YIVERanker Review – Is It The Best Backlink Builder Software??


YIVERanker review:

Welcome to my review of YIVERanker, a powerful SEO platform for non-tech marketers.

Have you been searching for a way to gain an advantage over your competition with smarter and more targeted keywords?

Do you want to find success with automated campaigns but are feeling overwhelmed by the technical aspects?

If so, YIVERanker could be the perfect solution for you.

In this YIVERanker review, I will provide an in-depth look at YIVERanker from a user’s perspective, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether this SEO tool is right for your business needs.

I’ll be exploring the features, usability, and capabilities that make YIVERanker stand out from other platforms.

Plus, I’ll also be highlighting any potential weak points or drawbacks that are associated with using the product.

In short, this review will help you decide if YIVERanker is the best tool available for helping your business grow.

What YIVE Ranker Exactly Is?

YIVERanker is a super-helpful SAAS (Software as a Service) platform that can make your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) easier than ever before.

It’s specifically designed to help anyone who doesn’t have a lot of tech knowledge create and find the perfect keywords to rank their pages higher on search engines.

With YIVERanker, you can get more people to visit your website and read your content!

YIVERanker makes it easy for non-tech marketers to figure out which keywords will help them reach their target audience. Its keyword research tool uses metrics and semantic keyword tools to find the right words that will best attract readers.

The Ranking Analyzer tool then helps users figure out how difficult it is going to be to rank for certain keywords so they don’t waste time on ones that won’t work as well for them.

It also has a Related Keywords Tool that quickly finds all the related words in headings, subheadings, etc., so you know exactly what terms you should use in your content.

There is also an SEO Backlink Campaign System that automates the whole process of tiered syndication backlinks creation, making sure that all your links are up-to-date and leading back to the right pages.

For those who want to know where their competitors are getting links from, there’s a Backlink Inspector tool that evaluates backlinks for any URL and reveals all the valuable data about competitors’ websites.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, there is an Onpage Optimizer which checks page speed and readability for URLs, as well as a Rank Tracker which allows tracking of domains for updated rankings in real-time.

In short, YIVERanker is an indispensable platform if you want your website to be seen by more people!

It makes SEO much simpler by doing the hard work for you so that even those who don’t have technical backgrounds can still easily optimize their pages.

YIVE Ranker Review – The Product Overview

Creator:Marcus Cudd
Launch Date:2021-Jul-07 @ 11:00 EDT
Bonus:Yes, My Bonuses
Refund:100% Money-Back  Guarantee
Official Sitehttps://yiveranker.com
Product TypeBacklink Builder
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionHighly Recommended

Who Is Behind YIVE Ranker?

Marcus Cudd - The Creator of YIVE products

YIVE is the company that has Marcus Cudd as its owner. His skills with innovation are only matched by his dedication to excellence.

He focuses on helping others and ensuring they get what they deserve from their experience with YIVE’s products.

He is one of the best when it comes to video marketing and SEO and teaches people how to rank their videos.

He gives automated solutions to his followers, which saves them time in manually doing things themselves.

Here are some of the other YIVE products that you can check out YIVE 3.0, YIVE Stacker CTR and YIVE Sites.

Why YIVE Ranker?

Backlinks are very important still in 2023, and there are a lot of different ways to get them but it takes time & effort.

And with the constant flux in Google’s algorithm, it is more difficult than ever to get high-quality backlinks.

Thankfully, YIVE Ranker can help!

YIVE Ranker builds high-quality backlinks for your blogs, YouTube video URLs, RSS Feeds, and more.

It does not require any experience or expensive software – just enter your URL and let YIVE Ranker do its thing!

What YIVE Ranker Can Do For You?

  • YIVERanker builds powerful high authority backlinks from its network of over 500,000 sites
  • It can build backlinks for a single page
  • It can automatically build backlinks for all your website posts through the RSS feed
  • It can build backlinks for your YouTube videos
  • It can automatically build backlinks for all your YouTube videos through the RSS feed
  • It can automatically syndicate your links to your connected profiles on your SyndLab account without login into Syndlab
  • It can improve your website/domain authority
  • YIVERanker gives you the ability to find and create targeted keywords that are tailored to your needs. It can help you discover the right keywords with its comprehensive metrics and semantic keyword tools that give you the insights you need to optimize for SEO.
  • Its Ranking Analyzer feature helps you ascertain how difficult it would be to rank in terms of competition and other factors, as well as uncover new opportunities for ranking higher.
  • With its Related Keywords Tool, you can quickly locate related words in headings, subheadings, and other places within your content, helping you develop better SEO strategies.
  • The Backlink Inspector tool evaluates backlinks for any URL so that you can keep an eye on your competitors’ links and use them to improve your own SEO strategy further.
  • Its Onpage Optimizer feature helps check page speed and readability for URLs so that your website is optimized for search engine crawlers and visitors alike.
  • Lastly, YIVERanker’s Rank Tracker lets you track domains in real time so that you can always be up-to-date with the latest changes in your rankings in SERPs.

YIVE Ranker’s Tiered Backlinks Strategy

YIVERaker follows a powerful tiered link-building strategy. As you already know, a backlink is a web link where the location of the link comes from a page on another site or domain.

Tiered backlinks are links that go from one tier to the next tier. For example, a tiered backlink can be a website link (tier 1) linking to the first level of its sub-pages, and then it will have a second tier of links going to its sub-sub-pages. Generally, in search engine optimization (SEO), the higher up you have your links, the better for your rankings.

YIVE Ranker Review: Tiered Link Building Explained

The idea behind tiered backlinks is that you get a link on a high authority site (Tier 1) and then get another link on lower authority sites in order to build credibility for your content, but without having it look like spammy unnatural links pointing at your domain.

YIVE Ranker builds high-quality tiered backlinks using its own private blog networks. it has over 500,000 private blog networks in all kinds of niches.

Not only does it have the PBNs but it also bookmarks your links on all popular social bookmarking sites as well. This will power up all the backlinks and help you get rank better on search engines like Google and Bing.

It is now easier than ever to get top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How Does YIVE Ranker Work?

  • Step #1: Enter Your Money Site URL

When you start setting up your campaign, you can choose what to do. You can either build backlinks for a single URL, or put your RSS feed to automatically build backlinks for every post on the blog’s future updates.

YIVERanker Review: Choose a campaign type

Once you choose the campaign type, the next step is to enter your money site URL or the RSS feed of your website.

YIVE Ranker Review: Step 1 - Enter Your URL
  • Step #2: Enter The Keywords You Want To Rank For

What keyword do you want to rank for? You have put your targeted keywords in this step.

YIVE Ranker Review: Step 2 - Enter Your Main Keywords

Put your main keyword and any other related phrases that you think people might search for to find this post or video.

  • Step #3: Start Getting Building Backlinks

Now, the software will go out and find high-quality websites from its database of over 500,000 to build your links automatically.

YIVE Ranker Review: Step 3 - Let the software build backlinks

With other tools, you would have had to monitor your software constantly in order to make sure it was doing its job. YIVE Ranker works on the cloud- so there’s no need for running computers!

  • Step #4: Profit

Ranking your keywords higher in search engines will allow you to get more traffic coming from Google or Bing. Once that happens, all you have to do is promote an offer and start making money!

Watch the full walkthrough video of YIVE Ranker

The Best Features of YIVE Ranker

No Blogs To Build

With Yive Ranker, you don’t have to spend time and money building your own blog network. Using their powerful software is a cost-effective way of tapping into more than 500,000 blogs that are relevant to the niche topic or industry in which you’re interested.

Build Multi-Tier Backlinks

Do you know that one of the most important factors to rank high in Google is tiered backlinks? Well, YIVE Ranker will help you build those multi-tier backlinks with awesome DA/PA. With additional tiers to power them up and aged Web 2.0 sites for authenticity, this tool has got everything going on!

RSS Feed Campaign

With YIVE Ranker, you can put your website, blog, and Youtube channel feed URLs to build backlinks automatically 24X7. This is a cool feature because it does work without the tedious task of creating campaigns for each and every one of your posts or videos.

Auto Post to Your SyndLab Accounts

If you have a Syndlab account, then signing into Synlad is not necessary. With the help of patented Yive Ranker integration with Syndlab, your content will be automatically published to all connected profiles on SyndLab without logging in at any point through Synlad or social media!

Expoert Reports

YIVE Ranker got a backlink management and monitoring module. It can export all your backlinks for each campaign in XLS, CSV, or PDF formats which makes it easy to upload links to any indexing system.

Built-in Backlink Strategy Diagram

YIVE Ranker has its own Built-In backlink Strategies and diagrams. You can now quit wasting time on complicated strategy design because YIVE Ranker comes with a library of proven strategies built-in.

Automated Content Engine

YIVERanker has its own Built-In Automated Content Engine. You won’t have to worry about wasting your time on content for campaigns ever again because YIVERanker auto-generates the content and inserts backlinks so that it’s perfect every single time with just a click of one button!

Fully Cloud-based

Yive Ranker is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any computer or device with an internet connection. With no need for installation and configuration, it takes just minutes to have the program start building backlinks to your websites, Youtube videos for the keywords you set keywords automatically even if you turn off your computer.

Add Virtual Assistance

How would you like to be able to sleep while your Virtual Assistant takes care of all the hard work? Upgrade now and get these added benefits. With additional logins, they can access YIVERanker on their own account- so that means more time for them with less effort from you!

What Backlink Strategies Diagram Does YIVE Ranker Use?

YIVE Ranker comes with 10 unique backlink strategy diagrams to help you navigate the world of SEO and link building.

YIVE Ranker’s tiered link-building diagrams and strategies are most effective when it comes to building backlinks.

To succeed with SEO, you need to have a strategy for 3-tier and 4-tier backlink diagrams. For those in lower competition keywords such as “the best-dedicated hosting for WordPress,” it is enough to run 3-tier campaigns while high competition words like “how to master affiliate marketing” require 4 tiers of strategies with multiple runs.

YIVE Ranker Review: Backlink Strategy Diagrams

**Check out my DFY Suite 3.0 Review (another good backlink builder tool)

How Is YIVE Ranker Better?

No Profile or Social Account Creation Needed

YIVE Ranker automatically creates all the accounts you need to build backlinks such as social media and bookmarking sites. Instead of spending hours tediously creating all the accounts manually, YIVE Ranker can have them created on its own! This saves so much time a person could spend on more productive tasks like content creation or marketing strategy planning.

I always wanted to have my own PBN but I never knew where or how to start. When it came time for me, not only did I need a PBN and social accounts-I also needed bookmarking account as well! But with YIVE Ranker’s auto-creation feature, all of the work is done for you automatically so that now building backlinks has become much easier than ever before!

No VPS or Proxy Needed

YIVE Ranker has a built-in proxy server, so you don’t need to purchase your own. It does everything automatically for you – just sit back and relax while YIVERanker boosts the rankings of your website on Google and other major search engines! Other apps such as SEO Autopilot require that you set up your own proxies or VPSs before they can work properly.

Scheduled & Natural Link Building

Google is smart. It can easily find out the spam. You want to build backlinks on a scheduled basis so as not to get penalized? The best way to do this would be through using software like YIVE’s RANKER program. It has an inbuilt feature called ‘Schedule Links’ where you determine your own schedule!

No Need To Run Your Computer 24×7

YIVE Ranker is a fully cloud-based software that helps you build backlinks to your websites and videos by 24×7, without the need of running your computer. You won’t have to install it on your desktop or put in continuous work time for this task! It will take care of all 100% from their premium servers with unique IPs so as not to disrupt what else you want to be doing while retaining an eye out for all activities in the background.

It Can Be Accessed Via Mobiles

One of the greatest things about Yive Ranker is that you don’t even need a laptop or desktop computer to use it. It is fully cloud-based. All you have to do is follow 3 easy steps and set up your campaign on the mobile phone itself, which means less hassle for people who are always on the go!

YIVE Ranker’s SEO Training & Strategy Videos

YIVE Ranker Tutorial Videos

YIVERanker comes with both the software and a full SEO training bundle. From this video training, you will

  • Learn correct keyword research
  • Learn correct onsite SEO
  • Learn about social syndication and how to use it for rankings
  • Learn about niche syndication and how to use it for rankings
  • Learn about Backlink Tiers and how to use them properly for rankings
  • Learn about buffers and where to get them and how to use them for rankings
  • Learn about Google Stacks and how to use them for rankings
  • Learn about PBNs and how to use them for rankings
  • Learn the correct order to build these links

YIVE Ranker Testimonials & Reviews From Real Users

In order to make the right decisions on purchases, it is necessary for people to read reviews and comments from other customers. This way they can be sure that what they are buying will work for them as well. YIVE Ranker has an amazing feedback section that shows their products’ efficiency in real-life situations with a variety of different people.

I trust people’s comments over what any single sales page says. I am happy to see that YIVE Ranker has got some great feedback from real users as you can find below- and these reviews are making me want to try it for myself!

YIVERanker Review – My Personal Experience In Using It

I bought this tool in 2021 as a beta user. It’s not as active because of the development mode, but I was activated after about six months and decided to test it out on Youtube videos since they are safer to experiment with any backlink software.

I used the YIVE ranker to figure out which of my pages and videos are most deserving. Recently I set up a campaign on Youtube for one video, which quickly rose from obscurity into Google’s first-page search result in just a few weeks!

If you’re looking for a way to build high-quality links quickly, this is the tool you need! Using it in tandem with other link-building strategies can take your SEO efforts to new heights.

The Benefits of Using YIVE Ranker

  • With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to rank any site on the first page of Google
  • All you need to do is input your keywords and sit back. It will take care of the rest.
  • Get more website traffic by ranking your websites and videos on Google
  • YIVE Ranker is the simplest way for marketers to start their own tiered web 2.0 niche backlinks
  • No need to understand complicated SEO & backlink strategies
  • Get your SEO score up for free by automatically
  • Increase the domain authority of your money site easily in a few weeks
  • Save time and money on buying expensive link-building services
  • Never worry about link penalties with scheduling

YIVE Ranker Review – The Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use software
  • Fully automated & builds you safe backlinks
  • No need to create and add bookmarks & social media accounts
  • No proxy or VPS needed
  • Works in any niche
  • Step-by-step tutorial videos
  • Strategy videos included
  • Built-in support ticket system


  • Sometimes the system builds more backlinks than we expect

YIVE Ranker OTO, Pricing, And Upgrades

Currently, YIVE Ranker has over four upgrades. I have listed all of them with their features. You click the blue button to see all the sales pages.

YIVE Ranker Front End

  • Keyword research tool finds the right keywords with metrics and semantic keyword tools.
  • Ranking Analyzer helps users ascertain the level of difficulty to rank and uncover opportunities.
  • Related Keywords Tool quickly locates related words in headings, subheadings, etc.
  • SEO Campaign System automates tiered syndication backlink creation.
  • Backlink Inspector evaluates backlinks for any URL and unveils competitors’ links.
  • Onpage Optimizer checks page speed and readability for URLs.
  • Rank Tracker allows tracking of domains for updated rankings in real-time.

YIVE Ranker OTO1: Business Upgrade

  • Business Upgrade YIVE Ranker for a low price and one-time fee.
  • Add 30,000 Credits
  • Add RSS Capability
  • Add Syndlab Connector
  • Upgrade Active Campaign Limit to 50

YIVE Ranker OTO2: Agency Upgrade

  • Agency Upgrade YIVERanker for a low price and one-time fee.
  • Add 60,000 Credits
  • Add Virtual Assistant Capability
  • Upgrade Active Campaign Limit to 100

YIVE Ranker OTO3: Pay-As-You-Go Credit Packs

  • Users can pay according to their usage

YIVE Ranker OTO4: Monthly Subscription

  • Users get the cheapest credits by getting this upgrade

Who All Can Utilize This YIVE Ranker?

YIVERanker is a must-have tool for the following list of people.

    ⊕    Bloggers

    ⊕    Website owners

    ⊕    Ecom marketers

    ⊕    Affiliate marketers

    ⊕    SEO specialists

    ⊕    Freelancers

    ⊕    Agencies

    ⊕    Local business owners

    ⊕    SEO beginners

In Conclusion: Is YIVE Ranker Recommended?

I have been using YIVERanker since it was launched in early 2021, and I must say that I am really impressed with the quality of what it provides.

It is an all-in-one SEO tool that can help users optimize their websites for higher rankings in search engine results.

Not only does it offer keyword research and analysis, but also allows users to build backlinks, track their website performance, analyze competitors’ SEO strategies, and much more.

YIVERanker is incredibly user-friendly, which makes it perfect for both beginners who want to get started with SEO and advanced users who are looking for deeper insights into their campaign results.

Its intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access all the data you need to make informed decisions about your website’s optimization strategies.

Overall, YIVERanker has made a great impression on me and I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in learning and mastering the art of search engine optimization!

My Verdict on YIVERanker

YIVERanker has been really helpful to me. I don’t make this up, it’s the truth! It saved me time and money by building high-quality backlinks that were quick and easy for my websites, and YouTube videos. My favorite thing about YIVERranker though (and what separates them from other software) is that even people who are just starting out can use it effectively because of its simplicity.








FAQ About YIVE Ranker

What Is YIVE Ranker Exactly?

YIVE Ranker is YIVE’s automated niche-specific backlink-building SEO platform that will work for you 24/7/365. This software uses its 500,000 seasoned niche blog network to build backlinks, plus automatic posting to your connected sites in Syndlab. RSS feeds are accepted to automatically send into the PBN network and Syndlab. Stop building your own single-use niche networks and start leveraging aged niche networks to get an instant boost.

How Does YIVE Ranker Work?

YIVE Ranker works in just three simple steps in order to build backlinks to your websites and blogs.

  • Step 1: Log in to the cloud-based software and enter your website or Youtube video URL.
  • Step 2: Enter some keywords related to your post or the keyword that you are trying to rank for.
  • Step 3: Publish the campaign. Now YIVE Ranker will go to the work and start building all the backlinks you need.

How Many Backlinks Can Be Built Using YIVE Ranker?

YIVE Ranker works on a credit-based system. 1 credit is equal to 1 backlink, so depending on the number of credits you have in your account, you can build those number of backlinks.

Do I need a PC or VPS to run YIVE Ranker?

This software has a built-in proxy that you do not have to worry about setting up.

Will I Be Able To Give Access To My Virtual Assistant?

Yes, you will be able to provide a permission-based login for your virtual assistants.

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