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Are you looking for TalkingFaces OTO details? If so, you’re in the right place.

TalkingFaces OTO is an amazing tool that allows you to create your very own custom spokesperson and overlay them over ANY web page, with opt-in forms, buttons, and more.

This is a great way to add some personality to your website, and it can really help to engage your visitors. Plus, it’s a great way to boost conversions!

If you’re looking for a way to take your website to the next level, TalkingFaces OTO is definitely worth checking out. It’s easy to use, and it can produce some amazing results. So don’t miss out – head over to the TalkingFaces OTO links today and check them for yourself.

TalkingFaces OTO’s

TalkingFaces Bundle ($247)

The TalkingFaces Bundle includes a commercial, pro, and enterprise. There is also an option to upgrade to Agency after purchasing the bundle.

TalkingFaces Commercial ($27-47)

TalkingFaces Personal license (costs $27) will allow you to create 6 Talking Faces. It will also allow you to use 5 different Human Voices. There is no need for credits since it is a personal license, but if you want the Reface feature or more voices, then you will need a Professional license instead.

TalkingFaces commercial costs $47-67 with all these features mentioned below:

  • Up to 10 faces for reface
  • 10 TalkingFaces
  • 20 human voices
  • 30 reviews (10 talking faces x 3 previews each)
  • Up to 1,000 characters for each TalkingFaces video.
  • No credits required
  • Unlimited videos
  • Commercial license – sell to your clients

OTO 1 – TalkingFaces Pro ($47)

  • 47 actors and future actors (with outfits included – multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor,
  • Business outfits, gym outfits, etc)
  • 50 extra pro real human voices
  • 141 previews (47 talkingfaces x 3 previews each)
  • 30 previews (10 talkingfaces x 3 previews each)
  • Unlimited faces for refacing – create unlimited faces
  • Future talkingfaces for one year

OTO 2 – TalkingFaces Enterprise ($67)

  • Upload any voice OR your own voice / ANY audio in ANY language (your voice is synchronized with perfect lip syncing on TalkingFaces)
  • Re-facing, upload any photo for up to 70% re-facing
  • Up to 2,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos.
  • Hide TalkingFaces Branding
  • Priority VIP rendering
  • Priority Future Software Updates

OTO3 – Todd’s Text to Voice for TalkingFaces ($97)

  • The voice of todd gross – professional voice over & emmy award winning talent! #1 spokesperson in internet marketing
  • Unlimited use of Todd Gross’ synthetic voice inside talkingfaces only
  • Incredible value using todd’s synthetic voice in comparison to his live voice
  • Note: to protect the use of todd’s voice, each script for todd’s voice will be submitted for approval before the video will render

OTO 4 – Agency Unlimited ($197)

  • Unlimited sub-user accounts for your clients
  • ​sub-user accounts include the same products as the owner
  • ​reseller license included
  • DFY website
  • How to get clients

TalkingFaces Front End Features

TalkingFaces OTO: The Front End

New AI “Re-Facing” Technology

Replace pre-made humatars with your own face!

For the first time ever, users can now create their own set of personalized 3D avatars from a library of many humatars and have the ability to re-face those avatars with themselves.

This new “AI Re-Facing” feature will introduce a whole new level of interactivity for your websites.

One-Click Creates a New “TalkingFace”

In just one click, users will be able to create their own “TalkingFace”. Users can upload hundreds of different images to match their faces to get the most unique personalized talking face for them.

This is a massive time saver! You can also use our built-in avatar editor to completely customize your TalkingFace’s look and feel.

Upload Your Own Background

Upload your own background or choose from one of our many backgrounds to really make your TalkingFace stand out. You can even use videos as backgrounds!

Add Custom Buttons

You can also add your own custom buttons to your TalkingFace. This is a great way to drive traffic and conversions to your websites.

Add Custom Opt-in Forms

You can also add your own custom opt-in forms to your TalkingFace. This is a great way to collect leads and increase your conversion rate.

Create Unlimited TalkingFaces

There is no limit to the number of TalkingFaces you can create. Users will be able to collect all their great personalized TalkingFaces in a gallery and choose from them whenever they want.

Apply Any Language with Perfect Lip Synching

TalkingFaces is the only tool that can apply any language with perfect lip-synching. This is great for users who want to create TalkingFaces in different languages.

Includes Synthesys Voice Technology (Real Human Voices)

Convert your text into a natural-sounding voice, and let your text speak as if it were a real person.

TalkingFaces is the first, and only talking avatar platform on the market that features Synthesys voices with its breakthrough Personalized Talking avatars!

This will give your avatars a professional touch of realism to make them really stand out.

Overlay TalkingFaces on Most Any Websites:

If you want to overlay your TalkingFace on almost any website, you can! This easy-to-use overlay feature will let you do just that.

Any page that supports image overlays can be turned into a talking avatar.

Engage Via Email Opt-ins, Buttons, Timers & More:

Embed any email optin form, button, timer, or more to really engage with your website visitors.

If you want to collect leads or increase conversions, TalkingFaces OTO is definitely the way to do it.

Boost Clicks, Leads, & Sales Conversions:

TalkingFaces OTO can help to boost your clicks, leads, and sales conversions. It’s easy to use and it can produce some amazing results.

So don’t miss out – head over to the TalkingFaces OTO links today and check them for yourself.

Unlimited Hosting for Your “TalkingFaces”

Create as many talking faces as you want, and TalkingFaces will host them for free! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Commercial License Is Included

With TalkingFaces OTO, you get a commercial license included. This means you can use TalkingFaces for your own personal or commercial projects!

TalkingFaces OTO1 (PRO Version)

TalkingFaces OTO1

30 Actors and future actors (with outfits included – Multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor,  etc

With TalkingFaces OTO1, you will get multiple actors with outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, etc.

60 Extra PRO Real Human Voices

You also get 60 extra PRO real human voices. These are high-quality, professional voices that will really make your TalkingFaces stand out.

105 Previews (47 TalkingFaces x 3 previews each)

TalkingFaces OTO comes with 105 previews (47 talking faces x 3 different previews each). It’s great for showcasing your TalkingFaces to users.

Unlimited Faces For Reface

With Reface, you will be able to create as many TalkingFaces as you want. With its easy-to-use interface, creating new faces is a breeze.

Unlimited Confidence For Your Confidence Level – Control How Confident You Want To Sound

TalkingFaces OTO 1 comes with unlimited confidence, which means you can be as confident or unconfident as you want.

This is great for situations when your confidence level fluctuates, but you still want to sound like yourself.

Future TalkingFaces for One Year

With this package, you will be able to make future TalkingFaces for one year without any monthly fees or yearly renewal fees.

TalkingFaces OTO1 is a great option for anyone wanting to create their own custom avatar. It comes with everything you need and it’s easy to use!

TalkingFaces OTO 2 (Enterprise Edition)

TalkingFaces OTO2

Upload any voice OR your own voice / ANY audio in ANY language (your voice is synchronized with perfect lip-syncing on TalkingFaces)

TalkingFaces OTO 2 supports uploading ANY voice OR your OWN voice. This is great – you can upload your own voice and sync it with perfect lip-syncing!

And we offer over 28 languages for synchronized speech as well as resources for creating new languages (in case you need more than those offered out of the box).

Re-facing, upload any photo for up to 70% re-facing 

With this TalkingFace OTO2 package, you can upload ANY photo. This is great – you can upload your own photos and be re-faced with ease!

You also get up to 70% re-facing for TalkingFaces OTO2, which means that your faces will look much more realistic than ever before.

Up to 2,000 characters for longer TalkingFaces videos

With TalkingFaces OTO2, you get up to 2,000 characters for longer videos.

This is great for situations when you want to record more than 1 or 2 lines at a time. You can create very long TalkingFaces using TalkingFace OTO2!

Hide TalkingFaces Branding 

You also get the ability to hide all TalkingFaces branding with this option. This is great for when you want your users to interact with your custom talking faces without us distracting them.

Priority VIP rendering

TalkingFaces OTO2 also offers priority VIP rendering. This means that your TalkingFaces videos will be made much faster, so you can get your project done quicker than ever before.

Priority Future Software Updates

You will also get priority future software updates with TalkingFaces OTO2. This means that you will always have the newest and greatest features available to you!

TalkingFaces OTO 3 (Todd’s Text To Voice For Talkingfaces)

TalkingFaces OTO3

Unlimited Use of Todd Gross’ Synthetic Voice Inside TalkingFaces ONLY

TalkingFaces OTO3 gives you unlimited use of Todd Gross’ synthetic voice inside TalkingFaces. This is great for situations when you want to sound just like Todd Gross himself!

You also get Todd’s Text-To-Speech engine, which will allow you to create talking faces with ease. Just type in what you want your face to say, and the face will say it for you!

Incredible Value using Todd’s Synthetic Voice in comparison to his LIVE voice

TalkingFaces OTO3 also comes with an incredible value – using Todd’s synthetic voice inside our app, you can create your talking faces WITH EASE. You can create MUCH more complex avatars that would be extremely difficult to do if you were using Todd’s live voice!

TalkingFaces OTO 4 (Agency Unlimited)

TalkingFaces OTO4

Unlimited Sub-User Accounts For Your Clients

Create unlimited sub-user accounts for your clients with the Agency Unlimited package. This will allow all of your clients to access TalkingFaces without having to create their own username and password.

​Sub-User Accounts Include The Same Products As The Owner Account

Your sub-users will have access to the same products as the owner account, including TalkingFaces OTO1, TalkingFaces OTO2, and Todd Gross’ Text-To-Speech engine. This is great for situations when you want to give your clients access to all of our features!

​Reseller License Included With

The agency unlimited package also comes with a reseller license. This means that your clients can resell all of our products to their customers, and you will get a % of the sale when they do!

DFY Website

Start selling these 3 products as a reseller TODAY! The agency unlimited package also comes with a DFY sales page design to sell these products. This means that you can have everything set up and ready to go, so your clients can simply purchase the products from your website and you will get paid for each sale!

How To Get Clients

Bonus training teaches you how to get clients for your TalkingFaces Agency. This training will show you how to find potential clients, and how to convince them to use your services!

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