VideoMan Software Review (~Video Hosting Software Videoman By Jai Sharma)

VideoMan Software Review – The Brand Overview

Just to make everything simple, “VideoMan is an advanced video hosting and marketing platform perfect for sales videos, training videos, promo videos, product demo videos, video ads, testimonial videos, behind-the-scenes videos, and much more”

“VideoMan” is the most complete video marketing solution that outperforms Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, and all other major video hosting platforms!

Over 3000 marketers have dumped YouTube, Vimeo & Wistia and moved to this and you can now start your own advanced video hosting & marketing platform with built-in live transcoding technology In just 60 seconds…

What makes VideoMan different from Vimeo, WISTIA, Vidyard, and other video hosting apps?

Unlike other platforms, VideoMan has everything one can imagine. Videoman is an advanced video hosting & marketing platform with next-gen video hosting technology, video editing with timelines, millions of premium HQ stock assets, loom-like video & screen recording, a. I based text-to-voice creation, thumbnail and image designing, and many more… You can learn more about this VideoMan through my VideoMan Software Review.


How Does “VideoMan Software” Work?

  • step #1: Upload one or multiple videos in 1-Click at once on your dashboard. IN FIRST-TO-MARKET… You can even quickly create & edit a new video right inside the VideoMan App.
  • step #2: Customize the video player – skin, play bar, volume and speed controls, resolution, rewind playback, video mode, adding subtitles, and much more.
  • step #3: Publish your HD videos within seconds in 1-Click. And leverage the power of lightning-fast videos to increase your profits.

VideoMan Software Review – The Key Features

  • Next-gen video hosting tech: experience lightning-fast videos, best viewing experience, high customization options…
  • Video editing with the timeline: simply drag-n-drop videos, images & audio to timeline… join videos, trim videos, clip timestamps, and much more…
  • Premium HQ stock assets: millions of free videos & images, background music. Find perfect media in 1 click.
  • Loom-like video & screen recording: record, edit, and share videos/audio in minutes with screen share, pip mode recording.
  • A.I based text-to-voice creation: instantly transforms any text into a 100% human-sounding voice-over
  • Thumbnail and image designing and a lot more…

Host, Play & Market ANY Type Of Video With VideoMan Software

  • Sales videos & VSLs to convert leads into clients
  • Products demos – because people prefer understanding products via videos rather than text
  • Affiliate review videos to increase commissions and cash prizes
  • Training & info products to keep your team at the top of their game
  • Videos for your blogs to keep your followers engaged & rank higher across search engines
  • Training videos to help customers perfect the usage of your product easily
  • Videos in emails to raise click-through rates by the roof! See an increase of 200-300%
  • Video ad campaigns to become viral across social media platforms

and basically any kind of videos!

VideoMan Software Review – What Are The Other Things That This Software Offers You?


  • The platform of the World Class: Add up to 20,000 videos.
  • To the ability of 20 GB, customize and publish videos with extreme ease.
  • This platform is made ridiculously simple by keyboard shortcuts and video hotkeys.
  • Revolution of Video Management: The one-stop-shop for all your needs for video hosting and management. Host, manage, stream and publish videos anywhere with a simple click-upload!
  • Resumable Video Uploads: Resumable video uploads allow you to add videos at your time and pace to the dashboard.
  • Fast Video Import: One-click to import videos from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, BOX, Instagram or bring your own video with you. It also has full support from AWS S3 & Cloud Videos.
  • Embed & Grow: Increase ROI by embedding videos effectively. In order to post your videos on any website, email, or social media network, use the inline and Pop-over embed codes.
  • Video Recordings With Live: Record video, audio with screen share separately or together! PIP mode recording makes life easy. Directly upload to VideoMan Cloud. Witness live transcoding after recording.


  • Upgraded technologies for transcoding/encoding: the most recent update in the technical world. The newest technology for transcoding/encoding can significantly improve the quality of your video. Because of video delay and buffering, this means no more angry customers.
  • Fast customization: Snap your fingers and see the transformation of the video player. The first impression is the last impression, and VideoMan help you blow the minds of your audience!
  • Change Anything & Everything: To give your videos a mystical edge, add your brand colors, logo, and other elements. On the basis of your desires, reposition and resize.
  • Editable Thumbnails: Use powerful video recordings to create your own thumbnails. Using GIF thumbnails to attract more people than ever.
  • Custom End Screen: The end screen of the video can also be adjusted as you want.
  • Mode Pic To Pic: Sigh! When you get a message on another app, the video doesn’t end. The floating window feature that holds your video playing is used to multitask!
  • Video Editing With Timelines: To get started, simply drag-n-drop images. To the timeline, add pictures and audio.
  • Join or split several videos as per your needs. Add timestamps for clips and loads more…


  • Visibility & Privacy Restrictions: Secured by Password: Limit your videos by inserting a password so that only your intended audience can view them.
  • Private Link Sharing: With great ease, you can share a private link with someone you want.
  • Restriction on Domain Embed: Control the domains that are permitted to embed your videos!
  • Platform Revamping: Turn the platform entirely into your own by eliminating the branding of VideoMan and customizing it to your brand.


  • Analytics & Tracking: Closely watch your video results. In complicated numbers, don’t get lost. The in-depth analysis helps you to grasp the campaign’s success without any experience at all.
  • SEO Friendly Embed Codes & Video Schema Markup: All the top search engines rank higher. Thanks to successful coding, enjoy improved visibility and unbelievable traffic.
  • To your advantage, use video schema markup to allow search engines to get more information about your content when you use VideoMan to embed a video.


  • No hosting costs: no expense of hosting at all. Every time you profit, there is no consecutive amount to be paid.
  • Creating limitless collections of your videos: Infinite Projects & Playlists. By embedding them on other sites, you can also publish limitless playlists.
  • Stock Media Assets Like Voiceovers: To find the ideal footage, use millions of premium HQ Stock videos. HQ images for your video thumbnails. Music from the background that will make your video a success! To add powerful voice-overs in over 30 different languages, 189 text-to-human sounding voices.
  • Interactive CTAs: Interact more than ever with your viewers at any point in the video using Call-To-Action buttons or linking content from anywhere on your website.
  • Lead Capturing: Auto-capture of email leads lets you quickly hit your target audience.
  • Integration with top autoresponders for email makes the process smoother & faster.
  • Overlay & Roll Action Ads: Monetize the overlay and roll action ads for all your videos!
  • Resume & Speed Control for Playback: Resume where you left off. Say goodbye to the stress of forwarding to the point that the video closes down unexpectedly.
  • Related Video Recommendations From Your Channel: VideoMan recommend more videos from your channel after the video is finished so that your brand and your viewers don’t end the viewing experience.

Who Should You Use “VideoMan Software”?

  • All their videos have been moved to VideoMan by expert marketers like ‘Victory AKpos’. They have embedded them seamlessly on landing pages, sales pages, and to catch more eyeballs for VSLs.
  • Affiliate marketers: VideoMan has been used by ‘Ankit Mehta’ to build more commissions than ever before & raise cash prizes.
  • Coaches/info-marketers: training videos have made coaches world-famous, such as ‘Rob Wilson.’ These videos have earned millions of views and have led to unparalleled profits.
  • Sellers of Ecom: owners of com stores such as ‘Shrijan Bhardwaj’ have recognized that consumers want to watch videos instead of reading text and use it to increase their sales.
  • Product launches: top JvZoo and w+ marketers such as ‘Misan Morrison’ are hosting VideoMan product launches and turning all the traffic into real customers.
  • Video agencies: Video marketing agencies such as ‘Vidprenuer’ have established successful campaigns and have helped local companies conquer different niches.
  • Smart marketers have changed from ancient YouTube, inefficient Vimeo & Wistia without control to strong VideoMan…

VideoMan Software Review – VideoMan vs Vimeo vs WISTIA vs Vidyard

VideoMan’s features vs pricing are huge. As you can the below image there are so many features included in the VideoMan software by Jai Sharma. Take a look at the below image for a feature comparison of VideoMan vs Vimeo vs WISTIS vs Vidyard…

VideoMan Software Review

VideoMan Software Review – The Pricing & Evaluation

VideoMan Software$97 per month or $997 per year
VideoMan Hosting$67 per month or $497 per year
VideoMan Powerful Features – 100+ Amazing Unique Features$1197
Next-Gen Video Hosting Tech$97 per month or $997 per year
Video Editing with Timeline$67 per month or $997 per year
Premium HQ Stock Assets$67 per month or $997 per year
Loom-like Video & Screen Recording$67 per month or $997 per year
A.I based Text-to-Voice Creation$97 per month or $997 per year
Thumbnail and Image Designing$97 per month or $997 per year

That’s a total of $8,673 value in yearly recurring. Today, you get this platform at the lowest ever one-time price (less than 1% of its worth).

You are going to pay $47 once & profit forever. When you buy VideoMan today get VideoMan for just a one-time payment! Videoman at its lowest one-time price account forever. May expire once you leave this page. Use 15% off discount coupon: early15

VideoMan Software Review – The Pros and Cons


  • No losing of visitors because of slow loading
  • No traffic spillage
  • No worry about domain name & website to host videos
  • No technical & coding skills required
  • No time wastage – upload & publish high-selling videos in 3 steps
  • You can personalize or customize the branding.
  • You can even add CTA buttons or opt-in forms.
  • Even the ads & content can be under your control
  • Powerful smart analytics to see everything
  • One time investment, no monthly fees


  • Nothing to tell until now

Are There Any VideoMan OTOs?

Yes, VideoMan currently has four optional upgrades. Let me list out all here:

VideoMan: The Front End ($37-$97)


[+] 20 GB Storage Space
[+] Add up to 20,000 Videos
[+] Upload/Publish Videos
[+] State of the Art Transcoding/Encoding Video Technology
[+] Create Projects
[+] Create Playlists
[+] Embeddable Playlists on any website
[+] Embed Video on any website
[+] Domain Embed Restriction
[+] SEO Friendly Embed Codes
[+] Keyword Shortcuts
[+] Video Hotkeys
[+] Visibility & Privacy controls
[+] Password Protection
[+] Private link sharing
[+] Customize Video Thumbnails
[+] Custom End Screens
[+] Related Videos
[+] Player Customization
[+] Customize Colors& Components
[+] Add your own branding
[+] Optimize Videos, Images & Files
[+] Playback speed control
[+] Video Schema Implementations
[+] Visitor Analytics
[+] Resumable Video Uploads
[+] Video Player Enhancements
[+] Bring your Own Videos
[+] User Profile & Channel


[+] Import videos from google drive
[+] Import videos from dropbox
[+] Import video from one drive
[+] Import videos from the box
[+] Import videos from Instagram
[+] Full AWS s3 support
[+] Cloud videos support


[+] Drag and drop videos, images & audio to timeline
[+] Join videos
[+] Trim videos
[+] Clip timestamps
[+] And much more…


[+] Record video, audio with screen share
[+] Record audio and video
[+] Record video
[+] Record audio
[+] Record screen share
[+] PIP mode recording
[+] Direct upload to VideoMan cloud
[+] Live transcoding after recording


[+] Millions of premium HQ stock videos – find perfect video footages for your video
[+] Millions of premium HQ stock images – create a perfect thumbnail for your video
[+] 100s of appealing background music – find perfect background music for your video
[+] 189 text to human-sounding voices – 30 different languages
[+] Thumbnail creator – image editor

VideoMan OTO1: Pro Version ($47-$97)


[+] Playbar
[+] Volume controls
[+] Share and embed
[+] Player speed control
[+] Full-screen control
[+] Rewind button
[+] Video resolution switcher
[+] Playback resume
[+] Theater mode
[+] Picture in picture mode
[+] Subtitles


[+] Text CTA
[+] Image CTA
[+] Custom HTML
[+] Clickable buttons
[+] Graphic banners
[+] Social sharing
[+] Product listing
[+] Amazon product listing
[+] Shopify listing

VideoMan OTO2: VIDEOMAN Monetization & List Building ($47-$97)

[+] Email list building inside your videos
[+] Webform placement control on video
[+] Buttons customization
[+] Control timing of form visibility


[+] Mailchimp
[+] Aweber
[+] Get Response
[+] SendGrid
[+] ConvertKit
[+] Sendlane
[+] ActiveCampaign


[+] Text Ads
[+] Image Ads
[+] Info Overlay Ads
[+] Watch Time Limit
[+] Video Ads


[+] Pre-roll ads – at the start of the video
[+] “Mid-roll ads- in the middle of video”.
[+] Post-roll ads – at the end of the video

VideoMan OTO3: Performance & Analytics ($47-$97)


[+] Watch time
[+] Impression CTR%
[+] Unique impressions
[+] Unique IMPR CTR%
[+] Average stick length
[+] Event clicks – buttons
[+] Email subscriptions
[+] Behavior analytics
[+] Disengagement rates
[+] Disengagement points
[+] Cta analysis
[+] Video shares
[+] Video downloads
[+] Outbound links
[+] Traffic source types
[+] Devices and browsers
[+] Visitor country report


[+] Google Analytics Integration
[+] FB Pixel integration
[+] Add to Cart
[+] Purchases
[+] Pageviews


[+] Create variations
[+] Manage variations
[+] Run experiments
[+] Choose winners

VideoMan OTO4: Agency Edition ($399-$499)

[+] Manage up to 300 clients
[+] Use up to 2000 GB
[+] Host &manage unlimited videos of clients
[+] Create invoices
[+] Boomerang videos
[+] Get 100 video templates
[+] Get 5 new templates every month
[+] Premium fonts pack
[+] Video storyboards
[+] 24/7 priority support

VideoMan Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a money-back guarantee in place? Yes! If, for whatever reason, you are not happy, you can email them at support@videoman.Io for a refund without questions.
  • Does it require any training? Yes, there are step-by-step training videos are available to you. This will immediately help you get started & become an expert in no time.
  • Does it work on both Mac and PCs? Yeah. Yes. Videoman is 100 percent cloud-based and works with an internet connection on any device. This advanced technology can be accessed using any operating software.
  • Are you levying any monthly fees? For the lowest one-time fee, Videoman is currently available. This offer will not, however, last for too long. We’re going to charge a monthly fee after that.
  • What differentiates VideoMan from Vimeo, WISTIA, Vidyard, and other applications for video hosting? Videoman, unlike other platforms, has everything one can imagine. Videoman, with next-gen video hosting technologies & many more, is an innovative video hosting & marketing site. And, unlike other applications, which are hefty monthly rates, it is only available at a low one-time charge. Nothing’s getting close!
  • Can I upload and handle a video of the client from my dashboard? With commercial rights, you can build and handle the client’s video campaign as much as you like… and by charging them for it, you can retain 100 percent of the income.

Something About The Creators

VideoMan Software Review - The Creators

Jai Sharma is a Renowned Online Entrepreneur, One of The Top Software Sellers In The World, Recipient Of Many International Awards, International Speaker On Innovative Marketing Strategies, And Covered in top magazines like Forbes, TheStatesMan, TheAmericanReporter, International Business Times, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt Magazine, Data Quest, IMDB, and many more…

VideoMan Software Review

Rahul Gupta is an experienced tech entrepreneur from Germany. Founder at Webliska Inc. – Pioneer company in Video Hosting and Management Solutions. He is one of the best Video Transcoding/Encoding experts in the World. He has been the architect behind the best video solutions that went on to become million dollar companies!

They have created amazing software products such as Postley, MusicMan, 10X Hosting, 10X Drive and many more.

VideoMan Review – Conclusion – Should I Get It?

Most marketers are too stuck up trying to create good content for their videos. No doubt… content is important – but it can’t guarantee results. I know this… because I have been there myself.

Initially, I spent huge money & countless hours trying to perfect the content and I hired experts to provide the right cut, the right angle, and even the perfect background music for the videos. In the worst case, I even hired expensive models for a big marketing campaign I was asked to run… and spent large sums of money on professional equipment.

But the result was far from perfect. I went by the book yet it didn’t generate any traffic, leads, or conversions!

And then I realized (after literally burning massive amounts of money)… If not equally… it is more important to choose the right platform to host, play & market a video if you wanna see an increase in traffic, conversions & sales.

I went through the options available… to find the perfect platform.

In my opinion, VideoMan is one of the best solutions for anyone who wants to host their videos online with full control. Thank you for reading my VideoMan Software Review.

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