Madsense Revolution Review + OTO Details & Best Bonus

Madsense Revolution Review – 

Time Tested & Proven Method Generates 4-5 Fig & 100,000s Of Visitors Per Month Even For Complete Newbies!

Madsense Revolution Review

What Exactly Is “Madsense Revolution”?

Madsense Revolution Review

Madsense Revolution is a jam-packed, step-by-step training program that takes you from knowing nothing about Viral News Sites to setting up your own viral website, driving over 100,000 unique visitors and generating revenue from all over the internet in less than 30 days.

Madsense Revolution also provides you with a full suite of video modules, DFY elements, materials, resources and a long-term + short-term action plan to generate 6-figure AdSense revenue.

Each module is perfectly designed and planned to allow you to consume the information and get ASAP started. From where to get content to how to get fast free traffic to how to set up your first site for free and more, you’re going to love training.

#1 – The 5 Module Training Series:

  • Module #1: Learn how to set up your six-figure blog and business framework.
  • Module #2: You’ll find out exactly what we look for when creating winning campaigns, where to look and how to get the content created for pennies on the dollar
  • Module #3: You’ll learn all the ways your blog can bring you profits without depending on a single network or offers.
  • Module #4: You will learn how to drive mass traffic without breaking the bank following their latest approach, which I like to call “Balanced Acquisition”
  • Module 5: You’ll learn how to take this business to the next level. From a passive revenue site to a blogging empire

#2 – Done For You Materials To Speed Up Your Progress

Throughout the training you’re going to have to set up things, things like your website, content, monetization, and they’ve done everything they can to give you everything they use in their day-to-day business delivered in a format that’s done for you. Among the DFY elements, you will find things like their secret file that you add to your site and doubles your revenue, content and traffic shortcuts just to name a few.

Madsense Revolution Review – The Product Overview

Product Name Madsense Revolution
Creator Tom Yevsikov
Launch Date [2020-Nov-16] @ 10:00 EDT
Price $27
Bonus Yes, Good Bonuses
Refund 30-Days
Official Site CLICK HERE
Product Type AdSense Training Program
Skill All Levels
Suggestion Highly Recommended

Madsense Revolution Product Rating From Me


About The Authors

Tom Yevsikov

This product is made by the talented Tom Yevsikov, who has gained a reputation for many high-quality products such as Ranksnap 3.0, DropBlogr,, Simple CPA Siphon, EasyRankr, Octopus Revolution, Swypio, Webinar Kit and many more.

Over the years, dedicated to working on solutions using state-of-the-art technology and marketing techniques, he has launched a number of digital products with the aim of creating the ultimate SEO solution for people regardless of their experience in online marketing.

In this latest launch, he teamed up with two other big names in the field, Gaurab Borah and Abdullah Ashraf. Considering the success of these guys, Madsense Revolution will be 100% sure to make you wonder.

The Journey of Madsense Revolution

2016 Method Discovered, Made 6 Figures Alone

In 2016, Abdullah discovered this unique special, strange method of driving Facebook ad traffic to Adsense sites (super-simple sites) and made 6 figures for the following months.

2017 Madsense Reborn, Taught The Method (Facebook Ads + Adsense)

In 2017, Abdullah and Tom Yevsikov teamed up to create a groundbreaking method, revive Adsense’s goldmine money, and teach students how to make six figures.

2018 Madsense Reborn 2.0, Big Changes To The Method Killed Many Marketers

In 2018, all marketers, including us, took a big hit, AdSense became a little less effective, began to ban accounts, and Facebook ads became far too expensive. But s**t hit the AdSense fan, they started suspending accounts and paying less, earnings were a joke, and keeping your account was getting harder. Because as soon as someone started making big money with Adsense, they had their sights on it and the rest is history.

2019 Madsense Revamped, Lost Faith In AdSense, Taught New Monetization Methods

At this point, Abdullah knew that AdSense was no longer as effective as it used to be, so he took on multi-millionaire coaching, did a lot of testing, achieved even greater success, without relying on AdSense.

2020 No More Paid Traffic

2020, the terrible year that everyone hates, was in fact, extremely profitable for Abdullah, his partners and his students. Why? Because they cut off paid traffic, they ditched AdSense and found new sources of traffic that are free and fast. And without knowing it, millions were generated between 2019 and 2020 with free traffic just like that. Using simple, tiny, easy to set up, free to set up sites. In fact, they get 6 traffic figures and 6 earnings figures without spending a dime, and it’s a lot easier than you think.

What Is Inside This New Madsense Revolution?

  1. Five easy modules to follow to generate revenue & traffic today:- each module is perfectly created and planned so that you can consume the information and get started asap. From where to get content to how to get fast free traffic to how to set up your first site for free and more, you’re going to love training.
  2. Done for you materials to speed up your progress:- throughout the training you’re going to need to set up things, things like your website, content, monetization, and they’ve done everything they can to give you everything they use in their day-to-day business delivered in your format.
  3. Fail proof, fill in the CheatSheet blanks that you can check every day:- What separates a good coach from a bad coach is when the coach knows exactly what you need to do to be successful.
  4. 12 month action plan to make a solid 6 digit revenue in 2021 & beyond:- The important thing about this program is not that you can make money today, that’s a given, that’s 101.
  5. 1 day plan (make money today):- and of course, with all due respect for the 12 month action plan, you want to see some results today, you want to know it’s real, you want to withdraw money to your account and see it hit.
  6. Scaling resources, optional paid traffic, growing beyond your wildest dreams once you’re ready:- when it comes to going big, you need to scale, for that, they provide a separate set of resources and training, so that once you’re ready, you can use their materials, resources and paid traffic suggestions to go big.
  7. A solid “exit” plan to sell your business for a LumpSum amount:- you can build as many of these profitable blogs as you want and make a lot of money.

Madsense Revolution Review – Is Madsense Revolution Scam or Legit?

It doesn’t take a genius to know that 90% of the products out there aren’t original. Madsense is unique because of the rare combination of free fast traffic that is reliable, but also a reliable, fast-paying and proven monetization source, “This is 100% unique and brand new, not a refresh or re-launch.”

Here’s nothing that has been proven and tested and improved over four years, with hundreds of thousands of results to show, and that can give you results in hours. With Madsense Revolution system,

  • Anyone can do this and get fantastic results.
  • There is no risk at all. they even have a money back guarantee on the program.
  • ​Start with no budget at all, they even help you take care of the website, and the traffic is free and fast.
  • ​No technical skills or experience is required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible, you just need to follow simple instructions.
  • Unlimited potential, I am talking here about a multi billion dollar market with low competition and a no guess work, you start, you earn, you scale, you earn more, very simple and straight forward.
  • ​Leverage tens of thousands in tests, all their data, knowledge and effort put into this, what they learned over 4 years, all the changes, their $10,000 coaching students feedback and more and for you it’s a step by step system to follow.

Madsense Revolution method is not a scam. It is proven and tested by the authors and lot of students since 2016. This is not a get rich quick opportunity. You should ready to put your best efforts and take action. Otherwise it will be scam to you.

Is There Any Proof For Madsense Revolution?

Not one, two but there are so many proofs. Take a look at these… 100% free traffic without spending a single dollar for advertising.

These amount of free traffic resulted in profits like these…

The other students are also getting the results…

and see more proof on here.

Is Madsense Revolution Worth Buying?

This pandemic has wiped out so many people, and paid traffic is not getting cheaper. This is the perfect time to let you know about this new system.

This program is a complete program where you learn how to get massive amounts of free traffic while you get paid per click (not per sale) from trusted publisher networks that pay fast.

And the promise, huh? They’ll get you to 100k/visitors per month without spending a dime on traffic, while building a six-figure business for the next 12 months. And how to make your first $30, $50, $70 as soon as today.

And I’m telling you, you’ve never seen such a complete, easy-to-follow program that’s not worth $1,000+. It’s like a high-end coaching program, priced at 2 big pizzas. All you need to do is follow the instructions and have a $0 budget for traffic, that’s it, I promise.

This is the most complete program that you can find at this price ($37 One-time). Guaranteed.

Madsense Revolution Review – What Are The Pros and Cons?

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”– Pros –” cons_title=”– Cons –” button_icon=”icon icon-cart-4″ link_text=”VISIT OFFICIAL WEBSITE” link=”” ][i2pros]Easy to understand training & presentation is very good
A true new strategy for 2021
Get results in less than 24 hours
Included real student results and testimonials
Works 24/7 getting you traffic & commissions
Easily repeatable & scalable
Copy & paste the customizable, proven & profitable speed templates included for free
Get a 12 month action plan to 6 figures, including all of the resources, and DFY materials for quick start
100% whitehat and AdSense safe
[/i2pros][i2cons]Honestly there are cons identified until now. Absolutely amazing training for AdSense lovers.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Madsense Revolution OTO & Pricing Info

Madsense Revolution: The Front End ($37-$47 One-Time)

  • How To Get 100k+ visitors per month
  • Brand NEW strategy, never shared before
  • Free traffic + paid traffic = Easy profits
  • Faster Scaling
  • Viral news loadout: 11 most practical files for news site owners
  • 12 month action plan for 6 figures
  • New Publisher Networks (Independent of AdSense)
  • More Traffic Sources & many more

Madsense Revolution OTO1: SliderSense ($37-$97 One-Time)

The world’s best WP pagination tool that creates gorgeous sliders, increases your ad CTR and makes your Madsense campaigns 4x or more profitable. The only slider plugin that gives you more clicks, boosts your CPM and keeps your income safe. Works on any theme of WordPress. No technical experience is required. Their hidden secret to 200 percent + Viral News King.

– 1 Site License ($37)
– 3 Site License ($47)
– Unlimimited Site License ($97)

Madsense Revolution OTO2: DFY Site + Campaigns + Case Studies ($397 One-Time)

The DFY website is your 1-click solution to all issues on your site. In this package, you set up your entire site to meet their 6 digit standards in less than 72 hours. Ensure that each and every part of your viral news business is running smoothly so that you can focus more on content production.

It also includes the section on DFY ads and case studies. Inside this exclusive training, their students will be given a number of campaigns that they have run ourselves to make thousands of.

This includes the ad copy, the ad image, the targeting and the exact articles used. They’re also going through these ads with all their real life case studies.

Madsense Revolution OTO3: Madsense TrafficX ($47 One-Time)

You’ll learn from one of their most secretly guarded traffic sources that they use to crush Madsense with Mobile Ads + Mobile Publishers. They will show you exactly what these publishers are, how to get approved, and how to start profiting quickly from them.

Madsense Revolution OTO4: Flipping Formula ($47 One-Time)

Upgrade 4 is an incredible course of value for anyone who really wants to scale their Madsense revenue. In this program, they’re going from the beginning to the end of teaching you how to flip these big money websites to different sites. Sites that make $10 with AdSense go to thousands of sites like Flippa. Madesense Flipping Mastery might have 9X your income with almost no extra work. This is a new and updated version of 2020.

Madsense Revolution Review – My Final Thoughts

Paid traffic is no longer a viable option for beginners or anyone without a 3k test budget especially during the entire pandemic mess.

People are losing money on advertising and solo ads and are leaving the masses. This is the perfect timing to let you know about a new system that has just come out called the Madsense Revolution.

Now hear this and get ready because your jaw is about to drop: my good friend Abdullah Asharaf, a 21-year-old UK millionaire, has been able to generate more than USD 2.5 million for himself and his students using nothing but free traffic and publisher networks.

Publisher networks basically means that you get paid per click, not per sale. But you need a lot of traffic, and paid traffic isn’t good for that.

Now he’s getting 100,000+ visitors a month to his links and sites, earning revenue per click, and teaching everything from 0 to hero, including your own customized 12-month action plan to 6 figures, and how to make money as soon as today.

Inside the revolution of Madsense. And I’m telling you, you have never seen such a complete, easy to follow program that isn’t priced at $1,000+.

It’s like a high-end coaching program, priced at 2 big pizzas. You need to check it out, go to the link. Thank you for recommending this later.

Special Madsense Revolution Bonus From Me

SPS Reviews Bonus

You Can Pick Any 2 Bonus Packages

Bonus Package #1 (Value $2,566) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #2 (Value $2,323) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #3 (Value $5,500) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #4 (Value $1,124) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #5 (Value $3,560) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #6 (Value $997.0) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #7 (Value $2,456) => See The Bonus

Bonus Package #8 (Value $997.0) => See The Bonus

Note: These are my custom bonuses for “Madsense Revolution” You can’t find these bonuses anywhere else on the internet. I hope my bonuses will help you get best results with this product.

How To Claim My Custom Bonuses?

STEP 1: “CLICK HERE” or click on any one of the buttons advertised on this page and it will take you to the official sales page.

STEP 2: Order the product from official website.

STEP 3: Send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 24 hours.


Madsense Revolution Review – Some Of The Interesting Facts

AdSense is much more profitable than you ever thought. This traffic source has been under your eyes all this time. And trust me, you don’t know how profitable it is. Now you might be wondering, Tom and Abdullah, what are the traffic sources you guys are using that are so amazing, according to you? Well the main one, and the one they recommend you start with, is also the one that gives us 100k+ visitors a month free of charge.

And while they would like it to remain hidden so that nobody steals from them (they have very good product access protection, so that only paying customers can access the information). I can tell you that it’s been under your eyes all this time, and maybe you’ve even tried it. But you haven’t crushed it like them and their students, they know exactly how to dominate this beast.

And today right now you’ll be able to see traffic from it in the hundreds, without any previous skills or knowledge of this traffic source (or their additional free traffic sources that they constantly test and add to the program) over 100,000 clicks per month without spending a dime… Well how about that?

So let me ask you this if traffic is the lifeblood of any business, then if you could get 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 clicks a year a quarter, a month, would your business be profitable? Yes, it would have been. And because of that, they’re so confident in their program and method, they’re proud of their students, and they’ve designed the ultimate program to change your life for the better. They designed the ultimate program to reshape anyone’s life regardless of their experience.

Madsense will allow you to buy back your time! Whatever you do in your job, business or services at the moment, is replenishable. But it’s not your time. This saves time on trial and error, find out traffic sources, set up a site, find ad placements, and more!

Blah-so much work, so little leverage, you suck! This saves time and allows faster, risk-free results. Remember, free traffic and a fast-paying publisher network = goldmine.

* Thank you for reading my Madsense Revolution review on this page. I welcome you to visit my website everyday for latest internet marketing product reviews. Please share this article with your friends and family if you wish.

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