VidZPresso Review + BEST Bonuses + OTO/Upsell Details

Are you searching for more details about VidZPresso? Please read through my VidZPresso Review before selecting it, to analyse the weakness and strengths of it.

In this VidZPresso Review, I’ll cover what it is, who is it for, how much it costs, discounts, Pros & Cons, what special bonuses you’ll get and what are the VidZPresso OTO or Upsells, so you can make a more informed decision about purchasing it it’s right for you.

VidZPresso Review: Overview

Product Name VidZPresso
Product Creator Mosh Bari
Launch Date & Time 2020-June-03, 09:00 AM EDT
Price Range $19
Bonus Yes, HQ Best Bonuses
Refund  30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official site
Product Type Video Marketing Software
Training Yes, Included
Customer Support Effective Response
Skills All levels
Recommended Highly Recommended!

What Exactly Is VidZPresso?

VidZPresso Honest Review

VidZPresso is a fully cloud-based live event creator and live streaming software for YouTube, it creates and ranks videos on YouTube search engine and Google search results within few simple steps.

VidZPresso has the ability to create a ton of live events and it has the feature to schedule all your live events go live with a specific date and time.

VidZPresso also comes with DFY intro and outro videos, so you can choose them to set up your campaigns right away.

When you rank on top of google and youtube, then you can generate a lot of leads and sales. With the power of live event and live streaming, you can rank for any topic within few minutes with the help of VidZPresso software.

Key Features:

  • The traffic you generate with vidzpresso does not cost you anything so you can keep the profit at 100%
  • Vidzpresso is designed to create 1st page rankings to generate buyer traffic & sales for your experience
  • Vidzpresso is not a loophole and is proof of saturation, resulting in online profits
  • Vidzpresso does not require a hosting, a domain or an autoresponder
  • Money loves pace, and vidzpresso delivers just that, buyer sales & traffic in minutes
  • Vidzpresso is online, so you can generate traffic and sales on any device
  • Vidzpresso gets traffic & sales wherever you live.

About The Creators

VidZPresso Creators

Mosh Bari & Yogesh Agarwal – both are very successful internet marketers. They have developed a plenty of block buster software and info products for newbie as well as experienced marketer.

Now they have come with another block buster launch.

Thanks to VidZPresso – The easy to use cloud based YouTube live even creator and live streaming software.

I am sure you will going to love this.

Why YouTube Live Is So Powerful?

YouTube Live has a lot of advantages over Facebook Live. Second, it’s easier to find YouTube Live replays, and therefore get more views. After a short period on Facebook, content can be hard to find.

YouTube Live videos often get more views compared to Facebook, since the algorithm from YouTube helps interested users find their video. And it is more likely that people who do not know about you can access your live stream. Say someone is watching a live stream of like-minded subjects. YouTube has a greater chance of serving your live stream to that user.

Also, people who have opted in will receive an e-mail notification when you go live on YouTube. If they have activated their phone to push notifications, they will receive a notification that you are live. These updates raise the likelihood that people will visit your live stream when you go online.

YouTube audiences have a different mentality about audiences on Twitter. With the purpose of watching content, YouTube users visit the site, whether they have 5 minutes or 2 hours to spare. Facebook users are more interested in chatting and sending messages back and forth, but they do have a Super Chat feature on YouTube.

These time-watch credits help grow your site. YouTube sees the channel as having jurisdiction. Both SEO and channel authority help search and compete on YouTube to help your videos rank. Since watching time shows people are going to watch your videos, YouTube is going to feature your videos more frequently elsewhere on the web.

Quick Tip: YouTube Live: What Marketers Need to Know

VidZPresso Review – How It Works?

VidZPresso Demo To See How It Works

VidZPresso Review  – What You Will Get Inside?

VidZPresso Review – Features & Benefits

   ♠   Premium Template Library

VidZPresso is filled with a wide variety of world-class technical models for different business and niche businesses. It’s all there, everything you need and want.

   ♠   No Experience Necessary

All templates are complete and ready to use, no design skills needed. Just click a couple of buttons and VidZPresso does the rest.

   ♠   Easy Customization

Full flexibility and control since you can customize everything, including the text, type of font, color, background images and more.

   ♠   Fast Customer Service

They’ve got a dedicated support team on call 24/7. If you face any issue, you can rest assured you will receive a timely response.

   ♠   Full support and Updates

They also have a full-time dedicated team of designers and developers who are always improving the service, so you will get free access to it whenever there is a new update.


   ♠   Live Action Animated Videos:

To produce breathtaking videos in any niche, VidZPresso combines live action footage with 3D animation. With the sleek simple to use drag-n-drop interface, users will be able to customize a live action template completely with their own logos, images, audio and text. These templates are a proceeding step, and all the premium quality.

   ♠   Kinetic Typography:

Allows you to convert the required text into an animation. For any kind of marketing video, you can create cinematic animated text videos to ensure you ‘re converting the best videos. Just enter the text within a chosen template and the rest will be done by VidZPresso.

   ♠   Epic Animated Logos:

Premium 2D or 3D logos, in minutes, for any niche. High quality logo templates are available to you of virtually every style you can imagine. Just drop your logo and text into the timeline, choose the audio and render.

   ♠   Explainer Videos:

By creating animated explainer videos, including interactive scenes, characters, kinetic typography, images and much more, you can make your videos come alive.

   ♠   Whiteboard Videos:

Create highly engaging story style white board videos to stand out from the crowd including character animations, eye catching images, backgrounds, environments and many other scenes!

   ♠   Slideshows + Promotional Videos:

Smooth transitions create engaging photo slideshows. In addition, they will have relevant promotional templates to use to promote your business, product , or service (as well as your clients).

VidzPresso OTO/Upsell Details

VidZPresso Upsells

OTO/Upsell 1: VidZPresso Unlimited Version

Get unlimited with unlimited campaigns, unlimited traffic, unlimited leads 100x more profits from every campaign.

  • Unlock Unlimited Accounts…
  • Unlock LIVE Traffic Mode…
  • Get Unlimited Buyer Traffic
  • Get Unlimited VidZPresso Campaigns
  • Get Unlimited Leads
  • Scale To $1000 A Day…
  • Bonus: Viral Traffic Machine + 300 DFY Offers…

OTO/Upsell 2: VidZPresso Done For You

How would you like all the hard work done for you while you sit back and generate huge commissions completely hands-free?

  • They Will Do The Setup For You
  • They Will Select The Most Profitable Niche For You
  • They Will Add Profitable Product For You
  • They Will Do The Seo Optimization For Ranking For You
  • They Will Monetize Your Site
  • They Will Help You Build And Grow Your List By Adding Optin Forms For You
  • They Will Put In Dozens Of Hours Of Work To Make Sure You Succeed With Vidzpresso
  • They Will Provide Exclusive, Fast Support For You

OTO/Upsell 3: VidZPresso DFY Traffic

Add done-for-you traffic and sales to your order

  • They Will Setup Everything For You There’s Literally Nothing For You To Do…
  • Then They Will Ensure The Traffic We Drive Actually Turns Into Sales…
  • Once They Have Setup Everything For You The Next Thing They Will Do Is Drive Traffic For You…
  • They Will Then Make Sure The Sales Turn Into Profits For You…
  • They Will Also Include Our Private Rolodex Which Is Worth Its Weight In Gold…
  • And We’re So Confident That If You’re Lucky Enough To Grab This You’ll Get Results And If You
  • Don’t They Will Personally Send You $1,000 For Wasting Your Time…

OTO/Upsell 4: VidZPresso Endless

The creator of VidZPresso will tell you exactly the easiest way to make money using your new software in the next 5 days.

  • Access Our Private Automatic Client Getting Software
  • Install on Unlimited Clients’ Sites
  • Earn Recurring Income Effortlessly
  • $500 to $5,000 Income Potential
  • Make 10X to 100X More Money With Our DFY Elements
  • And keep 100% profit from client fees

They will never grant this software a commercial license ever again. Any business would love to have taken care of all their online content + monetization and traffic needs. And if you purchase developer rights this is exactly the service you will have today. You can also charge them monthly or annual fees, so you can build yourself a recurring profit.

OTO/Upsell 5: VidZPresso Resell

You can sell VidZPResso as your own and keep 100% of the profits for yourself…

  • You Also Get Their Proven Sales Pages, Sales Videos And Comprehensive Marketing Materials
  • ​​They Also Releasing The Rights To Let You Sell Vidzpresso And Keep 100% Of The Profits
  • ​You Get A Quality Product That People Need And Want
  • ​You Can Sell It And Keep All The Profits

VidZPresso Review – Pros & Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” heading_pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-up” heading_cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” ][i2pros]With the power of Live, get ranked on Google and YT within minutes
Get targeted clicks and visitors to any offers or links
Campaign set up takes only 2 to 3 minutes
Easy interface and detailed analytics
Generate a lot of leads
Connect unlimited number of YT channels (Pro Version)
Newbie friendly software with easy to follow training videos
Create live events and do streaming even while you sleep
[/i2pros][i2cons]Up to now there is no con[/i2cons][/i2pc]

VidZPresso Review – Who Is It For?

    ♠    Affiliate marketers

    ♠    Ecom store owners

    ♠    Coaches & Consultants

    ♠    Authors & Students

    ♠    Newbies Just Starting Out

    ♠    People Looking to Make Money Online

    ♠    Selling services

    ♠    Building an email list

    ♠    Sell your own products

    ♠    CPA offers

    ♠    Bloggers

    ♠    Local business owners

    ♠    Entrepreneurs

What Are The Advantages of Using VIdZPresso?

Vidzpresso is the ideal solution for struggling newbies who aren’t getting any results at all.

There’s no need for any of the following:

 [+] Spend countless hours doing the dirty work and creating some sort of content (who wants that?)

 [+] Blogging or wasting your time with Social Media time (takes too long)

 [+] A major capital start-up (no newbie has that)

 [+] Losing the Facebook , Twitter, or Bing Advertising shirt (too expensive)

 [+] Solo ad traffic (too complex and very often expensive)

 [+] SEO (forget about this …)

VidZPresso Review – My Final Thoughts

Perhaps I don’t have to say anything about the benefits of live videos as opposed to regular videos. You don’t have to be a trained marketer to look at that. Once the page that you follow goes online, you get notification. A live video not only has the views during the streaming but also after the ends of the streaming.

Of this reason, broadcasting video is the way to increase interaction on your websites, which is much more successful. You can also encourage the audience to interact more during the video . Conversion to two-way is often better than always passively watching.

If you want to traffic … And now you need it … Then this is for you. yes.

It’s the definitive, results-inducing traffic tool which will help you with one of the most challenging aspects of an online business … Traffic

[+] No more headaches.
[+] No more frustrations.
[+] No more wasted hours trying to figure out the traffic game.

Now you can actually take advantage of a 100 percent secure, “hands-free” cloud-based platform that will make your jaw drop.

VidZPresso Review – Is There Any Guarantee?

If you have any technical issues when using the VidZPresso App, and they don’t help you fix the problem, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. Our money back guarantee extends only to technical problems-aside from that, all transactions are final.

Note: We need a reasonable excuse for any request for refund along with Evidence that you tried our program as stated and it didn’t work for you.

They don’t offer a refund offered no-questions and you need to provide a legitimate reason for requesting one. Our team has a track record of 99 percent solving customer issues and helping them with any issues they have so you’re extremely secure and your purchase is covered.

I’m considering keeping your money secure between us on the table waiting for you to test this app and turn it into your company to make real money and you know this was a great investment.

VidZPresso Bonuses – Special & Exclusive

These are my custom bonuses for VIDZPRESSO You can’t find these bonuses anywhere else on the internet.

I hope my bonuses will help you get best results with this product.








VidZPresso is all about doing live stream and getting eyeballs to your offers. I am here offering some super relevant bonuses that will definitely help you get best results with this software.








Please Note: The above mentioned are my exclusive bonuses to get best results using VIDZPRESSO. If you like my bonuses, you can purchase VIDZPRESSO via my link. After that, send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 12 hours.(

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