VidProposals 2.0 Bundle – Instant Video Proposals to Close Clients Fast

Hello and welcome to my VidProposals 2.0 bundle deal information page. I am thrilled to share everything you need to know about this revolutionary proposal and contract management platform.

VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Information

VidProposals 2.0 is the world’s #1 secure business proposal and contract management platform, designed to meet the needs of agencies, local businesses, and marketers of every level. It allows you to find leads, create and customize compelling video proposals and incorporate legally binding contracts that enable you to secure agreements with clients from any industry.

Before diving into the details of the VidProposals 2.0 bundle deal, let me share the simple steps of how it works. Firstly, gather your leads through VidProposals integrated lead generation features, create customized video proposals by picking a template, making any necessary edits and incorporating CTAs, and then send the proposals via email to clients. Once clients receive and view the proposal, they can sign the legally binding contracts using VidProposal’s integrated signature feature, making the process of closing a deal seamless and efficient.

In this VidProposals 2.0 bundle deal article, I am going to discuss various topics related to the bundle deal, including the features included, pricing, the front-end and all its OTOs, advantages, and other pertinent details that you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Product NameVidProposals 2.0 Bundle
Product CreatorNeil Napier
Release Date & Time2022-Apr-20 at 11.00 EDT
Bundle Price$297 ($247 with discount)
Free BonusesYes
Money Back Guarantee30-day
Bundle Deal Link
Product CategorySoftware
RecommendationHighly Recommended

What is the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle?

Vidproposals 2.0 Bundle Deal - SPSReviews

VidProposals 2.0 Bundle deal is a special one-time offer that includes both the front-end and all its OTOs (one-time offers or Upsells) for the price of one, like $297. This bundle includes the front-end and four One-Time Offers — the VidProposals Elite, Unlimited, Deluxe, and Business versions. Each version comes with its own features and benefits such as generating leads, crafting compelling video proposals, and incorporating legally binding contracts to secure agreements with clients across all industries and services.

All these elements, combined with an exclusive bundle price, make the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle deal an amazing opportunity for those who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their proposal and contract management needs.

Top Benefits of Choosing VidProposals 2.0 & Its Bundle Deal

  1. Cost-effective: The VidProposals 2.0 bundle deal is an incredible offer that allows you to gain access to all the front-end and OTOs at a one-time cost of $297 ($247 with a discount), which is much more affordable than purchasing each package individually.
  2. Secure platform: With VidProposals 2.0, you can be sure that your proposals and contracts are safe and secure, as it employs the latest security measures, including integrated e-signature technology, double authentication option and captures name, time, date, IP address, and location.
  3. Easy to use: VidProposals 2.0 is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its simple and intuitive interface. This means that even beginners in the field of digital marketing can craft stunning proposal videos with ease.
  4. Streamlined workflow: VidProposals 2.0 features integrated lead generation, templates, and signature technology, making it a ready all-in-one tool for creating, editing, and sending proposals.
  5. Flexible: VidProposals 2.0 offers a host of customizable features such as templates, the option to start from scratch, and video recording options, making it highly adaptable for different business needs and niches.
  6. Professional templates: VidProposals 2.0 offers 100 professional templates included with the front-end package and an additional 100 with OTO 1. This means that you can save time and effort creating proposals from scratch, and quickly use a professional pre-made proposal template.
  7. Allows you to scale up your business: The VidProposals 2.0 bundle deal offers OTOs that can assist you with lead generation, cold email suite, and other related aspects of your marketing needs. This can help you generate more business leads and expand your clientele, making it easier for you to scale up your business.

Features of the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Deal

VidProposals 2.0 Front-end Elite ($47 one-time)

  • Create up to 30 Proposals/month: The front-end package allows you to create up to 30 proposals per month, which is an adequate number for many small businesses and marketers.
  • KVLeadz – 10,000: The integrated KVleadz feature allows you to gather leads in a hassle-free manner, with 10,000 leads included in the package.
  • Cold Email Suite – 200/day: The 200 Cold Email Suite/Day feature allows you to send up to 200 emails per day to your leads for efficient outreach.
  • Storage for up to 100 videos: This feature lets you save up to 100 video projects that you can export anytime.
  • 100 Professional Templates Included: VidProposals 2.0 comes with an array of professional proposal templates from the get-go, so you can quickly customize one and save time.
  • Use templates or start from scratch: You can either start from scratch or customize 100 templates that are provided or purchase additional ones for your use.
  • Add CTAs to proposals: VidProposals 2.0 allows you to add CTAs to your proposals, including links to your website, social media, and other relevant calls to action.
  • Integrated E-Signature Technology: Clients can easily sign proposals, and you don’t have to wait for their physical signature on the papers, which can take time and paper in a traditional context.
  • Collect client signatures on the proposal page: Once your client has viewed and approved your proposal, you can prompt them to sign it online for a faster turnaround.
  • Notification Emails sent to both parties after signing: VidProposals 2.0 sends notifications to both parties when the proposal gets signed for a more efficient communication process.

OTO1 – VidProposals 2.0 Unlimited ($67 one-time)

  • Unlimited proposals: You can create unlimited proposals with this upgraded package, which is useful for large-scale lead generation.
  • Unlimited Video Hosting: This feature allows you to host your videos on the VidProposals 2.0 platform for free.
  • 100 Additional Professional Templates Included (200 in total!): You’ll have access to 200 templates that you can customize for your proposal needs.
  • Password protect your proposals: With this upgrade, proposals can be locked with passwords, ensuring that only the authorized person can view and sign them.
  • Create Unlimited Video Channels: You’ll now have the ability to create an unlimited number of video channels for your proposals.
  • ALL FUTURE UPDATES INCLUDED: All future updates and upgrades to VidProposals 2.0 will be included in the package.
  • 24/7 Support: You will have access to a dedicated support team that is available 24/7 to address all your queries and concerns.

OTO2 – VidProposals 2.0 Deluxe ($67 one-time)

  • KVLeadz – Unlimited usage of our new platform for lead gen: Allows you to generate as many leads as you want with no limits.
  • Cold Email Suite – 2000/day (waiting for details from vendor): This upgraded feature lets you send up to 2000 emails per day, making the outreach more efficient.
  • UNLIMITED prospect video hosting: You’ll now have the ability to host an unlimited number of prospect videos for your campaigns.
  • Password-protect your proposals: This upgraded feature now allows you to password-protect your proposals, ensuring maximum security.

OTO3 – VidProposals 2.0 Business ($59 one-time)

  • Reseller License: This lets you resell VidProposals 2.0 and keep 100% of the profits.
  • DFY Lead Magnets: This feature includes professionally designed lead magnets that can be used to attract new clients.
  • Business Website DFY: You’ll receive a business website that’s pre-configured for the VidProposals 2.0 platform, saving you time and money.
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration: This integration lets you use PayPal to receive payment on your proposals, ensuring a smooth payment process.
  • Allow Business Clients to Schedule Appointments: You can now offer the ability for your clients to schedule appointments with you for a smoother client experience.
  • All Website Pages Created with Content: All the necessary website pages will be created with content, so you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.
  • Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered: This feature allows you to showcase your business services to potential clients.
  • Add Business Clients Testimonial: You can include client testimonials on your website, which can help to build confidence in potential clients.
  • Fast Action Bonus: DFY Consultancy Pack, PriceWars, LocalUpsell: You’ll receive these three bonuses on top of the business package for further support

OTO 4 – VidProposals 2.0 Whitelabel Agency

VidProposals 2.0 Whitelabel Agency, the last OTO of the special one-time bundle offer, is the ultimate tool for agencies and marketers to customize and rebrand their video proposals as their own. With its features, you can personalize your proposals down to the smallest detail, making them stand out from competitors and giving them a professional look.

  • Rebranding: Change logos, colors, and thumbnails to make each proposal truly unique and tailored to your client’s needs.
  • Sub-domain: Create custom sub-domains (https://”custom” that represent your business and make it easier for clients to access your proposals quickly and securely.
  • Accounts: 200 sub-accounts that allow multiple users in different departments or roles at various locations to log into a single account with their own login credentials for enhanced security.
  • Favicon: Choose a custom favicon for your proposal landing page that matches your branding perfectly.
  • Backgrounds: Pick from a variety of backgrounds specifically designed for VidProposals 2.0 or add your own customized background image so that it reflects the look and feel of your business accurately.
  • Introduction Video: Add an introductory video in any format or length without any issues right to your proposal page that helps engage potential customers even better than before!

How to Get the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Deal? A step-by-step Guide

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get and access the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Deal from JvZoo:

  1. Click on this direct link to buy the VidProposals 2.0 bundle.
  2. Make sure you confirm the JvZoo Buy Button.
  3. Verify that the price for the bundle is $297 ($247 with discount).
  4. This is a web-based application, so no need to download or install any extra files.
  5. After purchase, log in to your customer panel at to find your purchase records and access your bundle products.
  6. You should also receive an email confirming your purchase as well as giving you further instructions on how to access/use VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Deal from JvZoo if needed in future references/accesses of services/products from the bundle deal purchased from JvZoo

VidProposals 2.0 Bundle vs OTOs: The Pricing Comparison

Vidproposals FunnelPrice
VidProposals 2.0 Front-end (FE)$47 One-time
OTO 1 (UNLIMITED)$67 One-time
OTO 2 (DELUXE)$67 One-time
OTO 3 (BUSINESS)$59 One-time
TOTAL Without The Bundle Deal$537 one time

With the VidProposals 2.0 Bundle deal, you can get access to all the front end and its OTOs for only $297 ($247 with discount) one time! This means that you are getting massive savings of $290. Take advantage of this amazing offer now and get your hands on VidProposals 2.0 bundle and secure agreements with clients across all industries and services in minutes!

Who is VidProposals 2.0 Bundle For?

VidProposals 2.0 and its bundle deal are perfect for any business or agency needing a secure and comprehensive platform to manage their proposals and contracts. Here are just a few types of companies that could benefit:

  • Agencies in need of an automated sales process with legally binding contracts
  • Local businesses looking to strengthen customer relationships through video proposals
  • Marketers of all levels want to impress clients with professional presentations
  • Service providers searching for easy and safe contract management

The Pros and Cons of VidProposals 2.0 Bundle Deal


  1. Secure
  2. Lead generation
  3. Legally binding contracts
  4. Professional templates
  5. Video Recording & Storage
  6. Integrated E-Signature Technology
  7. WYSIWYG text editor
  8. Rebrandable
  9. Chrome Extension for recording videos
  10. Universally compatible


  1. Costly bundle deal
  2. Custom subdomain requires extra setup
  3. Limited team member accounts

VidProposals 2.0 Bundle – The Verdict

If you’re looking for a secure and reliable way to generate more leads, close more deals faster, and manage contracts with ease then you should consider using an all-in-one proposal and contract management platform.

With features tailored to agencies, local businesses & marketers of every level, proposal and contract management platforms can help you find leads, craft compelling proposals, and incorporate legally binding contracts in a matter of minutes.

VidProposals 2.0 is one such platform that offers these features with no hassle. With its integrated lead gen functionality, customizable templates and videos, WYSIWYG text editor, Google Chrome extension for recording your videos, and notification emails sent whenever a proposal is viewed or signed – VidProposals 2.0 has it all! The bundle deal is an excellent opportunity to get the whole package of VidProposals 2.0 at one cost-effective price without any additional costs.

VidProposals 2.0 provides a robust solution for businesses looking for secure business proposals and contract management tools tailored to their needs. Its sleek user interface makes it easy to use while its features provide far more than just creating secure contracts. Whether you’re a small business looking to get started on the right foot or an experienced marketer who needs an efficient workflow – VidProposals 2.0 is worth taking a look at!

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