360Maker Review (Wait!) Does It Really Worth The Hype?

360Maker Review

360Maker Review

This pandemic has caused changes in how businesses use videos.

They are not just for showing things that your customers can’t do, but for giving them a hands-on experience.

If you don’t give your customers the chance to interact with your product, then they may not be convinced and buy it from you.

Most people who shop online want to see the product they are buying in 360 degrees before they buy it.

This is because they can see if there is anything wrong with it and change their mind before they buy.

Yes, 360° product spin demo and videos play a major role in the online space.

But many people think that 360 degree videos only work for big companies, not for them.

To create a 360° product spin demo, you need to buy some tools or hire someone to do so.

But there is a way that you can easily create one without expensive equipment or technical expertise!

Let’s check out my 360Maker review to learn what it is, how it works, its pricing and upsells, and more importantly whether it is going to help your business or not.

What Is 360Maker?

360 Maker review

360Maker is a SAAS app that lets you create 360° videos and product spins with just a few clicks, so you can show your customers what they are looking at in three dimensions, without them ever having to leave their living rooms!

All you need to do is arrange the product and take a few pictures using your smartphone and upload them to 360Maker.

Then the 360Maker will create an amazing 360° product spin demo with clickable hotspots.

You put your call-to-action button over the hotspot!

Your customers can click on it and go directly to your product page.

You can host this 360° product spins on any website or landing page simply by copy and pasting a piece of code.

There is no need to use any other equipment or special skills, so this app is for everyone who wants to create a 360° product spin demo and grow their sales!

Once you get this software, it walks you through everything and gives you all the instructions that you need.

360Maker Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: 360Maker Commercial
  • Product Creators: Abhi Dwivedi & Rohit Shah
  • Launch Date: 2021-Nov-30
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $67
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site: https://www.360maker.ai/
  • Product Type: Video Software
  • Recommendation: Not Recommended

Who Created 360Maker?

About the creator of 360maker

360Maker is brought you by Abhi Dwivedi & his partner Rohit Shah.

Abhi Dwivedi has been an online marketer and software developer for over 15 years, has done multiple six-figure product launches on the JvZoo marketplace, and awarded multiple times as a top vendor.

He’s had the pleasure of having multiple Best-Seller software products with thousands of users actively using and benefiting from his products in the past few years.

Here are the previous launches of Abhi Dwivedi such as Kiire, VideoDyno, ClipsReel, VidCuratorFX, SimplyViral, SyVid, Sonority, VisualReel, AIWA, and many more.

This time he is back with another blockbuster product called 360maker.ai which is going to blow its users.

Why 360Maker and What Problem Does It Solve?

There is a question that has come up since people got sick.

How can we bring our products closer to customers without them leaving their homes?

It would be great if we could make them touch the product on the screen and not just look at it.

But it’s not easy. That is why 360Maker was created.

360 Maker was developed for the purpose of enabling small businesses, e-commerce sites, and artists to increase sales.

By allowing customers to interact with their products in a virtual environment, as opposed to just viewing them as static images on a website or landing pages.

What 360Maker Can Do For You?

  • Make 3D-Spin videos out of any image.
  • Create an animated 3D-Spin video from any persona, pet, product, building, apartment, or house, as well as Amazon, Shopify, AliExpress, eBay, or Walmart products.
  • 360maker allows you to host videos, produce GIFs, make HTML embeds of interactive 3D-Spins, create videos, create shareable video pages, and much more.
  • Create interactive 3D-Spin product videos for affiliate reviews when promoting Amazon products.
  • Make yourself stand out by offering your viewers a closer look at the product.
  • To promote your own brand and to look professional, make a video for yourself.
  • Make videos for your friends and family and help them in establishing an internet presence.
  • Make a 3D-Spin e-commerce video to promote and sell your own or other people’s goods.

How Does 360Maker Work?

It works in just 3 simple steps.

  • STEP 1: Go to the 360maker video creation tab and upload the photos from your smartphone. In only seconds, the 360maker’s powerful AI will create an exciting 360° 3D-spin video.
  • STEP 02: Use the built-in customization to enhance and add finishing touches, as well as your logo.
  • STEP 03: Select an option to export your 360° 3D-spin video (Facebook, YouTube, or download) and embed it on any video website, or host it with us on your own 360° viewing page.

360Maker Features

  • Easily & quickly create 360° video creator using just your smartphone
  • Provides fully-optimized, fastest-loading 360° video player
  • Provides customizable product spinner for maximum brand retention
  • Embed feature that’s fully-compatible with all website builders
  • 100% mobile responsive product viewers, viewable in any device
  • Supports interactive hotspots for call-to-actions and clickable links
  • Export feature that supports 1080p high-definition videos
  • Readily-shareable product spin videos to Facebook & YouTube
  • Can easily export 360° GIFs you can embed to your email campaigns
  • Add brandable and eye-catching headers and footers to your spin videos
  • Can accommodate clickable contact us and call buttons
  • Get up-close with high-resolution zoom features
  • Fully-customizable domains on all your videos hosted with us
  • Smart loading feature on embed keeps your website load just as fast
  • No limits on product views per month on upgraded accounts
  • Install on an unlimited number of websites on upgraded accounts
  • Get SEO-friendly images that search engines can pick up
  • Sell it as your own service with no branding on the product spin viewer
  • AI background remover tool instantly deletes background from photos
  • Enhance your images up to 8 x the quality with ai image enhancer tool
  • Add text-to-speech on your product spin videos in 50+ languages
  • Get a rich library of background music you can use for all your videos
  • Prioritized rendering on product spin videos for upgraded accounts
  • Get organized with a separate folder for each client
  • Create unlimited sub-accounts your team members can use
  • No monthly or setup fee unlike other tools like tools
  • Create & publish Instagram content for your clients & make money
  • Detailed & easy to follow video & PDF tutorials
  • Newbie Friendly – very easy to use interface
  • No need to connect any paid API
  • Connect your clients’ accounts In 1-click
  • No need to create any App
  • 100% control over everything
  • Build your own video creation agency selling high-demand 360 spin services to 1000s of online and local businesses worldwide
  • Shopify Store Finder auto-finds storeowners who need your product spin services
  • Get DFY agency materials such as contracts, Facebook + Google Ads, Invoice Templates to get you started fast
  • Supports PayPal and Stripe payments within your agency website
  • Cloud Based. Nothing to download

An Inside Tour Of 360Maker App

When you first-time log in to the 360maker you will see the user interface exactly like this.

360 maker review- Initial interface

To get started, you may watch their tutorial videos first and then proceed to create the 3D spin videos or if you are already familiar with this tool you can start creating your campaign right away. Simply click the new project option and give it a name and click next.

360maker review- create project

Now you need to upload your product images here. There is no limit on the number of images you upload. I recommend you upload at least 15-20 images of your product so that the output will be a life-like 3D video.

360maker review- upload images

Once you upload your images, 360maker will process those images and give you the option to rearrange the image order.

360maker review- Process the images

As you can see the processed images appear here. You can drag and drop any image in any order you wish.

360maker review- Drag images and re-arrange them

Once you arranged your images, next is to add your links, phone number so that these details will be your call-to-action automatically.

360maker review- Put call-to-action

One of my favorite features is adding hotspots to any part of the image. When visitors hover over these hotspots they can able to see more details such as information about that particular area, links, media, etc.

360maker review: add hotspots

Once you are satisfied with your customization, you can proceed further to get the embed code of the campaign. This code can be hosted on any website or landing page or if you don’t have any website then you can host it on 360maker itself.

360maker review: Copy the embed code

In case if you don’t want to embed the 3D spin video you can also export 360-degree videos as an mp4 file.

If you go with the .mp4 option you have the option to customize the video with lower-thirds. It looks professional.

360maker review: add lower-third

Once you have added the lower-third text on the video (optional) you can download your final video. Also, you have the option to download it as GIF.

360maker review: Download

360Maker Samples Videos

My Experience In Using 360Maker

Making 360-degree spin videos is something that I’ve been wanting to do for my friend’s local store.

But I thought it would be too expensive to hire a photographer every time I need product shots.

But with this app, you just have to take pictures using your phone and then upload them into 360Maker editor for creating spin videos.

It’s easy to use and the interface is really straightforward that even an amateur user could create awesome 360-degree spins in no time!

I’m also happy that you can add hotspots to show different angles of the same product.

This app is a must-have if you want to create 360-degree videos for your Shopify store, YouTube channel, Etsy shop, Amazon account, and more!


360Maker Pros

  • Easy to use user-interface
  • No tech skills or expertise required
  • Save your time, efforts, & money in image/video creation
  • 360Maker Includes commercial usage license
  • Works with any type of photos
  • Seamless media integration
  • Customize your videos to match your brand personality
  • Effortlessly create multiple videos with this free content.
  • Massive free traffic potential – rank for tons of keywords using SEO
  • Fully customizable & brandable viewer
  • Fastest loading 360° product viewer ever discovered
  • Embeds on any website – works with any webpage or platform on the planet
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Fully customizable 360° spin video creator
  • Ultra HD video export
  • Share videos to Facebook & YouTube
  • Add header/footer to your video
  • GIF export – embed 360° gifs in emails
  • Create interactive hotspots
  • Contact us & calling feature
  • Ultra HD zooming capability
  • Lazy loading for embeds – for faster load time
  • Automatic image compression for faster load time
  • S3 hosting for your video storage
  • Commercial rights – sell to businesses and clients

360Maker Cons and Complients

  • 360Maker has been received with mixed reactions. While some people find it to be an amazing app that helps them increase sales, others find it difficult to use and not very helpful.
  • Some users have been unclear about how to get started using the app since it is not immediately apparent how to capture pictures of their product.

Who Should Grab This?

  • Shopify Owners: If you have a Shopify store and you want to increase your sales then this is the product that you need. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in or if you sell physical products or digital items. This app will help everyone who wants to improve their Shopify store and get more sales!
  • Amazon Sellers: If you are a seller on Amazon and you want to increase your sales, then this is the tool that you need. It will help you show shoppers what they’ll get and boost your conversion rate and sales!
  • YouTubers: If you have a YouTube channel, this will help you make money by showing your videos in 360-degree. Today people love watching content in an interactive way and they are willing to pay for the quality of service that they receive. This tool makes it easy!
  • Make Money Online Seekers: If you want to start an agency offering 360 product spins as a service to other companies or local businesses, then this is the tool that will help you do that. You can start an online business and earn money by simply uploading products and making use of this amazing app!
  • General People: If you have old photos that you can’t find a way to make go viral or reach people, then this tool will help you show those old pictures in a new way. You don’t need software anymore to create eye-catching images for your social media posts!

My Final Thoughts On 360Maker

These days, everyone is on the lookout for interesting ways to market their business. And 360-degree spin videos are more engaging than regular ones.

They give viewers a real feel of how it’s like being inside your store or looking at your products.

360Maker allows you to create these little spin demos quickly and easily, with no need for any special skills whatsoever.

It’s also a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to make money online by offering 360 product spins as a service to other businesses.

Since Facebook announced the metaverse projects, the 360-degree video trend is taking over the web!

I recommend trying out 360Maker for yourself since it’s definitely worth your time and money.

360Maker Commercial Pricing and Upsells

The front-end offer 360maker commercial costs $67 one-time. Also, it has a few upsells as well. These are the front-end features.

  • Commercial rights – sell to businesses and clients
  • Create 360° product view
  • Works with smartphone photos
  • Fully customizable & brandable viewer & player
  • 100 video renders
  • 100 HTML viewer page creation
  • 100 gif renders
  • Download all videos & gifs
  • Fastest loading 360° product viewer on the planet
  • Embeds on any website or funnel
  • Fully mobile responsive product views works across all devices
  • Fully customizable rotating product video creator
  • Gif export rotating product gifs that embed in emails
  • Create interactive hotspots
  • Ultra hi-res zooming capability
  • Lazy loading for website embeds
  • 100,000 views per month on HTML pages
  • High fidelity automatic image compression for all 360° views faster load time
  • Google analytics integration
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Seo friendly
  • 10GB video hosting/bandwidth
  • Embed/install on up to 50 sites

Note: Front end is compulsory. Once you get the front-end offer you will see all the upgrade links of 360Maker one by one.

360Maker Unlimited ($97/yr)

The Unlimited upgrade does more for the app. It gives you more options. For example, it removes any limits on video creation.

With the Unlimited upgrade, you can do unlimited 360-degree videos, unlimited 360 degree GIFs, and create unlimited HTML pages to show your videos on.

You will also get access to an application that lets you host your videos and use 100GB of space and bandwidth each month.

You can also export rotating product videos in Ultra HD quality when you have the Unlimited upgrade.

360Maker PRO ($67)

This is the powerful ThreeSixtyMaker upgrade with professional and advanced features to help your customers do more and make more money using ThreeSixtyMaker.

  • Reseller Panel – 50 Accounts
  • Use Your Own Domain
  • Works With 40+ Languages
  • No ThreeSixyMaker Branding on Viewer – Fully Rebrand It As Yours
  • AI Background Remover Tool – 3000 Credits
  • AI Image Enhancer Tool – 3000 Credits + Add your own Music

360Maker Agency ($47)

With the ThreeSixtyMaker Agency, you will get a professional website and video commercials to promote your business.

You will also get other features like team members and clients access, DFY client contract templates, and other things.

360Maker PlayerNeos ($47)

PlayerNeos is a cloud-based program that helps turn any ordinary video into a sales machine.

If you have a video, PlayerNeos will add buttons and other things to the video.

For example, they can add buttons that lead to your website or buy now buttons for when people are watching the video.

They can also change the thumbnail of the video to something different or add logos or watermarks for when people are watching it on their desktop browser.

360Maker Whitelabel ($297)

The ThreeSixtyMaker Whitelabel is a way to let you use 360Maker and change the name so you can start your own website, store and funnel builder software business. You can do it all with the vendor’s help.

360Maker FAQ

What is 360Maker exactly?

360Maker is an app that can be used to create interactive spins for your Shopify store, Amazon account, or YouTube channel.

Does it cost anything?

You have to pay $67 up-front. After the payment, you will get access to all features of 360Maker without any limitations. There are no recurring payments, so you don’t have to pay anything else.

What if I use this app and then regret it? Is there a refund policy?

You have 30 days to try out the product. If you are unhappy, let them know and you will get a full refund.

Do I have to pay every month?

No, there are no monthly or any other recurring payments. You just have to pay once and after that, you have access to the product forever, no additional fees!

Does it matter what type of social media platforms I use?

The spins created with 360Maker can be used for social media accounts of any kind, regardless of it’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you copy the embed code, you can put it on any website page that supports HTML.

How many 360-degree spins can I create?

You can create up to 100 spins per month. If you are not using the app every day, this should be more than enough for you!

What about royalties?

There are no royalties to worry about. You get access to 360maker all features forever without having to pay anything else!

Are there any upsells?

Yes, there are a few upsells. They are 100% optional but they will help you create better 3D spins.

360Maker Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

NOTE: This is the special deal from me: If you get this 360Maker through my link, I will support you whenever you want (just add my skype sarathi2405partha). Seriously, I’ll be your go-to guide when it comes to this product. You can ask me anything and I will give you a hand whenever necessary!

Two Steps To Claim My 360maker Best Bonuses.

Step 1: Buy the software by clicking the red button below.

Step 2: Send me your purchase receipt at (bonus.spsreviews@gmail.com). You will receive all my bonuses within 24 hours.


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