eCoverly Review – Create High-Quality Animated eCovers that Grab Attention!

eCoverly Review:

Stunning eCovers that captivate audiences and drive sales don’t happen by accident. They require thoughtful design crafted by talented creatives armed with premium tools.

But here’s the hard truth:

Not everyone can afford to hire a professional designer to craft their eCovers. And very few creators actually have the technical chops to design beautiful eCovers themselves in Photoshop.

This leaves most entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, and marketers in a tough spot.

Mediocre, cookie-cutter eCovers slapped together in Canva simply don’t cut it anymore. In today’s oversaturated online space, you need eCovers that make people actually stop scrolling and take notice.

You need mesmerizing animated eCovers that capture attention instantly and look like a million bucks.

But how can any regular person actually create these converts-boosting animated eCovers without breaking the bank or learning complex design skills?

Well, that’s exactly why I’m excited to tell you about the game-changing new software called eCoverly

eCoverly Review - Overview

eCoverly lets anyone, even with zero design experience, create beautiful 2D and 3D animated eCovers that sell in just minutes.

No kidding.

Keep reading as I reveal how this new web-based app lets you pump out professional, high-converting animated eCovers faster than you can blink.

I’ll also show you why having killer eCovers will single-handedly take your online business, brand, and profits to the next level…

Let’s dive in!

What is eCoverly?

eCoverly is a cloud-based software that allows users to easily create beautiful 2D and 3D animated eCovers in under 5 minutes without any technical skills.

It’s the first tool of its kind to offer pre-made animated eCover templates that users can customize with their own text, images, and branding. The software uses artificial intelligence and automation to simplify eCover creation.

eCoverly was created by product launch expert Adeel Chowdhry and is set for public launch in October 2023.

The goal of eCoverly is to help online businesses, authors, coaches, and info-product sellers boost sales by creating high-converting eCovers quickly and easily.

According to Chowdhry, “eCoverly will revolutionize how creators make eCovers for their online products. Our cutting-edge AI technology will empower anyone to design animated eCovers that capture attention and drive sales.”

Why Animated eCovers?

Traditionally, eCovers were static images that acted more like book covers. However, we live in a dynamic, fast-paced world driven by motion and animation.

Animated eCovers are the next evolution of eCovers. Not only do they grab attention, but they also build trust and credibility by showcasing your brand and product elegantly in motion.

Here are some key benefits of using animated eCovers:

  • Stand out: Animated covers help you get noticed in a crowded marketplace where most competitors still use static images. The motion effect makes your eCover impossible to ignore.
  • Draw attention: Studies show that animation boosts engagement as motion naturally attracts the human eye. Viewers will be glued to your eCover.
  • Build trust: Animation adds an element of prestige and authority to your brand. Customers will take you more seriously.
  • Boost sales: Products with animated eCovers convert better because of the higher perceived value from the extra production effort. You’ll sell more with less effort.
  • Future-proof: As technology evolves, animation and motion will become a baseline expectation. eCoverly ensures you’re ahead of the curve.

Clearly, animated eCovers provide that crucial competitive edge that can skyrocket your online sales. But here’s the catch: they are extremely complex and expensive to create using traditional methods.

That’s where eCoverly comes in…


Price: $47.00

(Regular Price $97)

eCoverly Features – What’s Inside?

eCoverly packs a ton of features that enable effortless eCover creation without any learning curve. Here are some of the core features:

🎨 40+ Animated eCover Templates

The main draw is access to 40+ professionally designed animated eCover templates spanning different niches, layouts, and styles.

These high-quality templates have the ideal animation level to boost sales, saving you thousands in designer fees.

🖌️ 250+ Static eCover Templates

On top of animated templates, eCoverly provides 250+ static eCover templates to choose from.

These are based on top-selling, high-converting eCover designs.

📱 20 eCover Model Styles

Pick from 20 eCover model styles like 3D books, boxes, headphones, mobile devices, magazines, laptop screens, and more.

This variety caters to different types of digital products you may sell.

🧠 AI-Powered Editing Suite

eCoverly uses artificial intelligence to make eCover customization a breeze. The AI editor allows you to:

  • Drag and drop elements
  • Easily edit fonts, colors, backgrounds
  • Add custom text, images, logos
  • Resize, rearrange, and manipulate designs

Even if you have zero design experience, you can customize professional eCovers in minutes with the AI editor!

🎨 10,000+ Graphic Assets

Access a massive library of 10,000+ royalty-free images, icons, shapes, illustrations, and fonts to use on your eCovers.

This saves you a fortune compared to buying assets individually.

⚡ Lightning Fast Rendering

eCoverly leverages cloud technology to render your eCovers in seconds. The 300DPI resolution also ensures maximum clarity when scaling your designs.

🎵 Built-In Music Player

eCoverly features a built-in music player so you can listen to upbeat tunes as you design eCovers! This creates an immersive, engaging experience.

🔒 Secure Watermarking

Protect your unique designs with eCoverly’s security watermark feature. Add invisible watermarks to projects before delivering to clients.

🖥️ Web Access from Anywhere

Since eCoverly is fully cloud-based, you can create eCovers from any device through the web app. There’s nothing to download or install.

🆕 Dynamic Content Updates

eCoverly plans to provide monthly content updates like new templates, graphical assets, and features. Users gain lifelong access to these updates.

As you can see, eCoverly provides absolutely everything you need for lightning-fast eCover creation in one powerful platform plus, you will receive all these bonuses:

eCoverly Review - Bonuses

How Does eCoverly Work? – Simple 3 Step Process

The eCoverly workflow is designed to be intuitive and simple. Here’s an outline of the 3-step process:

Step 1: Select a Template

eCoverly Review - Choose a template

Browse the template library and select an eCover template that matches your niche, product, and brand style. Both animated and static templates are organized neatly into categories.

Step 2: Customize the Template

eCoverly Review - Customize

Use the built-in AI editor to add your own text, images, logos, colors, and more. The drag-and-drop editor makes the eCover fully customizable.

Here are some of the ways you can customize your eCovers:

  • Add text – Include your book title, product name, author name, tagline etc.
  • Modify colors – Change colors of elements like background, text, icons etc.
  • Insert images – Add your own photos, lifestyle imagery, or select from thousands of stock photos.
  • Add logos – Insert your brand logo, social icons, or other graphics.
  • Rearrange elements – Drag-and-drop to place elements exactly where you want.
  • Resize objects – Enlarge, shrink, or proportion objects like text boxes and images.
  • Crop images – Cut and crop photos as needed to fit your layout.
  • Apply filters – Use artistic filters like vintage, black & white, sepia and more.
  • Change fonts – Select from a huge library of font types and styles.

Step 3: Download Your eCover

eCoverly Review - Download

Click the “Download” button to export your eCover as a high-res PNG or GIF. Then use it anywhere – your websites, emails, social posts, sales pages, and more!

That’s it! Within minutes, you can have stunning eCovers ready to show off. The seamless process means no learning curve.

eCoverly Software Demo:

Image and Graphics Library

Finding high-quality, relevant images for your eCovers can be tough. eCoverly solves this with an massive built-in library of over 10,000 images, graphics, icons, and shapes you can use.

The stock photo library is integrated right into the editor for seamless access. Just browse, select the images you need, and drag-and-drop onto your canvas.

You’ll also find niche-specific images so you can create targeted eCovers for your industry or audience. For example, categories like:

  • Business
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Education

Never waste money buying stock photos again. The included asset library will satisfy all your eCover imagery needs.

Commercial Use

A major benefit of eCoverly is you gain commercial rights to use and sell the eCovers you create.

You can use eCovers for your own products, as a service for clients, or even build an agency. Some examples:

  • Sell customized eBook and book covers to authors
  • Design eCovers for online course creators
  • Offer eCover creation as an add-on to your other services
  • Build a full-blown eCover design agency
  • Sell eCovers on marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork

This added monetization potential exponentially increases your ROI. Just be sure to clearly convey to clients that they are purchasing the final eCover design and not the software itself.

With the Commercial license, eCoverly becomes both a money-saving and money-making asset.

Support and Updates

eCoverly wants to see you succeed, so they offer solid support options and lifetime software updates.

Access to the support desk varies based on your purchased package, but all users can submit tickets for technical issues or questions. You’ll get quality assistance.

Excitingly, eCoverly plans to continually add more eCover templates, animations, 3D models, and editing features over time. As an existing user, you’ll get free lifetime access to these content updates!

This ensures your eCoverly library stays fresh and relevant. The updates will help you keep creating amazing new covers.

Considering the depth of the existing library, impressive updates and support are really just an added bonus!

Output File Formats

A key advantage of eCoverly is that you can export your finished eCovers into different file formats suitable for any use case.

The available output formats include:

  • JPEG – Ideal for print products, social posts
  • PNG – Great for websites, sales pages
  • GIF – For animated eCovers
  • PDF – If you need a print-ready digital file
  • MP4 – Convert your animated eCovers into video files

You can even export the editable source file if you need to tweak designs further in external tools.

This file format flexibility ensures your eCovers will integrate seamlessly anywhere needed.

eCoverly Packages & Pricing

eCoverly offers both one-time and recurring payment options. Let’s look at the pricing for different packages:

eCoverly Personal License

$37 one-time payment

The basic package gives you full access to the eCoverly software including:

  • 40 animated templates
  • 250 static templates
  • 20 models
  • AI editing suite
  • 10,000+ graphics assets
  • Watermarking
  • Web access
  • Unlimited eCovers

This is perfect for solopreneurs and online businesses on a budget.

eCoverly Commercial License

$47 one-time payment

The Commercial package adds the ability to sell eCovers to clients, plus:

  • Remove eCoverly branding
  • Add your brand identity
  • Commercial rights
  • Sell eCovers to clients

The commercial license turns eCoverly into a profit center for your business.

eCoverly Premium License

$67 one-time payment

This tier includes all Commercial features plus:

  • 70 additional templates
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited team members
  • Client management portal

The premium license maximizes team efficiency and client fulfillment capabilities.

eCoverly Upsells

eCoverly Review - upsells

After purchasing the main eCoverly software, you will be offered additional upsell modules that enhance its capabilities:

eCoverly Professional

This upsell unlocks PRO features like extra templates, models, and the one-click transformation tool. It allows power users to scale eCover production and variety.

Price: $97 per year or $297 one-time

eCoverly Groupshots

Groupshots adds 100 group bundle eCover templates and 100 mockup scenes to showcase your eCovers in realistic product bundles and devices.

This amplifies perceived value.

Price: $97 one-time

eCoverly Prime

Prime provides unlimited niche templates monthly so you can offer eCover design as a client service. The constantly updated assets also future-proof your library.

Price: $47 per month

eCoverly Gigs Hero

Gigs Hero helps you sell your eCover services by automatically finding clients and gigs online. It includes proposals, contracts, and portfolios to land deals.

Price: $47 one-time

eCoverly Agency

This transforms eCoverly into a fully fledged eCover design agency. Features like team access, done-for-you websites, promotional materials, and contracts help build a profitable agency.

Price: $97 one-time

The upsell options give users ample room to expand the software’s capabilities based on their needs and budget.

Who is eCoverly For?

eCoverly is a versatile tool suitable for:

  • Authors: Create amazing covers for eBooks, print books, PDF guides, reports, and more
  • Coaches: Design high-converting covers for online courses, coaching programs, workbooks, and slide decks
  • Agencies: Add eCover design as a new revenue stream or even build a full service agency
  • Marketers: Use dynamic eCovers to boost conversions on sales pages, lead magnets, ads
  • SaaS Companies: Increase perceived value with branded eCovers for software products
  • Local Businesses: Stand out with animated eCovers for lead magnets, coupons, menus
  • Bloggers: Create eCovers for lead magnets, guides, and resources to grow your list
  • Info-Product Sellers: Skyrocket sales of online courses, memberships, video training with slick eCovers

eCoverly is the perfect eCover solution for entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, agencies, and really anyone selling products online.

eCoverly Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the key advantages and any potential drawbacks of eCoverly:

eCoverly Pros

  • One-of-a-kind animated eCover creation
  • Gorgeous templates designed to convert
  • AI editor simplifies customization
  • Commercial license to sell eCovers
  • 10,000+ graphic assets included
  • Cloud-based for use anywhere
  • Beginner friendly, no learning curve
  • Very affordable compared to designers
  • 30-day money back guarantee

eCoverly Cons

  • Requires decent internet connection to use
  • Limited tech support on lower plans
  • Upsells are encouraged for more features
  • Monthly cost for ongoing access ($47/mo Prime plan)

Considering the game-changing value it provides, eCoverly’s pros heavily outweigh the cons. The upsells are optional, and the core software is very reasonably priced.

Click-Worthy eCovers = More Sales

While eCoverly simplifies eCover creation, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy with your designs!

Creating click-generating eCovers takes strategic planning. Here are some pro tips:

  • Convey what the product is – Make sure the eCover communicates the product or service you are selling.
  • Trigger emotions – Use imagery and text that elicits emotions like excitement, curiosity, or aspiration. This grabs attention.
  • Use intriguing textures and colors – Leverage textures, lighting, and colors that fit your brand personality.
  • Minimize text – Avoid blocky walls of text. Keep it short and scannable.
  • Use eye-catching fonts – Font selection has a big impact. Combine fonts for contrast.
  • Focus on ONE strong focal point – Don’t distract with too many elements competing.
  • Use negative space wisely – Blank space around elements creates balance and directs eyes.
  • Make it 3D – Add depth and dimensions with shadows, angles, and lighting.
  • Animate strategically – Use subtle but noticeable animations that loop seamlessly.

With a product-focused, emotional design and strategic animations, your eCovers will magnetically draw clicks and sales.

So in summary, eCoverly makes eCover design easy, but you still need a strategic creative process for maximum conversions. Use these tips to create high-impact covers.

Alternatives to eCoverly

While eCoverly is the first platform to offer animated eCover creation, there are alternative options for creating basic static eCovers.

Here are the top competitors:

  • Canva – The graphic design tool has eBook cover templates. More limited than eCoverly but usable.
  • Fiverr – Hire freelance designers to create custom eCovers. More expensive and slow turnaround.
  • Creative Market – Buy pre-made eCover templates and customize yourself. Limited selection.
  • BookBrush – Book cover creation tool. Lacks other types of eCovers.
  • Visme – Graphic design and animation tool. Steeper learning curve.

Frankly, none provide the animation capabilities, assets, commercial rights, and simplicity of eCoverly. It really is in a class of its own.

If you want basic static covers, some alternatives work. But eCoverly is far superior for animated high-converting eCovers.

eCoverly Review – The Verdict

If you’ve made it this far, then you can see why eCoverly is truly a game-changing tool for anyone selling products online.

There is simply no quicker or easier way for everyday entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners to create stunning animated eCovers. Period.

eCoverly completely eliminates the need for expensive designers and represents a fool-proof way for YOU to control your branding.

Even if you have zero design experience, you can pump out slick, high-converting eCovers in 5 minutes flat.

The commercial license is just icing on the cake, allowing you to profit from eCover creation skills and defeat your competitors.

When you consider the immediate business impact combined with the pitifully low launch price, eCoverly is an absolute no-brainer investment.

Your only regret will be not grabbing it sooner.

So here is my final verdict in crystal clear terms:

eCoverly will radically transform your online business by empowering you to create animated eCovers faster than humanly possible – without any learning curve or technical skills.

It’s the ultimate cheat code to next level digital branding and sales. Don’t miss out.

Get eCoverly today and start blowing away your audience while fattening your wallet.

You deserve eCovers that captivate. And most importantly, eCovers that convert.


Price: $47.00

(Regular Price $97)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of animation is used in eCoverly templates?

eCoverly uses high-quality motion graphics animation powered by HTML5 and JavaScript. The animations are dynamic and smooth-flowing ranging from subtle object movements to more dramatic transformations.

Can I download and use the images in the library outside eCoverly?

No, the image library assets are proprietary to eCoverly and cannot be extracted or used outside the software. You can only use them when designing eCovers within eCoverly.

Is there a limit to how many eCovers I can create and store?

No, with eCoverly you have unlimited eCover creation and storage capabilities. You can design and save as many custom eCovers as needed for all your products.

Can I import my own custom graphics and fonts into eCoverly?

Yes, eCoverly allows you to upload your own image files and font files for use in your eCovers. This includes JPG, PNG, SVG, TTF, OTF, and other standard graphics formats.

Is eCoverly suitable for print book covers?

Yes, eCoverly is excellent for creating print covers. The high 300DPI resolution, CMYK color space option, and PDF export ensure your eCovers will reproduce crisply when professionally printed.

Can I customize the eCover templates even further by editing code?

For advanced customizations, eCoverly allows editing the HTML and CSS code behind the templates. This allows modifying existing animations or adding new ones if you know web development.

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