WhatDROID Review – WhatsApp Automation Software Program

WhatDroid Review

Welcome to my WhatDROID review. I am really excited to share this with you today. This is the first time I have used a program like this, but it has impressed me so far.

In today’s world, smartphones are the most widely used and popular form of communication. WhatsApp is a messaging app that has been around for over 7 years and was created by two former employees at Facebook. It has over 1 billion active monthly users who send messages to each other all around the globe with no cost whatsoever!

For many people, WhatsApp is just the latest “Facebook Lite” or “Instagram for Android.” But it’s so much more than that. It’s a powerful tool for growing your business.

WhatsApp is used by a lot of people. People use it for many reasons, but you can also make money with it! You can do this by using this software called WhatDROID. This makes it easy to create and manage WhatsApp campaigns automatically by 24×7. Let me show you more.

What Is WhatDROID?

WhatDROID is the ultimate WhatsApp marketing solution that allows you to automate and schedule your WhatsApp broadcasts, messages without having to do manual work every single day. You just set up the time, day of the week, or other factors for when you want your message to go out, and WhatDROID will take care of the rest as it not only allows you to easily reach your audience but also establishes a strong connection with them, thereby bringing more trust and sales.

WhatDROID The Key Features

  • Save time by automating your Whatsapp campaigns
  • No manual work required to manage messages, just set up and forget
  • Stay compliant with privacy laws as the only 1-1 messages are from your IP and account
  • Create automated broadcasts and sequences hands-free
  • Send messages at the right time
  • Automatically adds gaps between sequences and messages for a more personal feeling
  • Collect 100% of your contact list in one place to reach out and touch them all at once
  • Post 1 message to many contacts without leaving the app
  • Save time by creating triggers for each specific scenario
  • Establish a more personal and authentic connection with your leads through auto-replies
  • Create offers and coupons that are tailored to current customers’ needs
  • Send messages in seconds, get higher ROI

How WhatDROID Works?

WhatDROID works by using a browser automation system and Whatsapp Web on your computer to do the marketing for you.

The application is 100% legit because it’s all done through the web browser, so there’s no risk of getting banned from WhatsApp or anything like that.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps: download WhatDROID, start up the app, log in with your WhatsApp account – then hit go!

Watch This WhatDROID Demo Video to See How It Works

WhatDROID Rating


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WhatDROID Review: [The Complete Features Breakdown]

  • Send Bulk Messages

With WhatDROID you can Send Bulk Messages on WhatsApp, boosting both your reach and the quality of communications by connecting with customers one at a time in meaningful conversations. This way you can increase customer engagement and loyalty through personal outreach.

  • Schedule Messages

With WhatDROID, you can create a message with the content of your choice and set it to be delivered at any date/time in the future (or past). WhatDROID allows you to schedule WhatsApp messages and broadcasts for future delivery. It’s perfect for businesses, schools, churches, or anyone who needs to send out important information in advance.

  • Personalization

With WhatDROID software, you can personalize your message by mentioning the name of each recipient making them feel as if they’re receiving it from just one person in particular rather than thousands at once.

  • 3 Broadcast Options

The WhatDROID app has three broadcast options available: Broadcast to the collection, Broadcast to the group, and Broadcast to a list of numbers.

The first option: Will send your message out to any number in that particular category or with those keywords used in their profile.

The second option: Only sends it out amongst members of a specific group chat you’ve created on WhatDROID.

The third option: You can import any phone numbers, verify it and send broadcast.

  • Send Messages to Numbers Without Adding To Your Contact List

It can be frustrating when you want to send a text message to someone, and they are not in your Contacts list. What do you do? You could call them or use a different texting service that has the capability of sending texts from numbers outside your contact list, but it’s easier if you have WhatDROID. This software application lets you send messages without adding contacts first so that there is no hassle.

  • Smart Filtration

WhatDROID also does Smart filtration of any list of numbers to find valid WhatsApp phone numbers. WhatDROID works by doing a quick search through the database containing all possible combinations of phone numbers, and it will then filter out invalid entries leaving you with only valid WhatsApp phone number matches in your list. This makes it easy to trim down the size of an ever-growing list so you can focus on what’s important!

  • 100% Organic IP Footprint

WhatDROID is a software that uses your individual IP address to guarantee you have 100% organic footprint protection. This means you are protected from any bad impact caused by other users on the web and can enjoy browsing without worries.

  • Human Touch Tech

WhatDROID has the human-touch technology, which automatically puts random time gaps between messages to make it seem more like you’re texting with a real person rather than an automated system. This is especially helpful for people who are shy or have social anxiety and want to avoid uncomfortable silences in conversations.

  • Number Collection From Groups

WhatDROID software also helps companies/businesses/people collect numbers from Whatsapp groups. This can be used for lead generation, appointment setting, and other marketing purposes.

  • Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

WhatDROID can be used to connect up to 5 WhatsApp accounts. It also allows you to use multiple phone numbers with the same account.

  • Multi-PC Install License

WhatDROID software can be installed on up to 2 personal computers The first thing you will notice when you install WhatDROID is the attractive and simple interface. All of the functions are easy to find and use, so even beginners should be able to figure out how to use this program in no time at all.

  • 98% Open Rate

WhatDROID software offers a simple solution to help you get the most out of WhatsApp. There is no need to be frustrated with low open rates because, With WhatDROID software & WhatsApp, you can get a 98% open rate. Because people see WhatsApp notifications every 10 minutes.

  • Detailed Analytics

You can track the progress of each campaign, analyze detailed analytics and build comprehensive reports for your members or students. WhatDROID also has Detailed analytics, sales reporting, and progress tracking for members & students.

WhatDROID Review – My Experience In Using It and How to Use It?

  • Step 1: Install

WhatDROID is a desktop based application that you have to install it on your PC or VPS server.

WhatDROID review
  • Step 2: Set up a campaign

Set up a broadcast to go out instantly or schedule it for a specific date & time. One step further, you can completely automate sending messages using the powerful sequence builder.

Just like you type in WhatsApp, you can do the same here on WhatDROID. There’s a shortcode insertion function to make your message specifically for that person by using their first name or full name or last name! As we see above, I added {{fullname}}-specific text for example it will be like this Hi John Christina!

With WhatDROID, you can schedule your message to go out for a specific date & time. Take a look at the below image. I set to send this message to go out on 30th April 2021 at 3.00 PM.

This scheduling feature is very useful to Create a personalized happy birthday message to wish your loved one the best. With WhatDROID you can schedule it for anytime in their future so that they never forget how much you love them and there on amazing day.

The messages can be sent to engage fresh buyers with 98% effectiveness. You can

  • Send any media type including audio, video, documents
  • Send offers, coupons, promotions
  • Send payment links right inside the messenger
  • Start off conversations with target customers
  • Answer marketing questions 1 to 1
  • Promote any product or service effectively
  • Turn perfect strangers into loyal customers
  • Step 3: Collect data

Collect data from your campaigns and see exactly how your campaigns are performing. How many people have opened your messages, how many people clicked your links etc. This analytics feature will help you achieve better results for your future campaigns.

My Opinion

The software is designed to be used by anyone and everyone, with easy-to-use features that are not complicated.

When I first opened WhatDROID, it was a pleasant change to see the clean interface. The user-friendly design allows for easy use with just one click of a mouse button!

Small businesses can benefit a lot from this software. Actually, it’s the only viable solution to automate your business needs! Other platforms often do not accept applications from new customers or even if they do, their prices are sky high and don’t offer what you need anyway.

If you’re on a budget, WhatDROID is the WhatsApp marketing software for you with its low-cost plans and extensive features. WhatDROID enables marketers with affordable pricing and various features from which they can choose for their campaigns.

How Is WhatDROID Different From Other Apps?

  • This App is 100% Privacy & Spam compliant

What sets this app apart from other apps is that it is fully Privacy & Spam compliant, meaning all messages are sent from your IP address and account. This means you will never get spam or be hacked on this platform like many of the other popular apps out there.

  • Make Every Message Unique With Spintext

Sending out a unique message every time instead of using templates will help you avoid being considered spam by Whatsapp filters and protect your account. So, WhatDROID supports Spintext. This means that you can send out different messages to the same person just by changing your tone of voice.

  • Human-touch Technology Built-in

WhatDROID has a powerful Human-touch technology that automatically puts random time delays between sequences and messages. Why is this important? It’s because it gives the impression of human interaction, which is the key to building trust with your customers.

The WhatDROID system actually sends out automated messages at different intervals without any user input, so you don’t have to worry about being online 24/7! Some of the other WhatsApps apps out there, simply send bulk messages without caring about anything.

  • WhatDROID is Very Affordable When Compared Other Tools

If you are on a budget, then WhatDROID is a perfect tool for your WhatsApp business.

The Benefits of Using WhatDROID

  • Reach out to fresh buyers with a 98% effectiveness
  • Engage customers through the power of media including audio, video, and documents
  • Send offers and promos to your audience on a consistent basis using automation
  • Easily drive traffic to any website, offers & landing pages
  • Send links right inside the messenger for payments
  • Start conversations with your target customers
  • Saves you time and money
  • Gives your customers a feeling of exclusivity
  • Allows for unlimited lifetime access
  • Provides 24/7 customer service

Pros and Cons

Who “WhatDROID” Is For?

  • WhatDROID is perfect if you’re looking to promote something.
  • This app makes it easy to automate your WhatsApp messages. It also has the added benefit of being a great tool for local businesses, like restaurants and cafes who want to keep in touch with their customers even when they’re closed.
  • This service can be used by e-commerce store owners, too.
  • WhatDROID makes it easy for freelancers to get more work done and earn money while they sleep.
  • WhatDroid is great for Agency Owners, Real Estate Brokers, and Designers. Financial & Insurance Marketers.
  • WhatDROID is perfect for Product Marketer’s SEO Providers Hand-made Goods Sellers Trainers & Coaches Specialty Foods Seller Clothiers Restaurants/Bars Website Makers and so on.

WhatDROID OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: WhatDROID Pro – $67

The powerful WhatDROID Pro upgrade adds unlimited messaging, groups and other features.

  • Powerful WhatsApp marketing software
  • Commercial license
  • Whatsapp number verification system
  • Support for formatting and emojis
  • Triggers for automatic responses
  • Deep analytics and reporting
  • Message scheduling and automation
  • Multiple accounts
  • Readymade messages for many niches
  • Support for multimedia content
  • Protection from account bans
  • Support for groups
  • Collections support
  • Personalization of messages
  • Agency license (10 sales)
  • 1-year free update
  • 24/7 support
  • Whatsapp marketing training
  • Ready-made WhatsApp messages

OTO 1: WhatDROID Agency ($127)

What if you could sell WhatDROID as your own and keep all the profits? That’s exactly what this agency license allows you to do! You’ll also have full access to everything they offer in their package, which includes unlimited updates and full customer support to the customers you sell.

OTO 3: WhatDROID – ViralReach Pro ($47)

ViralReach PRO is a cutting-edge Facebook marketing automation platform that delivers the highest level of automated tasks in the industry, making it easy to accelerate your success. You deserve nothing less than greatness for your business.

OTO 4: WhatDROIDStockBin – ($27)

Are you a marketer that needs high-quality media assets for your marketing campaigns? StockBin is the perfect place to find all the resources you need. StockBin has an extensive library of over 100,000+ images, audio clips, cliparts and GIFs that are free to use in any project.

OTO 5: WhatDROIDTweetPush Pro ($47)

TweetPush Pro is an advanced Twitter automation tool. It does more than just retweet feeds or follow back users. With its intuitive dashboard, TweetPush Pro helps marketers and social media managers automate all their tasks in a single application: scheduling tweets to send at the most appropriate times, automating replies to conversations, running split tests on ads…and much more!

WhatDROID Review – My Honest Opinion

While other apps like WhatsApp have a strong potential to keep your customers for the long-term, it is only when you know how to communicate with them that they will stay loyal.

With over 2 billion active users on Whatsapp, it has a much larger reach than any other messaging system in existence today.

98% open rates also make this platform an outstanding way to get your message out there and sell products or services directly to consumers.

WhatDROID is a powerful Internet marketing application that’s been helping marketers just like you.

WhatDROID, bring you the correct and 100% legitimate way to automate your Whatsapp Marketing with ease!

I have saved a lot of time on typing or copy-pasting; WhatDROID does everything on autopilot for me so I can focus on other tasks.

With the stress that everyone’s feeling during tax time, it can be comforting to know you have a 30-day full refund policy with WhatDROID.

What’s more, you have nothing to lose by using their service because if it doesn’t work for you then just send them an email and ask for the money back!

Thank you for spending your valuable time on my website to read this honest WhatDROID review. I’m so glad that you chose me as the best option, and are now realizing all the benefits it can offer just like other users have done before.

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