Regular Subscription Price & Discount:

Storipress-Lifetime-Deal-The-Regular-Subscription - SPS
Storipress PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceDiscount
Standard Monthly$24 per admin/month$192 per admin/year (35% off)35%
PlusNot Applicable$336 per admin/yearNot Applicable

Note: The Plus plan is only available for annual billing and there is no discount offered.

Storipress Lifetime Deal Price & Discount:

Storipress-Lifetime-Deal-Various-Plans - SPS
Storipress Lifetime PlansRegular PriceDiscounted Price% Discount
License Tier 1$384$4987%
License Tier 2$1,152$15986%
License Tier 3$3,072$29990%

Note: The prices listed are one-time purchases and do not have monthly or yearly pricing options. The discount is based on the regular price listed for each tier.

The Cost-Saving Potential With the Storipress Lifetime Deal

If you’re considering Storipress as your publishing platform, you may be wondering about the most cost-effective pricing option. While monthly and yearly pricing options are available, lifetime licenses offer the potential for substantial savings in the long term.

For example, the Standard Monthly plan costs $24 per admin per month, which adds up to $288 per admin per year. Opting for the yearly pricing option would offer a 35% discount, which brings down the price to $192 per admin per year. This equates to a savings of $96 per year per admin. However, purchasing the Lifetime License for License Tier 1 at a one-time fee of $49 instead would potentially offer even larger savings.

The Lifetime License for License Tier 1 includes all features included in the regular subscription plans, which are designed to help you create and publish your own digital publications with ease. License Tier 1 allows for up to 100,000 pageviews a month, one admin editor, one publication, and custom domains per account. With the lifetime license, you can enjoy all these features without worrying about monthly or yearly fees, saving a significant amount of money in the long run.

Similarly, License Tier 2 and License Tier 3 offer even more features and benefits, such as higher pageview limits, more admin editors, and custom fields. The lifetime license for these tiers is available for a one-time fee of $159 and $299 respectively. This translates to discounts of 86% and 90% off the regular prices, which can lead to potentially thousands of dollars in savings for those who plan to use Storipress for an extended period of time.

Investing in a lifetime license also offers the added benefit of peace of mind. With no recurring fees to worry about, you can focus on creating and publishing quality content that resonates with your audience. While monthly and yearly plans may offer some savings, Storipress lifetime licenses can potentially help you save a significant amount of money while enjoying all the benefits of regular subscription plans.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Storipress Lifetime Deal

Storipress is offering a lifetime deal that gives you access to all their features, plus any future updates that come along with the Plus Plan. With this package, you get a lot of value for one low price!

When deciding if this offer is right for you, there are some things to keep in mind. Here are the main points of the deal:

  • You will have lifetime access to Storipress and all its features.
  • No codes or stacking are required – just choose the plan that works best for you.
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • You can upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers.
  • The offer is GDPR compliant.
  • This offer is only available to new Storipress users who do not have existing accounts.
  • If you’re still not sure after two months, there’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out risk-free!

The Features and Benefits of Storipress Lifetime Deal

  • Unlimited collaborators: Storipress makes it easy to collaborate on stories with an unlimited number of colleagues, by enabling the addition and management of users directly through the platform. This allows editorial teams to collaborate effectively, as well as streamline their workflow when creating content.
  • Unlimited storage: Storipress offers an unlimited amount of media storage for videos, photos, audio, and other types of files. This allows for quick and efficient content creation and storage with only one platform.
  • Unlimited email newsletter subscribers: With Storipress’s unlimited email newsletter subscribers feature, content creators are able to reach a larger audience and build relationships with their readers. It also allows users to easily manage their subscribers in one central location.
  • Custom domain: Storipress gives users the ability to customize their domain name so that they can brand their website or publication. This helps them increase visibility, credibility, and recognition among potential readers or customers.
  • Editorial calendar scheduling: Through the editorial calendar feature of Storipress, users can plan out upcoming articles or stories in advance using color-coded labels so that collaborators can easily keep track of tasks over time.
  • Kanban article staging: The Kanban article staging feature provides a visual representation of each step of a story’s workflow from start to finish so that editors have full oversight of where each story is at any given time in the process.
  • Collaborative editing and commenting: With collaborative editing and commenting, team members can work together on stories without having to constantly go back and forth through email threads or messengers. Users are able to make changes in real-time which saves time and ensures accuracy during production.
  • 50+ customizable theme blocks: Storipress offers 50+ customizable theme blocks so that users can create professional designs quickly and easily without needing any coding knowledge whatsoever. This enables them to create stunning visuals that will grab the attention of potential readers while optimizing performance on all devices across the web.
  • Advanced SEO tools: The advanced SEO tools available within Storipress help users optimize their content for search engine rankings while helping them understand how readers are finding their stories online via insights into what keywords they use when searching for topics related to your business or industry sector.
  • Email collection: With this feature, content creators can capture emails from visitors who visit your website or publication in order to better engage with them over time via newsletters or promotional campaigns directly from the platform itself.
  • Custom integrations: Through custom integrations within Storipress, businesses can enable various features such as paywalls or Parsly integration which further increases reader engagement while allowing businesses to make more money off their content over time.
  • Email newsletters & paywalls: With these two features combined together, businesses are able to monetize their subscription services by providing exclusive access behind paywalls while building relationships with followers via personalized newsletters tailored specifically towards individual reader interests through automated segmentation techniques enabled by the platform itself.
  • Beta access to Shopify & Webflow integrations: Businesses granted beta access also gain extra benefits such as Shopify & Webflow integration which allows them to create eCommerce stores within minutes without needing any technical skills whatsoever – thus making it easier than ever before for businesses owners & entrepreneurs alike when it comes managing customers & transactions online all under one roof!

The Pros and Cons of Storipress Lifetime Deal


  • Lifetime Deals for a one-time purchase.
  • Unlimited collaborators, storage, and newsletter subscribers.
  • Custom domain, editorial calendar scheduling, and Kanban article staging.
  • 50+ customizable theme blocks included.
  • Advanced SEO tools are available.
  • Email collection capabilities.
  • Beta access to Shopify and Webflow integrations.
  • Three plans with varying pageview limits (100K, 450K, 1.5M).
  • Standard Plan ($16/mth) for additional features plus invite multiple admins.
  • Plus Plan ($28/mth) for extra features beyond the Standard plan.


  • One-time purchases may be too costly for some users.
  • Limited pageviews per month depending on the plan chosen (tier 1-3).
  • No free trial option is available to try out the product before purchasing a lifetime deal plan.

Is a Storipress Lifetime Deal the Right Choice for You – The Verdict

If you are looking for a one-time purchase to get your content marketing strategy off the ground, then a Storipress Lifetime Deal might be the right choice for you.

Here is what comes with the lifetime deal and the regular subscription.

FeaturesStoripress Lifetime Deals & Plans from AppsumoStoripress Regular Plans from The Official Website
One-time purchaseAvailableNot Available
Monthly SubscriptionNot AvailableAvailable
License Tiers32 (Standard and Plus)
Price range$49 – $299$16 – $28 per admin per month
Pageviews per month100,000 – 1,500,000150,000 – 450,000
Admin editors1 – 81 – Unlimited
Number of publications and custom domains per account1 – UnlimitedUp to 4
Custom fieldsAvailable in Tier 3Available in Plus Plan
Storipress badgeCan publish withoutCan publish without
Invite more than one adminNot availableAvailable in Standard Plan
Newsletter subscribersUp to 10,000Up to 50,000
Free trialNot available2 weeks
Beta accessAvailableAvailable

With three different options available at various price points – ranging from 100K pageviews/month (Tier 1) to 1.5M pageviews/month (Tier 3) – there is something to suit most budgets and needs.

Included in any of these plans is access to unlimited collaborators, storage, email newsletter subscribers, custom domain, editorial calendar scheduling, Kanban article staging, collaborative editing and commenting as well as 50+ customizable theme blocks and advanced SEO tools. Plus access to beta integrations with web flow and Shopify for added functionality.

The additional Regular Plans from the official website are the Standard Plan ($16 per admin/mth) which includes all of the features from the Free Plan plus extras such as a custom domain and inviting more than one admin; and the Plus Plan ($28 per admin/mth). This choice will depend on your budget and projected usage.

When making your decision between a Lifetime Deal or Regular Plan it’s important to consider all factors when estimating your costs over time. A Lifetime Deal can be cost-effective if you plan on continuing with Storipress long term but if you’re likely to require fewer features or page views over time then it may not be cost-effective compared to paying monthly subscription fees instead.

So deciding whether Storipress Lifetime Deal is the right choice for you depends on how you plan on using it now and into the future.

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