Changio Review: Copy & Clone Any Web Page on The Internet

Changio Review

Changio Review


A well-designed web page can make your sales process easier and faster. Poor landing/web/sales page cause low conversion rate.

If you want to make your pages look great, you need to either hire a programmer or you may train yourself to learn. It takes time and burns your money buying different courses or hiring freelancers.

I know a lot of you don’t have patients and want something easier and simple. That’s why I have decided to do this Changio review.

Changio is a web-based software that copies/clones any web page on the internet. You can clone any page and make it your own. Read my full Changio review to understand better.

Changio Review – The Product Overview

Product NameChangio
CreatorMike From Maine
Launch Date[2021-Mar-09] @ 10:00 EDT
Official Site
Product TypeWeb Page Cloning Software
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionHighly Recommended


What Changio Exactly Is?

Changio is a cloud-based software that will allow your subscribers to copy and edit their own or practically any website online and use it as their own. This is perfect for anyone who wants to make changes to their own websites but doesn’t know how to code or for people who want to use other pages as inspiration for their own.

Real-Life Uses:

  • You like a sales page, but you don’t want to pay a graphic designer to recreate it. As a result, you use Changio to edit the page and make it your own.
  • You own a website and want to update it, but you don’t know how. Changio allows you to easily make changes to your own website.
  • You want to take advantage of someone else’s authority and use it to promote your own affiliate links.
  • You’d like to promote a product as an affiliate, but the sales page isn’t very appealing. As a result, you edit it to improve the conversion rate.

Changio Works In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Enter URL – Start by entering any website URL (even one you don’t own) into the Changio cloud-based software, which will automatically pull it into the software for you to edit.
  2. Customize – Make changes to the page with the simple-to-use page editor. Text, images, colours, fonts, layout, videos, and more can all be edited. You can even modify the page by adding new elements. In fact, this page was created by ‘Changio-ing’ a sales page for another product.
  3. Publish – Once you’ve saved your changes, you can either publish them to your live site, use their page web host, or download them as a file. It’s entirely up to you!
    For split testing, you can even have multiple versions of your page that you can activate or deactivate.

Changio Review – Deep Inside Member’s Area

After your purchase, the Changio developers will send your login credentials just like mine.

Changio review

Copy and paste your login credentials “Click: Login” and you will land on Changio’s member area. The member’s area will be like this.

Changio review

The very first thing you need to is, click Create a new page

Changio review

Enter a reference name for your page and copy and paste the web page URL that you want to clone. In this case, I am gonna copy and paste a sales page URL of upcoming software. Then, simply click “Save New”

Again the Changio will redirect you to the pages menu. You have to select the respective page you want to edit. Simply click the “Edit icon”

Changio review

As you can see, the complete page has been imported from that URL we entered in the previous step. The page is now loaded into Changio’s editor.

Changio review

When you hover over any of the elements on the page and right-click your mouse, you will be able to see the editing options in the left side menu. In this case, I selected an image element from the page. You can replace and change any image you want.

Next, When you click on the text element, Changio will bring you the options to edit the texts. You can change the color, font, text size ect.

Also, Changio can completely delete a particular element/section from the page. Right-click on the blank space on that page and it automatically highlights the block.

Now, this is the best part. Changio can also edit the buy buttons from any sales pages as well. You can replace their links with your affiliate links (for example if you are doing affiliate marketing.)

Replace the links inside any page and replace them with your own links.

Once you finished editing the page, don’t forget to save the page by clicking “Save” from the right top corner of the editor page. Now, the page has been saved.

Click on the “Deactivated” area to “Activate” the page. So that can live.

If you want to embed the page on your own website, you simply click on the find icon and you will get the embed code.

Copy this embed code and paste it anywhere you want. Say, for example, if you are using WordPress, you can embed it there. or you may download the PHP file of the page you just edited, and upload that file to your web hosting via Cpanel.

Changio also hosts your edited web page on its own hosting as well. So that you can share the Changio generated link right away with your audience.

If you are an advanced editor, you know how to write code, you can customize the code directly using Changio.

You have full tutorial series that teaches everything you need to know about Changio and how to use this tool exactly.

— Changio Demo —

How Can You Use Changio?

Anyone that has a website will love this tool! With it you can easily:

  • Editing pages – you’ll never have to pay a web designer to make changes to your pages again, saving you thousands of dollars!
  • Create pages – take almost any existing webpage, update it with your content and graphics, and you’ve got yourself a new page!
  • Split testing entails having multiple versions of your web page that you can activate or deactivate.
  • Look like a pro by having the best, freshest, most modern design for your pages without having to be a web developer or graphic designer!
  • Improve your results by easily tweaking and updating your pages, testing headlines, graphics, and calls to action to see what works best.
  • Freelancers can use Changio to update their customers’ and clients’ pages for a fee. They’ll never realize how simple it was for you!

Examples Of Pages “Borrowed” Using Changio

Conclusion: My Opinion

Changio saves a lot of time. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or sales page designer or programmer.

You can clone any page from the internet within few clicks.

It also gives you an instant link that you can share immediately with your audience as well (if you don’t want to host the edited page on your websites).

This tool can be beneficial to the affiliate marketers who would like to clone the sales page of a particular product and add your bonuses to boost conversions.

Also, this tool is perfect for people who would like to copy and clone a Shopify store or an e-commerce store from the internet.

  • Powerful – edit virtually any web page on the internet with ease (even pages you don’t own)
  • Effective – save time and money by not having to hire a developer
  • Simple – no coding or experience required, so easy to use, anyone, can do it

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Visit Official Website

Thank you for reading my honest Changio review. I hope you got the clear information about this software. Please visit my website to read more software and internet marketing product reviews almost every day.

Changio FAQ

[ Q. ] Is there a monthly fee?

No, Changio is a one-time fee.

[ Q. ] How many pages can I create?

You can create up to 10 pages at once

[ Q. ] Do I need a website?

No, we provide hosting for your pages

[ Q. ] Will Changio work with any webpage?

We cant test on ‘every page on the internet’ so we can not say ‘yes’ in all fairness. It will work with most web pages though.

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