YIVESites Review – Is It The Best Tool To Build Auto Blogs?

YIVESites Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest YIVESites review.

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Today, I will be doing a YIVESites review. I will explain what YIVESites is, how it works, what the features and benefits are, the pros, and cons, OTOs & their pricing, and more. So that you can make a good decision if you want to buy it or not.

Ok, let’s get started.

What Is YIVESites Exactly?

YIVESites is an automated SAAS solution that helps you build and host your own sites completely on autopilot. This software is designed for non-techies, so you don’t need to use any plugins or themes. YIVESites also has the option to export your website if you want to host these sites on your own server.

The best part about this software is that it comes with step-by-step video training & webinars that teaches and shows you how to properly monetize your YIVE Site wisely to get maximum profits.

Simply connect your own domain name to the YIVE system and it will build a complete site with video content, text content, images, viral news, amazon product reviews, and many more.

What Types Of Websites Does YIVESites Make?

  • News Websites,
  • Magazine Sites,
  • Affiliate Stores,
  • Niche Blogs,
  • Video Sites,
  • Private Blog Network etc.

What You Will Get Inside YIVESites?

Firstly the YIVESites builder software. Secondly the training. Through the training, you will learn

  • Step by step guide on how to create an Automated Empire Network that drives revenue 24/7/365
  • How to create a niche-specific affiliate store
  • How to build a social hub for your money website.
  • How to create feeder sites and automate content creation.
  • How to create a destination website fortress around your brand store and automate content generation
  • How to structure content syndication systems to bring users from other networks onto your site.
  • How to automate the content generation and build feeder video channels
  • How to create an ad strategy that will bring you money and not pay per click.
  • How to make every site in your network monetizable without the use of affiliate links or ad networks
  • How to create an automated content network that can be repurposed for niche buyers.
  • How to buy and find powerful domains that you can use with your website.
  • How to create and auto-monetize PBNs, without selling.
  • How to create monetized auto blogs that feed your networks every single day.
YIVESites Review Logo

YIVESites Rating

Though I am good at installing and managing WordPress plugins and themes I wanted an easy website platform that does all the tasks automatically for passive income. So I searched a lot and found YIVESites. So I checked their website and watched its videos to get a proper idea about this software.

I decided to give it a try and it doesn’t disappoint me at all. I bought their program and followed the instructions in video training step by step and made a great website within hours with little effort that made me earn money from day one.

This software has everything that a marketer needs to make money online. It can create affiliate content sites, niche blog sites, video sites, and tutorials sites. It can also build a website with only affiliate promotions or use content from other sites for your monetization option.

All these are done automatically without any headaches to you as a marketer. After I crafted my first YIVESite I decided to create more websites right away so that I can make profits faster than I did with my first website.

YIVESites is a great software and I highly recommend it for marketers who don’t want to waste time managing websites. It’s just easy as 1,2,3 and you’ll see the money rolling in from day one!

The built-in monetization makes really easy for anyone to make a profit with YIVESites. The best part about this is that you don’t have to worry about hosting at all, as it will be hosted on 100% autopilot.






OVERALL: 4.5/5

YIVESites Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: YIVESites
  • Product Creator: Marcus Cudd
  • Front End Price: $47
  • Bonus: YES (My Custom Bonus)
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site: yivesites.com
  • Product Type: Software & Tools
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

About The Creator

Creator of Your Instant Video Empire

YIVE(Your Instant Virtual Empire) is a software company that is owned by Marcus Cudd. He is an innovative guy in the internet marketing industry who develop software to solve a real-world problem.

He always comes up with top-notch products such as YIVE Video (video marketing software), YIVE Stacker CTR, and YIVE Ranker. YIVE 3.0 is also an automated video marketing software that creates, and uploads videos on autopilot.

YIVE Ranker is another software of this company that builds backlinks for any URL, RSS Feeds, and YouTube videos 24x7x365 days.

I am a real user of YIVE 3.0 since 2018 so I know how good these products are. I can definitely say that YIVESites will blow your mind.

What YIVESites Can Do For You?

  • YIVESites can build you an entire site on autopilot for you
  • It can stuff your website with an endless stream of content via RSS feeds, keywords, etc.
  • It can host all your websites
  • It can auto-optimize your site for on-page SEO
  • It can build you backlinks through YIVE Ranker to boost your site authority and rankings
  • It can automatically show ads on your website
  • It can generate more traffic and sales

Can You Really Make Money With YIVESites?

Why not? This is a proven system that gives you access to world-class software and training. It also has its own built-in ad network like Adsense. There is no reason to not make huge money with YIVESites.

The creator itself makes a lot of passive income from YIVESites. He is using this software to build unlimited niche websites like news, video review, amazon affiliate blog, magazine sites, etc. Here are some earning proof screenshots from Adsense & Amazon using YIVESites.

YIVESites Review - Income Proof Screenshot 1
YIVESites Adsense Earning
YIVESites Review - Income Proof Screenshot 2
YIVESites Amazon Earning
YIVESites Review - Income Proof Screenshot 3
YIVESites ClickBank Earning

After going through their training myself it is definitely possible to make money with YIVESites. I have already created my first site and I’m looking forward to building the rest of them now that I know everything.

As a user of YiveSites, you can also do the same thing because everything is possible with this powerful software.

You can YIVESites to make money from various methods:

  • Build affiliate sites using their built-in content and video feeds, Amazon product reviews, private blog network (PBN), YouTube videos, etc.
  • Monetize your site with Adsense/Adfusion or any other ad networks like Ezoic.com. You can also use the native ad network built-in YIVESites.
  • Make money with affiliate offers from ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Commission Junction, etc.

YIVESites Review: What Are The Best Features?

RSS To Post

Automate content generation with RSS feeds from your favorite niche sources or other RSS Feed Tools.

News API Integration

Connect to News API and launch niche news sites using verified news content alongside your niche content.

Automated PBN Monetization

Build your PBN, connect your domain, and integrate it with our built-in monetization program.

Datafeed Stores

Integrate Datafeedr affiliate feeds via API and builds stores for all of your approved vendors automatically.

Amazon Niche Blogs

Quickly build compliant Amazon Affiliate niche blogs and load with products based on keywords or ASINs.

Automated Video Blogs

Use the integrated keyword video engine to build Video Autoblogs 24/7/365 using YouTube Content.

Cloud Hosted

No more time wasted with getting your host to play nice with your website. We take care of everything on our cloud servers.

 No Plugins

No more frustration with getting plugins to work on your website. All functionality built into the system and always ready when you are ready to work.

Content Automations

Content Automations that build your site on auto-pilot, using a variety of functions such as Affiliate Data Feeds, Video Channel Feeds, RSS Feeds, News API, and more.


Built-in monetization options that enable you to easily integrate affiliate networks, ad networks, or use YIVESites integrated content monetization system.

One-Click Site Creation

Start a new website with a single click. Add your own domain or use a dive site subdomain. Select your website monetization strategy.

SEO Tools

Follow the SEO tools in the website admin to tweak your content for maximum search-engine love. We make it easy for you to tweak your site for rankings.

ArticleForge Integration

Connect to your ArticleForge account with YIVESites to post keyword-rich content via auto-pilot 24/7/365.

Automated interlinking

Link your content automatically to external websites, internal pages, and authority websites using keywords; just set and forget.

Custom domains

Your own domain names can be mapped to any site. When you create a site, pick your server IP. This automatically includes SSL.

Virtual Assistant Login

Designate your own virtual assistants for any or all your sites. You can give them access rights and a login.

Drag n Drop Form Builder

To create forms quickly and easily without the use of code, you can use our integrated drag-and drop form builder. These forms can be connected to your newsletter system.

Integrated Image System

You can now stop searching for images to use in your content. No additional charge, use our integrated image library with millions of images.

Integrated Support System

The support team is available to answer any support questions directly from the integrated ticket system.

YIVESites Review – How Does It Work? Watch The Demo

YIVESites works in a few simple and straight forwarded steps.

  • Step #1: Pick up your own domain name from GoDaddy, NameCheap, or any other place
  • Step #2: Point out your domain name to the YIVESites system
  • Step #3: Create a campaign and tell YIVE to build the site. Whether it may be a niche blog, news website, PBN blog, video site, and many more.
  • Step #4: Use YIVE Ranker to build backlinks for your YIVESites 24x7x356 days to boost your website rankings
  • Step #5: Automatically show ads on your YIVESites from hundreds and thousands of affiliate programs
  • Step #6: Make profits

Who YIVESites Is For?

YIVESites is created for non-tech people who don’t know how to build a website. It also has training that will teach you how to make profitable websites.

YiveSites is for people who have an interest in making money online and want an easy-to-use platform. YIVESites perfectly suitable for

  • Bloggers,
  • Web developers,
  • Local business owners,
  •  Local marketer,
  •  Agencies,
  • Affiliate marketers,
  • Digital entrepreneurs,
  • Newbies,
  • Freelancers.

Who YIVESites Is Not For?

YIVESites is not for someone who wants to just throw up a site without any content or doing anything with it.

YIVESites is not for people who expect to click one button and get rich. Because YIVESites build complete websites on 100% autopilot, so you have a lot of work to do if you want to be successful with this platform.

The truth is most people will fail no matter what software they’re using because they don’t put in the work needed to succeed online. If you expect something for nothing then YIVESites is not for you.

How Is YIVESites Better?

YIVESites is better because it has an option to export your YIVEsites if you want to host these sites on your own server (if you want to).

YIVESites provides cool features such as content automation, so you don’t need to fight with any plugins or themes. It also has an option to export your YIVESites if you want to host these sites on your own server (if you want).

You only have one click includes features such as single-click site creations and awesome SEO tools. It makes it easy for you to get those alloys and rankings. You don’t need additional plugins or themes.

All the functionalities are built in-built, and always ready when I am ready for work. And you don’t need to worry about your server. It’s hosted by YIVESites.

This software is mainly created for non-techies. So you don’t need to fight with any plugins or themes. YIVE also has an option to export your YIVEsites if you want to host these sites on your own server (if you want to).

YIVESites also have built-in monetization program options that enable you to easily integrate affiliate networks, and ad networks or use YiveSites’ integrated content monetization system.

The training teaches you, the step-by-step procedure on how to build and grow your YIVESites business. This training also reveals exactly how many backlinks you need, where to get them from, and what is the best SEO strategy for your website to rank high on Google.

Overall, this software is very easy to use and completes video training. It’s fully up and running within just a few minutes from now.

No technical skills are needed for using YIVE, which makes it the perfect tool for you if you’re looking to start an online business with zero prior experience in web development.

YIVESites Review – The Pros and Cons


  • No plugins, themes, and hosting is required.
  • Subdomain + custom domain can be used.
  • Fast leading sites are available 24×7 online.
  •  An endless stream of content 24x7x367.
  • An automated backlink builder can be integrated (YIVE Ranker).
  •  VA module – Invite VA (Virtual assistance to do all the work for you).
  • Customers can request new features.
  •  One of the best customer support.
  • Special one-time pricing for the pre-launch.
  • Free software updates.
  • Real-life case studies will be added.
  • Strategy webinars for users to get maximum results.
  • High-quality tutorial videos to learn how to use YIVESites software.


  • Limited time special one-time offer
  • You need to put your efforts initially to build these sites (ex: keyword research)

The Benefits of Using YIVESites

  • Build websites with 100% autopilot
  • No plugins are needed, all functionality is built into the system and always ready when you are ready to work.
  • Content automation builds your site on auto-pilot using a variety of functions such as affiliate data feeds, video channel feeds, RSS feeds, news API, and more.
  • Monetization options that enable you to easily integrate affiliate networks, and ad networks or use Yivesites’ integrated content monetization system.
  • One-click site creation (start a new website with a single click and choose your own domain or subdomain).
  • SEO tools inside the admin to tweak your content for maximum search engine love.
  • Step-by-step video training, and webinars which cover everything you need to know about YIVESites.
  • Get everything in one place – have complete control over every aspect of what goes into building and running a successful website.
  • Quit spending hours trying to figure out how to make money online or running around trying to find the right tools for the job. YIVESites does it all for you!

YIVESites OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: YIVESites

The software is top-notch but the price is going to be a monthly plan once this special deal.

During this pre-launch, the price is $37 one-time for 10 websites license. Meaning, you can build up to 10 websites using YIVESites.

They also have another option where you can build up to 25 websites with a one-time payment of $77.

You can not request a one-time price again once if the special deal ends.

OTO1: YIVE Ranker

YIVERanker is one of the upsells of YIVESites which automatically builds backlinks for your sites.

OTO2: YIVE Video Empire

This YIVE video platform automatically converts your websites content into awesome videos automatically.

YIVESites Review – Is It Worth Buying?

YIVESites is worth investing with it for $47 because it has awesome features and it’s a one-time payment (limited time). You will also get ongoing updates and support for your life.

It also comes with training that teaches how to make maximum profits and content automation which builds your site on auto-pilot. It’s tremendous and there is so much value in this product.

Think about it this way if you invest $47 for YIVESites and make $100/month at least from one of those sites you build with it. Imagine how much you can make if you build 5 websites, 10 websites, or even 20 sites? The earning potential is unlimited.

So I can say this is a solid product with great support. It’s a must-have product for everyone! Get access to your copy today and get started immediately, because it’s the real deal.

The Conclusion Of YIVE Sites Review

Thank you for spending your valuable time on my website and reading my honest YIVESites review. No matter what business you do, if you want to make an automated website and passive income online, this is the best software to go for. There is no software out there to build automated websites, or backlinks like what YIVESites does. There will be plenty of training, and case study videos inside the YIVE Sites member area. They will be very helpful to get the best results. I highly recommend you take advantage of this pre-launch with one-time pricing.


Q). Is YIVESites A Scam?

YIVESites is completely free software that comes with training, so how can it be a scam? YIVESites has no hidden fees or costs to use its core features. It’s simply about putting forth the effort and working hard to make money online using this powerful software.

Q). What Happens If You Don’t Launch Yivesites For Some Reason?

You will get a 100% refund for your purchase.

Q). Do I Need To Buy Hosting Or Any Other Plugins?

You will not need a hosting account because YIVESites is a cloud-hosted solution. There are no plugins to buy. Users who want to use the robust affiliate data feeds function should have a Datafeedr.com account for smooth integration. They publish feeds for hundreds of networks and thousands of vendors instantly.

Q). Can I Leave Yivesites If I Ever Want To?

Yes, you can export your site data as an XML file compatible with WordPress. The automation functionality will no longer work for your site, but the content that has already been published can be moved.

Q). Can I Use My Own Domain Names?

Yes, you can map any domain you own to any site you create in YIVESites.

Q). Can I Sell The Websites?

Yes, you will be able to provide a login to a buyer only granting admin access to that website.

Q). Can I Give Access To My Virtual Assistant?

Yes, you will be able to provide a permission-based login for your virtual assistants.

YIVESites Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

NOTE: This is the special deal from me: If you get this YIVESites through my link, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to this product. You can ask me anything and I will give you a hand whenever necessary!

You can get my amazing bonuses (mentioned below) by completing just two steps below:

Step 1: Get YIVESites by Clicking here.

Step 2: You will get all my premium Bonuses that are mentioned BELOW. Please don’t forgot to email me (bonus.spsreviews@gmail.com) after you have done step 2. You will get my Bonuses within 12 hours.














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