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Mailzapp Review – 

The first-ever email marketing tool that uses A.I. To get more of your emails opened and clicked and with zero monthly fees! Finally, an email autoresponder that works harder to get you results…

Mailzapp Review


The fact that you read this message here is an indication that email marketing works, but the problem is:

Tools for email marketing are broken (and they cost you money and time!)

I don’t know, but e-mail marketing tools shouldn’t actually help you get better at e-mail marketing?

Shouldn’t they help you get more open rates, clicks, and sales?

However, we pay all of these monthly email fees, which don’t help us achieve results.

Thinking about it, you do the hard work of the majority of email marketing tools:

  • managing campaigns
  • optimizing your open rates
  • removing old subscribers
  • figuring out how to create better emails

Why can’t you have an email marketing tool that thinks and works more for you?

This cool new tool called “Mailzapp” uses A.I. machine learning to help you send emails that get opens, clicks, and sales.

Mailzapp Review – The Product Overview

Product NameMailzapp
CreatorMadhav Dutta
Launch Date[2021-Feb-12] @ 11:00 EDT
Official Site
Product TypeEmail autoresponder
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionHighly Recommended


What Exactly Is “Mailzapp”?

E-mail marketing remains the most powerful way to sell products and services to million-dollar marketers on the world from U.S. Presidents. E-mail marketing is still the first choice to get people to act.

It’s even better than social media, yeah. Ask yourself this, if you do not believe me – how did you get this site today?

Was it on the website from a random link or an e-mail?

The e-mail was provided to 97% of people who read the message.

The fact that you read this message here is scientific proof that email marketing works.

The problem is the breakdown of email marketing tools which takes time and money.

“Mailzapp” is a new email marketing system that uses machine learning and technology to learn you and your subscribers about how to create winning emails. Mailzapp is your “robot” email marketing that ultimately helps you get results! It does not only learn your writing and marketing style but also learns what works and what doesn’t work for you and your list and optimizes your emails automatedly to achieve better results!

The Mailzapp software works in few easy steps:

  1. Step #1: Choose a template: Mailzapp is loaded with proven designs that look great on each device and help you to stand out in every industry as a professional. A creative feeling? Use the simple drag/drop editor in minutes to make your own designs. Not necessary coding or other tools.
  2. Step #2: Set your  AI: tell Mailzapp your acceptable open rates and unsubscribe rates for your campaign… It optimizes your emails automatically to achieve your objectives.
  3. Step #3: Add your text: to your e-mail and be ready to e-mail. You can add images, videos, gifs, and text, just like you want to look, fully formatted.
  4. Step #4: Test subject line before sending: Mailzpp will automatically suggest a subject line and alert you to spam issues or lower open rates before you send an email! Test subject line prior to sending:
  5. Step #5: Mailzapp will also verify your mail so that it contains no words that may trigger your subscribers’ spam warnings or automatically send your e-mail to their spam folder.
  6. Step #6: Send the e-mail and track: schedule your e-mail, add to your autoresponder or send immediately, use the potent tracking and reporting tools within your Mailzapp to see how they work and how better results are obtained over time.

Mailzapp Review – What Mailzapp Can Do For You?

  • The email which works: the first email marketing tool in the world to actually train and adapt your email marketing and opening rates to maximize what works and hasn’t worked for you in the past.
  • Monitoring in real-time: not wait for it to be over. See how minutes of your emails are done so that you can change your emails for more openings and sales.
  • Squeeze out more sales: Mailzapp never stops splitting your campaigns for every dollar by automatic ab split tests.
  • Sending with confidence: test subject lines to get the best results from day one before sending them to your list.
  • Great email design as easy as possible: create emails that compete with your competitors and seduce your subscribers with no coding or design skills. Drag & drop email editor, HTML email import, Professional email templates & Mobile-friendly designs
  • Squeeze out more sales: Mailzapp always juices your dollar campaigns with automatic ab split tests.
  • Sending with confidence: test subject lines to get the best results from day one before sending them to your list.

Mailzapp Review – What Do I Like From The Most?

  1. Mailzapp catches errors and issues we all make (which can cost tens of thousands in lost sales!). It is easy to make mistakes with email marketing when you are busy or tired, but who is your back?
  2. Mailzapp is your personal email assistant who is ready for spam-related mistakes, weak subject areas, and other problems that might cost you thousands in lost sales and unsubscribes.
  3. It also has the powerful A.I. Please do not make money to adjust your subject line to mails that are not opened.
  4. Automatic split tests: cast off costly tools and difficult methods of testing. The emails that produce results will automatically be found in this technology, so you can continue your day.

Mailzapp Review – What Are The Best Features?

  • Easy and intuitive automation designer: build automation flows by interacting with your e-mails. your subscribers. Ideal for funnels.
  • Send tailored emails: to people based on the pages, they have viewed, filled out forms, comments, or the products they have purchased, and watch your emails soar.
  • Interest tagging: send email corresponding to subscribers on the basis of their interest, problems, or requests in the past, without having to “break up” your lists into dozens of smaller lists.
  • Powerful personalization: first name, location, age, and other variables of the addressed subscriber you collected while logging up and create a personal touch to enhance the response rates.
  • Auto-schedule e-mails: prepare whole campaigns or single e-mails in advance of time, prepare to send on specific dates, times, days, or events.
  • Easy contact administration: keep your subscriber’s information up to date, export information, and clean your list automatically to remove invalid emails.
  • Grow your list more quickly: mobile forms for sign-up. Enhance your optin rates with shapes that work perfectly on all screens and devices.
  • Importing CSV: importing previous lists of emails from your old authors and making email marketing work for your business more efficiently on the ground.
  • Segment and conquest: segmentation is essential for high opening rates and more answers. Mailzapp allows you to segment subscribers to generate sub-lists and send them highly targeted messages that they convert on a variety of triggers and regulations.
  • Easy management of subscribers: update, purge, delete, and more from an easy dashboard. Maintain your lists tidy, timely, and cost-effective on day one.
  • Profiles: state-of-the-art analytics for improving sales.
  • Metric report conversion: see what works, and what doesn’t work from a simple report.
  • Click Map: would you like to know the links clicked by your subscribers? The click map shows you the winning links and those that are ignored.
  • Campaign Analytics: get your email campaign’s bird’s eye view so you can see what works and double the results.
  • Analytics for automation: which is your best automation? See results in a dedicated analytical display for automation.
  • Form Analytics: find out the forms that receive the best rate for optins so you can rinse your method on new websites and repeat it. It also works with your new favorite tools!
  • Integrations: Mailzapp seamlessly integrates with Zapier, Mintware products, Public API & more.
  • Unlimited users: Either a marketing team or a multi-customer agency, Mailzapp comes with unlimited accounts, with no additional charges.
  • Customizable unsubscribe page: Your unsubscribe page is the way you can repair, regain subscribers and even make money. You can create your own unsubscribe page with custom designs, images, video and text that allows people to feel good about themselves and their companies. Create unsubscribe pages that stand out and work harder to maintain a healthy and secure reputation for your subscribers. You can even use your unsubscribe page to refer subscribers to a JV partner, an affiliate offer, or even ads sponsored in them for money even if you lose a subscriber!
  • Premium customer support or help: Mailzap is a renowned software firm with 25,000 active users and product sales of more than $3,000,000. With the world-class support of all customers, they stand by their products. So you get support within 24 hours or less.

Mailzapp Review – How Much Useful This Tool Is?

Artificial Intelligence does all the heavy lifting× You do all the tedious work manually
Automation does all the work for you× No fire-and-forget campaigns
Gorgeous templates for emails & newsletters× Constantly wonder why you’re not getting results
Deep insights about campaign performance× Using boring templates
Optimized open rates× No machine-based learning support
Thousands of royalty-free images× Unoptimized campaigns and open rates
Integration with 3rd party apps× No interaction-based automation
Peace of mind× No Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in emails
You list loves you× Your list thinks you boring

Who “Mailzapp” Is For?

Mailzapp gets results for all types of business

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Ecom store owners
  • Product launchers
  • Local businesses
  • Marketing agencies
  • Social media marketers
  • Newbies
  • Freelancers
  • Email marketing consultants

Whether you are a brand new business, a student, a home parent, a side-hustler, or a seasoned entrepreneur, Mailzapp can help you achieve the results you want by sending emails and saving you 100 dollars annually!

Mailzapp was made for you if you need better email results!

Mailzapp Review – Is It Worth Buying?

When every e-mail sent to you costs an average of $20, what if in the next two weeks you could double this?

This could mean that $20,000 per year is made to $40,000 without additional traffic or marketing!

Does it think it can’t?

If it is possible to double your open rate, and if you are able to double your click rate, it can be.

If both your open rate and your click rate can be doubled?

This is when the potential for profit truly starts!

You don’t need to spend single additional time traffic, marketing, creating products, funnel tweaking, or raising your prices.

You could see better results than ever with a few simple tweaks in Mailzapp!

And please remember that you save $100 a year on autoresponders each year along with days or even weeks of manually optimizing, testing, and managing your emails the old way.

Mailzapp OTO, Upsells & Pricing


The premium autoresponder sends not just reliably emails but helps to build a list. This is full of features. In the front end, the silver ($47) and gold ($97) levels are two levels.

  • Silver: five million sendings months, two thousand contacts, regular sending servers, mandatory duplicate opt-in, mobile accelerated pages (amp), technology, the functionality of the newsletter, signup forms, tagging for subscribers, segmentation, easy subscriber & message analytics, free migration.
  • Gold: Silver in all and more: unlimited email sent every month, 15,000 contacts, upgraded sending servers, optional double opt-in, no throttling, optimization of campaigns by artificial intelligence, automatic email mail, agency access, dashboard user management, intuitive drag, and drop book, inbox checker, HTML emails, cloud-free broadcasting, royalty-free stock image, email address & more features are available, look at the preview of the sales page.

In short, I would like to recommend silver to your customers which are about to get started or have not used the system ‘intensively,’ but the game of gold is pretty much ideal for all given the huge value of the system.


Platinum: Advanced level auto autoresponder with everything on front-end offer and without limitation of contacts, our most efficient sending servers, agency rights with 5 more users, more models, unlimited sign-up forms for the web, landing page, etc…

In a nutshell, this is the leading e-mail, IA, and automation version of Mailzapp. Recommended for companies and advanced marketers (or those aspiring to get to the advanced level – good investment to make and grow into).

Note: Buyers must pass the funnel and must get to the front end in order to receive the Oto1. If the buy is not found for FE purchase with the same user email address the system detects whether the front end is bought freezes the account. It can’t later be undone.


Users of this upgrade can begin immediately to directly sell their digital products within Mailzapp – no separate eCommerce system is required. Create product pages, add pictures, descriptions, connect/payment processors quickly, and you are ready to sell the product. Share the single product page, or better yet, e-mail the entire product listing – a mail-app e-mail is created for the product that users can e-mail to their list at once.

In short, it’s enormous for someone who wants to add digital goods to their portfolio without having to subscribe to expensive or repetitive e-commerce systems.

OTO3 – MAILZAPP RESELLER ($197 – $497)

Obtain your own reseller accounts that can be sold to your customers at a one-time or (better yet) repetitive fee. Resellers are able to create and manage their reseller’s dashboard.  3 packages are offered on the basis of the number (and price) of accounts:

  • Lite: 50 accounts ($197),
  • Pro: 100 ($297) accounts,
  • Ninja: 200 ($497) accounts.


Get more than 100 handcrafted e-mails in various leading niches in the world. These include some of the top e-mails we have used in the five-figure promo ourselves. E-mails are a series of at least 7 niche e-mails, most niches have more than that. Emails can be preloaded to the Mailzapp system and converted with just a few clicks into a sequence.

This upgrade is perfect for those who don’t feel so comfortable, or who don’t have luxuries of time to create a highly conversive email copy.

Something About The Mailzapp Team

Mailzapp Team

The Mintware team has created some of the most successful marketers software products for over three million sales and 25,000 active users over the past five years. Simply put, they can develop tools that solve people’s real problems.

It’s because they’ve tired of paying $100 a year for authors who haven’t made e-mail marketing easier to get results.

They wanted a tool to make email marketing easier and squeeze out more profit, reduce unsubscriptions and stay out of the spam folder, as were the thousands of loyal customers.

I believe that Mailzapp will always change how business owners market email and ultimately get more opens, clicks, and sales without putting a lot of extra time, money, or thinking into the marketing of their products.

Mailzapp Review: Should I Get This?

This will make you think twice about the autoresponder or email marketing tool that you used when you build a list and send an email.

And, it is so powerful freak in, I swear, it will put a lot of more email marketing tools on tools and can replace many people’s jobs (like copywriters, editors, marketing consultants, and more.)

The machines would take over and substitute us, I always thought, but it happened faster than I thought. If you want your emails to be opened, clicked on, and made greener, and perhaps even more clever to make your list appear, you will be thrilled with the newest brand email marketing tool.

Oh, and didn’t there be any monthly fees I mentioned?

Yeah, let that sink into for a second, think how much it’s hundreds per year, and I’m willing to bet it is nowhere close to being as powerful as this new tool, which doesn’t really help you to send better e-mails, either.

Sorry, there are no monthly fees for this thing. Most email tools are about $49 a month or close something.

Yeah, that’s 100 dollars saved a year… plus the ability to email better results? If you ask me, total win!

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Thank you for reading my honest Mailzapp review. I hope you got clear information about this software. Please visit my website to read more software and internet marketing product reviews almost every day.

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