Vidnami Review 2021 [Step-By-Step Member Area Walkthrough]

Vidnami Review 2021

Vidnami Review 2021 – An Overview

If you are reading this page, I am so confident that you are looking to make videos in a faster and easier way without compromising the quality.

There are so many video tools that come out every day on places like JvZoo, Warriorplus, and other marketplaces.

But, having the right video tool for your online business is essential.

Out of all the other video tools, Vidnami is got my attention.

After using Vidnami for the last two years, I am here to do an honest review of this platform.

Welcome to my Vidnami review 2021. I reviewed Vidnami last year but now decided to do a second review for 2021.

The aim of this review is to discuss this platform in detail, discussing its pros and cons, pricing, discount details, and whether it is the right tool for your business or not.

What Exactly Is Vidnami?

In simple, Vidnami is an AI-powered video creation software that does all the work for you. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create videos in minutes, without any manual input from us. You can customize your videos in many ways, including changing voiceovers and adding images, video clips. Vidnami is perfect for anyone who wants to make a professional-looking video with little effort.

It does allow us to customize the video in our own way but the A.I. works best.

Vidnami requires a written script to make videos for.

Simply copy-paste any article from the internet or write it as your own, put into the Vidnami.

Vidnami’s artificial and machine learning technology will automatically pick the right images, video clips, background music and combines everything together, and give you professional video in minutes. Even the software can convert your script into a professional voiceover.

We know how hard it is when you need something done fast because we’ve been there too! That’s why they created this amazing tool that will help anyone who needs a quick video made with little effort on their end. Simply copy-paste any article from the internet or write it as your own, put it into the Vidnami and let our A.I. do all of the heavy lifting for you! No more spending hours trying to come up with ideas – just sit back and relax while Vidnami creates an awesome video for you in minutes!

With Vidnami’s easy-to-use interface and powerful features, it’s never been easier to create high-quality videos on demand! They offer unlimited revisions so you can tweak your project until it’s just right – no matter how long it takes!





How Does Vidnami Work?

  • Step #1: Choose a video template (Options: content video, presenter video, instant ad, a sales video, course/training video, property video & make your custom templates as well)
  • Step #2: Copy-paste or write your own video script
  • Step #3: Edit the scenes
  • Step #4: Add a voiceover (text-to-speech, upload voice over, record your own voice)
  • Step #5: Add your brand logo/watermark
  • Step #6: Preview the video
  • Step #7: Download

That’s how simple it is.

Vidnami Review 2021 – My Experience In Using It

In this part of the Vidnami review, I am going to explain in detail how to create videos from scratch. Let’s dive inside Vidnami.

Vidnami is a cloud-based video software. After you register, you will get an email with your username and password.

Simply log in to the software and click create a new video button.

Here you have to pick a pre-made template. Vidnami built with hundreds of video templates that can be used to produce videos for any content. Templates or we may call “Theme”. Basically, we are choosing a theme for the video.

We have the option to preview the template before we use it…

This is part is the heart of this software. Simply, copy-paste any text here the Vidnami’s A.I. & machine learning technology will automatically read your content and it will start generating relevant images, video clips for the video.

You have some advanced options to fully control how the scenes should be made. 

Here as you can see Vidnami now converted my written text into slides/scenes automatically with relevant background images, video clips. It automatically bold important keywords on each slide.

From my script, Vidnami has generated 20 slides. Each and every slide has a relevant background image/video clip, slide text, bold text, transition effect, etc.

Most of the processes can be automated, this is the reason is to use Vidnami. However, it also has the option to remove/replace/edit everything.

If you want to change the slide background, simply type a keyword to find the relevant assets and replace them. Vidnami has millions of copyright-free images and video clips to use without any legal issues.

You can also hide text on each slide, hide background image/video on a specific slide

You can change the text position.

Add a slide in between two slides in case if you want to do so.

Once you finished editing all the slides, simply scroll to the bottom and click add voice.

Vidnami has four different options for voice. 1.). Text-to-speech is also known as Auto voice, 2). Record your own voice, 3). Upload voice track, 4). Background music only option.

The text-speech option is what I prefer to use most of the time. It works very well.

The way this text speech engine designed is awesome. This sounds like a real human. I will include the video down below this page.

Now comes the preview part. Simply preview your video here and pick background music from a library of 30,000 tracks to enhance the sound quality of the video.

From here, you can add a logo/watermark to the video. This will display throughout the video.

Adjust the background music volume level, the level of the voice track & the speed of the voice track as well.

Vidnami will automatically set timings for each slide. However, in this step, you can able to adjust the timing of each slide.

Simply drop the red bar left and right to adjust the slide timings. By default, Vidnami sets perfect timing for the whole slide.

Once you have satisfied editing the scenes, simply render the video. 

Your final video is now rendered and it is now ready to download to your computer. Another good thing about Vidnami is that all our videos will be saved into our account. At any time we can re-edit, render the video again.

What Are The Improvements In Vidnami 2021?

  • First of all, they have changed the user interface very well in 2021. Previously it was bearing now it has been visually optimized very well.
  • When comes to performance, they have optimized the speed. Now the Vidnami is super fast, it renders videos quickly.
  • They have introduced the Influencer template feature as well. With this feature, anyone can record a selfie video ad tell Vidnami to put captions on the video. It does a very good job.
  • They have improved the asset finding feature as well. Previously Vidnami doesn’t pick the right video clip for the script. Not they have improved it. Vidnami’s improved A.I. gathers images/videos for multi-keywords as well. Say for example “Car Accident”. “Tree Cutting” etc. Vidnami finds the exact clips for these kinds of keywords.
  • New massive update in Feb 2021: Now you can turn on your webcam to capture your face directly right from Vidnami’s dashboard.


The Pros and Cons

Vidnami is the simplest & but effective software that I have ever seen on the internet. It also has some pros and cons. let me list out here…


  • Fully online hosted software. There is no need to download or install anything on your computer like some software
  • 100% beginner-friendly, easy to use interface
  • No editing skills are required
  • Built with machine learning and A.I. makes professional-quality videos fast
  • No need to find images/video clips manually for the video you create
  • Video projects saved in our Vidnami dashboard forever, we can edit them later if needed
  • Improved rendering performance in 2021
  • Excellent customer support (always)
  • Regular updates
  • Get suggestions from over 7000 fellow marketers on Vidnami’s Facebook group
  • 14-day free trial with no credit card


  • The free trial does come with this limitation. You cannot use their text-speech option in the free trial.
  • There will be a Vidnami watermark on the free trial videos.
  • There is no background rendering. You must wait on the browser tab to generate the video.

Who Should You Signup To Vidnami?

Think about the old way of making videos!

You need to record your video, find relevant images, video clips from the internet, add voice over and time-sucking editing.

It is a very boring and time-consuming process.

A lot of video-making tools are not simple, you need a lot of practice to get your first video.

All these will kill our time.

And many people won’t like to record a video because of the camera-shy and they won’t like to speak as well because English is maybe a secondary language.

Also, people want to make video ads for their product/service but they don’t know how to make those kinds of videos, where to start.

If you fall into one of its kind then, Vidnami is the right platform.

Vidnami is perfect for

  • Youtubers
  • Digital marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Online marketers
  • Shopify store owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Amazon FBA
  • Website/Blog owners
  • Newbies
  • People who would like to work online
  • Freelancers
  • Agencies

and the list goes on and on.

Vidnami Pricing & Discount Info

Vidnami costs $47/month on their official pricing page.

However, they do have a special price in the backdoor which costs $35/month.

If you want to use their 14-day free trial then, you should pay $47/month after the free trial.

In case if you want to purchase this software directly without a free trial I highly suggest you either subscribe to $35/month using this link.

I recommend either subscribe to $35/month from here or directly subscribe to $397/year (30% OFF Discount) from here.

When comparing the features with its price, it is well worth the price.

This software can not be offered for a low one-time fee like most JvZoo and WarriorPlus product vendors do.

The team noble samurai is pushing more and more new updates/upgrades according to the customer’s need.

I am 100% confident that you will never get disappointed for any reason.

Here is a quick recap of what you are getting with the premium plan

  • Create unlimited videos
  • 790,000+ StoryBlocks video clips
  • 125,000,000+ royalty-free images
  • 30,000+ premium music tracks
  • 170+ stunning video templates
  • 30+ popular fonts
  • Auto-intelligent video clip selection
  • 14 automatic text to speech voices
  • Automatic sync of audio and visuals
  • Full motion video backgrounds
  • Landscape & square videos
  • Customizable templates & branding
  • Upload your own media
  • Automatically bolds keywords, adds ken burns effect, adds transitions & animates the text


Vidnami 2021 Review: Should You Get This?

We all know that video marketing is an effective way to promote anything and everything online.

Having effective video-making software is essential. If you are a beginner and would like to do video marketing you should use some kind of software like this one.

However, I have good experience with Vidnami over other video-making software out there.

The reason why I am saying it because it is very simple to use.

All the heavy lifting is done by Vidnami’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

All we need to do is simply find good content online and copy-paste or put your writing and then put it inside the Vidnami, that’s it.

There is a huge demand for this software in the feature because after the lockdown, more and more new people who searching for a way to make money online.

The simplest way to make money online is by publishing videos on YouTube and monetizing with the YouTube partner program.

People in Vidnami’s Facebook group already making hundreds of videos easily using this software and monetizing with YouTube ads.

As you can see on this Vidnami review, i made simple product review videos for amazon products and uploaded to YouTube and i got sale on next day itself.

They way you can use Vidnami is almost unlimited.

I highly recommend you to signup to Vidnami if don’t have any budget to set up a studio, buying things such as a camera, mic, etc.

I hope you like my Vidnami review 2021.

Please bookmark my website in your browser and visit my blog for the latest reviews on useful software that really help you succeed online.


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