How to Create an Ebook Instantly In 2022

How to Create an Ebook Instantly | How to Create an Ebook Fast, Quickly

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This article focuses on a simple, faster, and elegant approach to creating Ebooks online. 

Get ready to roll out your Ebook in no matter of time!

What are Ebooks?

Ebooks are digital versions of printed items (books, journals, magazines, etc.). Electronic devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and other e-reader devices can access them.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly: Then vs Now

Initially, they were replicas of printed books, but as time has passed, Ebooks have surpassed traditional books in popularity. 

Today, Digital Marketers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Online Stores solely rely on Ebooks to give concise, nevertheless intriguing, information about their products and services.

Do I even need them?

Trust me if you’re one of the many people who wish to send a powerful, crisp, and attractive message to your target audience, Ebooks are the catch.

Let’s put this in perspective.

  • You have an idea/message that you’d like to share with your page visitors, email subscribers, or those who are unconsciously in need of your aid.
  • They ask for a description of your product or service, and I highly recommend that you offer them something that they’ll want to explore and act.

But how do I create one?

You have decided to create an Ebook.


What next?

Now follows the time-consuming, distressing, and tedious task of creating an Ebook.

You will almost certainly end up producing your Ebook in the traditional way (Microsoft Word)

1. Open up Microsoft “Word” and create a new “File”

2. Type in the message

3. “Insert” pictures 

4. Choose “Design”

5. Work on “Layout”

~A few hours later~

The Pre” View” isn’t how you fancied.

Mmm, let’s try Microsoft Powerpoint.

Speaking of which, Powerpoint has colorful designs that are far more likely appealing attractive, only if you’re good at it and also ready to put in hours.

What other choice do I have?

Ultimately graphic designing has taken a leap over the years and without a doubt, wonderful creatives are made using software like Photoshop.  

If you’re proficient with any software, you could make stunning designs for your Ebook.

Hold On!

I understand. Yes, you can hire a professional freelancer to do the task.

Problems I could face?

All in a bundle, major problems you could face are:

  • Hours put : creating Ebooks yourself will consume hours in your clock
  • Content : you have no one to write entire content but you
  • Budget : professional freelancers must be paid the earth (if you prefer “THE BETTER”)
  • Delivery : results are not instant and each change extends the delivery time

Is there a solution?

Happily, yes, there is. 

Let me introduce you to Sqribble.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a cloud-based platform that helps create unlimited Ebooks instantly and also allows to publish or sell them online on the platform.


  • Automatic Content : In-built content available for easing your writing
  • Automatic Table of contents : 
  • Automatic Numbering : Each page is numbered automatically that helps to save your time and effort
  • Automatic Headers-Footers : It enhances to add key details into your Ebook

If you want to learn more, check out my Sqribble review here.

Sqribble – Overview

Product Name: Sqribble

Product Creator: Adeel Chowdhry

Price: $67

Refund: 30-day refund policy

Official Website: 

Product Category: Ebook Creation Software 

About Adeel Chowdhry

Mr.Adeel is a powerful speaker and an online entrepreneur in the digital world.

He is the creator of pixelstudiofx and socialstudiofx, some of the bestsellers on his list.

He’s been featured in some of the biggest periodicals, including “The Laptop Millionaire,” and he hosts a variety of programs all over the world.

Inside Sqribble

  • Home Page

Following your purchase, you will be able to access the Home page of the software.

You will see the screen, which displays your status of purchase as well as a video featuring the creator himself talking about scribble.

Create an Ebook Instantly With Sqribble
  • Projects

This section is where you check out the projects you have created.

You can create a new project by clicking the “Create New Project” button.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly With Sqribble
  • Templates

Your goal of creating an Ebook requires that you look through the various templates that the software has to offer. You can access a variety of templates by selecting “templates” from the drop-down menu, as shown below.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly In 2022

You can see all of the pages in a particular Ebook template by selecting the “view” option.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly

The following is an example of an Ebook template.

  • Prime

You’ll gain access to even more exclusive templates for your project with this upgrade.

How to Create an Ebook Fast
  • 3D Cover

You get to choose stunning 3D covers for Ebooks using this feature. This has to purchase as an upgrade that is focused to help you increase conversion, leads, sales, downloads, and profits.

How to Create an Ebook Fast Using Sqribble
  • Flip Books

Also accessible as an upgrade, this feature allows you to create flipbooks in order to attract more people to read your Ebook and thus keep increasing your sales funnel.

How to Create an Ebook Fast In 2022
  • Job Finder

This feature aids in the job search on freelance websites such as,, and, among many others.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly In 2022
  • Clients

You can directly enter your client information here, which will allow you to contact them about your work and submit the work that has been assigned to you.

  • Training

Sqribble’s team offers tutorial videos on a variety of topics to help you to learn so much about the platform and get the most out of it.

This is extremely beneficial to you as a complete beginner and perhaps a seasoned vet.

How to Create an Ebook Instantly

Creating an Ebook

Step 1:

In projects, you can select “Create new project” which will take you to the Templates page.

How to Create an Ebook Fast

Step 2:

Select the “Use” option below the template of your choice.

Create an Ebook Faster

Step 3:

Name the project according to your preferences; the name provided below is merely for reference. You seem to be more likely to choose FreeHand Editor 2.0 over Legacy Editor since it is simpler to use.

How to make a ebook fast

Step 4:

Choose the type of project you would want to work on.

  • Grab from URL: If you would like to convert something on the web into an Ebook, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL.
  • Create your Ebook: This is the best and recommended option. It is necessary for you to write in Sqribble. This gives you the most benefit by ensuring that your Ebook’s design and final outcome are excellent.
  • Copy/Paste Content Manually: You can copy and paste your content from your word or any other document file into sqribble.
  • Upload a file: Sqribble generates your Ebook in moments by submitting a word file. However, because it alters the template far to much, this option must be the least preferred.
  • Start from Article: Copyright-free articles are available on Sqribble, something that you can use in your Ebook.
How to Create an Ebook Quickly

Step 5:

The setup page for each project type is different, and the image below shows what you’ll see if you choose to upload a file from your computer.

How to Create an Ebook Quickly

If you wish to extract content from articles, scribble can help you, as previously said. Take a look at the image below.

How to Create an Ebook Faster

Step 6:

After you’ve completed steps 1 through 5, a screen with the chosen template opens, allowing you to customize the project. The editing platform will show you the editing options available.

  • Settings: The global settings, such as “Headers and Footers,” can be modified.
How to Create an Ebook Quickly and easily
  • Pages: As you go, you can transform the borders, layouts, colors and text of your page 
How to Create an Ebook Easily
How to Create an Ebook Faster
  • Image: You will be able to upload images from your computer as well. The maximum file size is 2MB, and GIF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG are all acceptable formats.
How to Create an Ebook Fast 2022

The pre-existing or the newly uploaded image can be edited. Cropping, style, placement, and other image editing options are offered.

How to Create an Ebook Quickly 2022
  • Elements: You can work on some of the key elements of a page such as page number, header, footer, paragraphs, images, headline, etc., You can positioning them, remove or make visible as you need it be.
How to Create an Ebook Quickly
How to Create an Ebook Fast

You can also edit the fonts by selecting a particular element.

How to Create an Ebook Quickly
  • Colorizer: You can colour the Ebook in whatever way you choose. The choices provided are likeable and compelling.
How to Create an Ebook Fast
  • Adding New Content: If you want to add more or fresh content to your Ebook, this option goes a step further by bringing you options for extracting your content. This is similar to selecting the project type in step 4, however it allows you to add them at any point during the project. 
How to Create an Ebook Quickly and easily
  • Publish: By selecting the “publish” option, you can send it straight to your clients or to other platforms. In Step 2 of the image below, you can see a feature that I really like. The option to pick what page to publish to which client is a highly effective and efficient way to handle a huge group of people that require different levels of information.
1 Click Ebook Maker
  • Generate Ebook: This option enables you to download the Ebook as a pdf file in two methods. 
Make Ebook Faster

Further, it provides you with the option to download your work in other Ebook formats such as “Amazon Kindle”, “EPUB”, and “MOBI”.

Ebook Maker Software

A final copy of your created Ebook can be downloaded, and its final version can be seen below.

Here is another sample of what your Ebook can look like. 


  • Simple
  • Numerous Templates
  • Pre written articles available (copyright free)
  • Editing/Feedback options for your clients
  • Ebook freelancing business
  • Change or edit ebooks anytime
  • One time cost
  • Money back guarantee


  • Free options prevails (ex.canva)
  • Full potential is available on purchase of Upsells

My Verdict on How To Create Ebooks Fast!

Thank you for reading my “How to Create an Ebook Instantly” article all the way through the end. I must say that this is an amazing go-to place for freelancers, marketers, business people, and online entrepreneurs. It’s because of the flexibility it has to offer along with the best and most affordable price of the product. Also if you are planning to make an income from creating Ebooks for others, this is an option worth considering. 

Once again thank you for coming to the blog and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to me through ( or comment below. I will try to do my best to answer your questions.

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