VidStream Pro Review – The Only HD/4K Video Hosting App With Instant Landing Pages

VidStream Pro Review: Demo, OTOs, Bundle, Price, Benefits, Pros & Cons:

The online world is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and marketers need to keep up with the latest technological advancements to remain competitive. One of the major pain points of video marketers is the cost and quality of video hosting services, which can be frustrating and limit their reach.

Fortunately, VidStream Pro is here to revolutionize the video hosting industry with its advanced, high-speed, and affordable lifetime video hosting solution. With its extensive global reach of over 60 CDN locations, VidStream Pro guarantees faster delivery of video content to customers from different parts of the world.

In this review, we will delve into everything you need to know about VidStream Pro, including its features, how it works, OTOs, bundle deals, pros and cons, pricing, and more. By the end of this review, you will be able to make an informed decision based on reliable, authoritative information. So, let’s dive in and explore VidStream Pro!

VidStream Pro Review - SPS

Key Information About the VidStream Pro Launch

Vendor:Firas Alameh
Product:VidStream Pro
Launch Date:2023-Jul-23, 11:00 EDT
Front-end Price:$47
Any OTO or Upsells:Yes, There Are 4 OTOs
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Main Sales Page:
Bundle Page:
Support:Friendly and Effective Response
Refund:30 Days Money Guarantee
Niche:Software/Video Hosting

Quick Take: VidStream Pro Reviewed


  • Fast content delivery technology
  • Global reach with 60+ CDN locations
  • Marketer-friendly platform
  • Affordable pricing
  • Extensive video hosting solution
  • Instant landing pages creation
  • Easy branding customization
  • Multiple video player styles
  • In-video call-to-action buttons
  • Legal compliance ready terms


  • Only for video hosting
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Some OTOs may be costly

Learn More: VidStream Pro FE, OTO, Bundle Links

VidStream Pro offers two coupon codes for discounts. Use “STREAM20” to save $20 on the FE and “STREAMBUNDLE” to save $50 on the bundle which includes FE + OTOs.

👉VidStream Pro Bundle (Includes FE + OTOs)

👉VidStream Pro FE

👉VidStream Pro OTO 1 – Marketing Pack

👉VidStream Pro OTO 2 – Paid Channels and Playlists

👉VidStream Pro OTO 3 – Transcoding, Subtitle & Translate Pack

👉VidStream Pro OTO 4 – Web Agency/Reseller

What Is VidStream Pro All About?

VidStream Pro is a cutting-edge video hosting platform that lets you deliver high-speed video content anywhere in the world. It offers lightning-fast content delivery technology, secure hosting, and a marketer-friendly interface that’s easy to use. With VidStream Pro, you can create personalized video playlists and channels, sell courses, and offer video memberships in just a few clicks. Plus, it features an extensive global reach across 60+ content delivery network (CDN) locations, ensuring your videos load quickly and seamlessly for your audience. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to host and deliver your videos, don’t miss out on VidStream Pro.

Ready to take your video content hosting to the next level? Check out my in-depth VidStream Pro review below to learn more about this advanced video hosting solution and how it can benefit your business.

How Does VidStream Pro Work?

VidStream Pro Review: Demo, OTOs, Bundle, Price, Benefits, Pros & Cons:

Here’s how VidStream Pro works:

Step 1: Add Your Own Menu Items & Branding

With VidStream Pro, you can customize your video platform exactly as you want. You can add your own branding and customize the menu items according to your preference. This step allows you to create a unique experience for your viewers.

Step 2: Select Video Player Style

Once you have your branding and menu items in place, the next step is to choose your video player style. VidStream Pro provides multiple video player options to choose from so that you can select the one that best fits your niche and audience.

Step 3: Add Call-To-Action Buttons

To take your video marketing to the next level, VidStream Pro allows you to add call-to-action buttons on your video player. These buttons can help increase your conversion rates significantly. You can add buttons such as “Buy now,” “Subscribe,” or “Sign up,” among others.

Step 4: Select Ready Terms For Legal Compliance

At VidStream Pro, we understand the importance of legal compliance when hosting videos online. That’s why we offer a selection of “ready terms” that you can select to ensure you comply with various legal requirements.

Take a look at a demo of VidStream Pro

VidStream Pro Review: A Closer Look at Its Features and Functionalities

Lightning Fast Video Hosting

VidStream Pro offers high-speed video hosting that delivers content quickly without compromising quality. With a global reach across 60+ Content Delivery Network (CDN) locations, the platform can live stream video content to customers anywhere in the world seamlessly. The hosting solution is secure, affordable, and marketer-friendly, making it ideal for small and large businesses alike.

Instant Video Landing Pages

VidStream Pro transforms videos into personalized playlists, channels, and course memberships in a few clicks. The app offers instant video landing pages that enable users to showcase their video content effectively. Users can customize the video player, add call-to-action buttons, and select ready terms for legal compliance. Besides, they can add their menu items and branding, thus creating a professional and branded video site quickly.

Channels, Courses, and Memberships Creation

VidStream Pro allows users to create channels, sell courses, and offer video memberships with ease. Users can build and sell unlimited courses and create course splash screens for unpaid members. The platform also enables marketers to create paid channels for Jvzoo, W+/CB membership, and free channels for email capture.

Video Marketing Tools

The VidStream Pro Marketing Pack offers a range of video marketing tools that enable businesses to drive engagement and sales. The tools include video opt-ins, call-to-action buttons, in-video ads, and player roll actions. Besides, the app provides responsive HTML blocks for landing pages, enabling users to create high-converting pages that are optimized for all devices.

Automatic Transcription and Translation

VidStream Pro Transcoding, Subtitle & Translate Pack allows marketers to reach untapped markets and explode their video views, clicks, leads, and sales by auto-transcribing, subtitling, and translating videos into multiple languages. Quickly create 100s of versions of videos with voice-overs in different languages. This feature helps businesses expand their reach and tap into new markets easily.

Web Agency/Reseller Program

VidStream Pro provides a web agency/reseller program that allows marketers to resell the platform and earn recurring profits. The program enables users to lock in and sell a limited number of Grand Daddy one-time plans, even after they go recurring. These plans are valuable and provide an opportunity for marketers to earn more from their video business.

Compatibility, Licensing & Usage Rights of VidStream Pro


  • VidStream Pro is compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge.
  • It is also fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your videos can be viewed on any device.
  • VidStream Pro can be integrated with various third-party tools and platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, and more.

Licensing & Usage Rights:

  • VidStream Pro comes with a commercial license, which allows you to use it for your own business purposes
  • You can create and host unlimited videos with VidStream Pro without any bandwidth or storage limitations
  • The videos hosted on VidStream Pro are fully secured with SSL encryption and other security measures
  • You retain full ownership and control of your videos, and there are no restrictions on where and how you can use them
  • When you purchase VidStream Pro, you are granted a lifetime license with free updates and support for a one-time fee. There are no recurring fees or hidden charges.

The Top Benefits of Using VidStream Pro

Here are some of the benefits of using VidStream Pro:

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VidStream Pro OTO and Pricing

The core product of VidStream Pro is the VidStream Pro commercial, priced at a one-time cost of $47. Post purchasing the front-end offer, multiple upsells or OTOs will be suggested to you.

VidStream Pro upsells are optional and not required to use the main features (front-end) of VidStream Pro. However, they do offer advanced features that may be useful. Incorporating them can boost the VidStream Pro’s functionality.

Let’s take a look at what the VidStream Pro upsells are offering.

Table: VidStream Pro Funnel

VidStream Pro FunnelPriceFeatures
Front-end (FE)$47– Advanced high-speed lifetime video hosting solution,
– Faster content delivery technology,
– Secure & marketer-friendly,
– Reach across 60+ CDN locations
OTO 1 – Marketing Pack$97 (one-time)– Video opt-ins,
– Call-to-action buttons,
– In-video ads,
– Player roll actions,
– Responsive HTML blocks
OTO 2 – Courses, Vlogs, Paid Channels & Playlists$97 (one-time)– Create courses,
– Course splash screen for unpaid members,
– Create paid channels,
– Full LMS functions
OTO 3 – Transcoding, Subtitle & Translate Pack$97 (yearly)– Automatic transcription,
– Subtitles & translation into multiple languages,
– Quickly create 100s of versions
OTO 4 – Web Agency / Reseller$97-$297– Lock in & sell a limited number of one-time Grand Daddy plans,
– Resell,
– Potential future value
VidStream Pro Bundle$347– Includes front-end and all VidStream Pro OTOs

VidStream Pro Bundle

When it comes to buying VidStream Pro upsells, you’ve got two choices. Once you grab the front-end offer, you can either get VidStream Pro OTOs one by one or save some dollars by going for the. The VidStream Pro Bundle is a special one-time offer priced at $297, which includes the front-end offer along with all VidStream Pro upsells.

Who Is VidStream Pro Meant For?

VidStream Pro is a versatile video hosting platform that caters to a broad range of industries, from marketers to educators. Here’s a list of individuals or businesses that would benefit from using VidStream Pro:

  • Product Creators: This tool is designed to assist with creating effective landing pages, sales pages, and VSLs for capturing more leads and increasing sales.
  • Affiliate Marketers: It provides support in creating and hosting product reviews and promotional videos to effectively sell affiliate products.
  • Coaches & Consultants: The tool enables the creation of training videos to help coaches and consultants grow their audiences and provide valuable content to their customers.
  • Physical Product Sellers: It helps in creating compelling product demos to effectively showcase and sell physical products.
  • Advertisers: The tool is useful for creating various types of videos, including video ads, promo videos, review videos, and sales videos.
  • Agencies: It offers capabilities to create and host comprehensive video marketing campaigns, catering to the needs of agencies and their clients.

Now you know who is VidStream Pro for. Continue reading my VidStream Pro review to learn more.

VidStream Pro Review – What People Are Saying?

VidStream Pro Review Demo OTO Bundle --

Pros and Cons


  • Fast content delivery technology
  • Global reach with 60+ CDN locations
  • Marketer-friendly platform
  • Affordable pricing
  • Extensive video hosting solution
  • Instant landing pages creation
  • Easy branding customization
  • Multiple video player styles
  • In-video call-to-action buttons
  • Legal compliance ready terms


  • Only for video hosting
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Some OTOs may be costly

Alternatives Tools For VidStream Pro

Alternative #1: Vimeo Pro

Vimeo Pro is a professional video hosting platform that offers a range of advanced features for businesses and creators. With Vimeo, you can upload, customize, and share your videos in high-definition quality. The platform offers customizable video players, privacy settings, and advanced analytics to track your video’s performance.

Some of Vimeo Pro’s unique features include password protection for your videos, the ability to showcase your work on a customizable portfolio site, advanced video review tools for feedback and collaboration, and priority video conversion for faster delivery.

Vimeo Pro is suitable for professional video creators, businesses, and marketers who require a fully customizable and professional video hosting platform.

Alternative #2: Wistia

Wistia is a video hosting and marketing platform that offers advanced features for businesses and marketers. With Wistia, you can upload, customize, and share your videos with advanced analytics and marketing tools. The platform offers customizable video players, email capture forms, and interactive CTAs to drive conversions.

Some of Wistia’s unique features include the ability to create customizable video channels and playlists, integrations with third-party marketing and analytics tools, heat maps to track viewer engagement, and A/B testing for video thumbnails and CTAs.

Wistia is suitable for businesses and marketers who require advanced video marketing tools and analytics in addition to video hosting.

What Makes VidStream Pro Better?

VidStream Pro is a game-changer in video hosting and marketing. Unlike traditional tools that are slow, costly, and require technical knowledge, VidStream Pro offers lightning-fast video hosting that guarantees higher audience engagement and conversion rates. With 60+ CDN locations worldwide, it delivers video content quickly, irrespective of the viewer’s location. Besides, VidStream Pro offers an extensive range of customization options, including adding menu items, branding, player style, and call-to-action buttons, making it easier for marketers to personalize their videos.

Moreover, VidStream Pro is incredibly marketer-friendly, and it ensures complete legal compliance by providing ready-to-use legal terms. VidStream Pro also supports courses, vlogs, and playlists, allowing users to create and sell unlimited courses without any limits based on their chosen storage plan. With translation and subtitle tools, the platform ensures that videos are accessible to a broader audience by serving translations in multiple languages.

Ultimately, VidStream Pro’s significant advantage is that it is an all-in-one solution that has everything marketers need to create, host, and manage video marketing campaigns in one place, thereby saving time, money, and effort. Additionally, with the availability of a commercial license, it is an affordable and cost-effective choice for online businesses of all sizes. All these features make VidStream Pro a top choice for video hosting and marketing, surpassing traditional tools’ limitations.

VidStream Pro Review: FAQ About VidStream Pro

Can I use VidStream Pro to stream videos from outer space?

While VidStream Pro offers global reach, streaming videos from outer space is not currently supported. However, you can still enjoy lightning-fast video hosting and create personalized playlists on Earth!

Can VidStream Pro turn my videos into virtual reality experiences?

VidStream Pro specializes in high-speed video hosting and personalized playlists. Although virtual reality support is not available at the moment, you can explore other platforms that cater to VR content creation and streaming.

Is there a feature in VidStream Pro that can translate my videos into alien languages?

VidStream Pro focuses on providing high-speed video hosting and channel creation. While it doesn’t offer automatic translation into alien languages, you can consider using external tools or services for video translation if needed.

Can VidStream Pro help me create a holographic video display?

VidStream Pro excels in HD/4K video hosting and instant landing pages. While holographic video displays are not directly supported, you can integrate VidStream Pro with compatible technologies or hardware to enhance your video presentation.

Does VidStream Pro have a feature to teleport viewers into my videos?

VidStream Pro’s main product is a powerful video hosting solution, but unfortunately, teleportation technology is not included. However, you can utilize VidStream Pro to deliver high-quality videos and engage viewers with compelling content.

Wrap-up: Is It Worth Purchasing VidStream Pro?

Yes, VidStream Pro is definitely worth buying if you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and affordable video hosting solution. It provides lightning-fast video hosting and instant landing pages that can turn your videos into personalized playlists and channels in just a few clicks.

With VidStream Pro’s advanced state-of-the-art technology, you can be sure that your video content will be delivered to your customers quickly and securely, without sacrificing speed or quality. It also offers extensive global reach across 60+ CDN locations, which means that you can reach your customers anywhere in the world.

In terms of pricing, VidStream Pro’s front-end offer is reasonably priced at $47, considering the features and benefits it offers. Additionally, you can save even more money by using the available coupons and purchasing the bundle offer, which includes both the front-end offer and all of the OTOs.

Speaking of OTOs, VidStream Pro’s OTOs are optional and won’t affect the main offer’s features, so you can purchase them only if you need them. The OTOs offer additional features such as video opt-ins, call-to-action buttons, in-video ads, and more.

Overall, VidStream Pro is an excellent investment for anyone looking to host their videos with ease, speed, and affordability. Its features, pricing, and overall value for money are highly competitive and worth considering. In my personal opinion, I would definitely recommend VidStream Pro to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality video hosting solution.

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VidStream Pro Bonuses

Now let’s see what bonuses you will get if you become a user of VidStream Pro today!

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Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

SPSReviews Bonus 1: 1 on1 Support From Me

If you have any questions regarding VidStream Pro, I am here to help. I have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your queries. I will be able to provide you with detailed responses that include facts and figures, as well as advice on best practices. My aim is to ensure that you are completely informed and comfortable when making decisions related to VidStream Pro. Since I am a full-time blogger, I am available 24/7, so please do not hesitate to contact me (I will give you my Skype ID) whenever you need assistance. I look forward to being an invaluable resource for all your VidStream Pro needs.

Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

SPSReviews Bonus 2: I will Find You a Discount For Your Next Purchase

As a special bonus of VidStream Pro I will go the extra mile and put in extra effort to find you the best-discounted price possible for your next product purchase. With years of experience in this digital product review space, I have a vast knowledge of many vendors and marketplaces for different products. When you choose to purchase VidStream Pro through my link, I will scour the internet and explore every nook and cranny to locate any potential discounts that are available. If you plan on buying any other tools or products in the future, feel free to reach out to me prior to committing to a purchase. I am more than happy to dedicate time and energy to researching all available deals so that you can get your money’s worth! This is my appreciation for trusting me and buying VidStream Pro through my link.

VidStream Pro Additional Bonuses:


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