MarketiBot Review – Run Your Online Business on 27×7 Autopilot!

MarketiBot Review

MarketiBot Review

MarketiBot Review – Introduction

To make a lot of money online in 2021, you don’t need more experience, you don’t need better products or services, you don’t even need lower prices. You just need to be faster than the competition.

What’s really cool about online marketing these days is that you don’t need skills or authority or even a brand because buyers today don’t care. If you’ve been online for 10 years or 10 minutes if you’ve got what they want and can answer the questions fast, and make it easy for them to buy you actually get paid.

It’s simple enough but there are plenty of moving parts to get this right you need traffic and a way to convert that traffic into prospects and you need a platform to sell your products and services and of course, multiple ways to connect with your leads and customers to keep the profits flowing in all this used to require a lot of different apps and platforms including multiple social media tools and autoresponder, store builder chat messenger and more which can add up to hundreds even thousands of dollars in monthly subscriptions.

Thanks to this brand new automation technology It makes everything simple in one central dashboard. Please go through my full Marketibot review for a better understanding of how it works, how it can grow your business.

MarketiBot Review – The Product Overview

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Launch Date:2021-Mar-12
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Recommendation:Highly Recommended
Refund:30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche: Software

MarketiBot Review – What Is This Software?

Marketibot is a brand new all-in-one software solution that creates your own little e-commerce store just like Shopify, and it sends automated traffic to your store (or maybe any offer you would like) by replying to your audience those who visit/engage on your social media accounts 24×7.

Anyone can use Marketibot to launch and manage their automated online business from a single dashboard. From within this powerful platform, you can handle everything: traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, and sales. By canceling all those apps you won’t use any longer, you can save thousands of dollars per year. You’ll save hours of time because you won’t have to juggle multiple tools to accomplish everything this does. With only one password to remember, you’ll save time and effort.


Marketibot Review – How Does It Work?

  • Social media automation

Get free traffic, grow your audience & turn fans into buyers with all-in-one posting & engagement features on autopilot

  • Ecommerce sales & lead generation

Create stunning ecom stores in minutes, collect payments & grow your list without paying for hosting

  • Multi-channel customer marketing

Maximize profits by reaching your customers everywhere with automated chatbots, emails & social commenting crush your competition

Marketibot Review – What Are The Best Features?

  • Completely Beginner-Friendly
  • Tutorials and Ready-Made Templates are included.
  • With your affiliate (or other) links, automatically respond to every comment on your Instagram posts.
  • Facebook Poster in its Complete Form To your Facebook pages and groups, you can post text, an image, a link video, or a carousel/video.
  • Sending Messages in Bulk Send a message to all of your Messenger subscribers at once.
  • Setup a full-featured messenger bot to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Reply automatically Allows you to set auto-reply and private-reply options for comments.
  • Send a large number of messages The ability to send BULK messages to page subscribers is included.
  • Auto-reply to comments feature  Has the ability to send auto-replies to your post’s commenters.
  • The private auto-reply feature  Has the ability to send auto-replies to the commenters on your post.
  • An automatic remark such as Has the ability to automatically like new posts on your page.
  • Post a text, image, video, or link Has the ability to post any type of content to Facebook pages.
  • Manage the message on the page Allows you to see unread messages, send replies, and chat with others.
  • By replying to inbox messages based on keywords, Bot Reply helps to improve page response time.

MarketiBot Review – My Experience of Using It

Welcome to my Marketbot review and member’s area walkthrough. I got full access to Marketibot + all the upgrades. So whatever I wrote here in this section is actually my own trial and test. You can trust my review.

Marketibot’s dashboard looks very nice and clean. As usual, the main menu located in the left side column. Here the all your campaign and stats are clearly shown.

The very first thing you must do in Marketibot is to connect your social profiles. There are over 8 different social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest ect. that can be connected and automated by Marketibiot. Which is really amazing. I only connected my Facebook for this demonstration purpose.

To set up your first auto-reply and auto comments, go to the “comment Automation menu and you have to set up some comments & auto-reply templates. The difference between Auto Comment & Auto Replies is, The Auto Comment will be sent to your customer without their message. The Auto-Reply option is only gonna work if a visitor leaves a message on your social profiles. Simply set up your Auto Comment/Reply templates to proceed next step.

Now let’s set up the Comment Automation here. Select your page (All your Facebook pages will be listed once you have connected your FB account with MartketiBot). Once you have selected the respective page, all your posts on that page will be listed in the right-side column.

What nice about Marketibot is, you can set up Comment Automation for page level as well as post level. Meaning, if someone comments on any one of your posts, a specified message will be sent to that person.

As you can see here, when you select a specific post, you have three options. Enable Auto-Reply, Enable-Auto-Comment or you can Leave a Comment right away.

Now let’s come to the page level campaign set up and let’s customize our message here. Type what to sent. The General Message For All: Sends a common message for all kinds of comments by the people.

The Send Message by Filtering Words/Sentence: Marketibot replies a specific comment to specific keywords typed by the audience. Also, with Marketibot, you can personalize the message to the audience.

In case no matching keywords are found, then set up another reply comment here.

In the section, you can manage/control all your subscribers (Messenger & Conversation). Only the subscribers of a selected page will be shown here.

Messenger Bot: In the previous options, only the text messages can be sent either by auto commenting or auto-replies. By using this Messenger Bot system, you can send out text messages, specific links, downloadable files, etc.

Let’s set up a test Messenger Bot campaign. Name it, select a type from the drop-down list, enter specific keywords, choose the delay to your reply after the chatter comment on your page & set up your message.

As you can these are the different types. text, image, audio, video, file, etc.

Broadcast is something similar to email broadcasting. Here, you can send a message to all your audience at once. This feature is very useful for people who want to announce a special offer/deal/coupon or may be used to send important announcements as well.

Flow Builder: Which is the real automation machine that puts all your tasks on autopilot. There are DFY flow temples you can choose from in various different niches. Let’s say if you have an e-commerce store/blog or maybe some affiliate/sales funnels to send traffic to, this feature puts everything on autopilot. When a chatter comes to your social media profile and types something in your messenger, he/she can be eligible to go through this flow.

Also, you can remove/replace the flow element however you want. Also, it can be possible to create a flow from the blank template as well.

A zoomed view of an example (e-commerce) flow.

Marketibot has this powerful store feature that can be used to create a stunning e-commerce store in any niche. Just like a Shopify store, you have full control over the stores you create with Marketibot. Store creation with your brand logo, checkout page settings, price, product add/edit feature, payment integrations, and all other required settings to run as successful stores online.

This store feature is specifically designed to get the best results with Marketiboat automation.

As you can see a sample product I have added to my SPS store (created by Marketibot)

This is how the product page will look like. Your customers can add to the cart, proceed to checkout just like they do in a normal online store. You receive payments from your customers for every successful checkout.

Social Posting: From this section, you can prepare your social media posts and published them on all your 8 social media accounts from the app itself. This saves a lot of time and a boring job of login in and log out every time you want to post on 8 different social accounts. You have text post, image post, video post, link post, HTML post as well.

A good software system should come up with a step by step training & tutorials to teach how to set up everything from scratch. Marketibot has a series of step-by-step tutorial videos and showing you everything you need to know about this system.

— MarketiBot Walkthrough Video —

What MarketiBot Can Do For You In a Nutshell?

  • Beginner-friendly | proven results | money-back guarantee
  • Launch-exclusive commercial rights use Marketibot for clients, keep 100% of the revenues
  • The ultimate beginner-friendly all-in-one marketing solution
  • Generate passive leads & sales in any niche
  • Get free viral traffic from 8 top social networks
  • Built-in automation for turning new leads into buyers
  • Make pure profits from unlimited ecom stores
  • Save $1000s a year with no more monthly subscriptions:
  • Autoresponder, chat messaging & automated social media management suite included
  • Hosting for all your ecom stores included

>> Let’s see the outline of everything <<

MarketiBot Review – The Pros and Cons


  • 100% beginner-friendly
  • Fully compliant & Facebook-approved
  • No tech skills or manual integrations needed
  • Be up & running in minutes with step-by-step video training
  • Automates multi-channel marketing to maximize your exposure
  • Tap into free traffic from 8 top social networks
  • Leverage the latest technologies to skyrocket conversions
  • Launch unlimited ecom stores with hosting included
  • Replace multiple expensive subscriptions to save $1000s each year
  • Works in any niche
  • Epic training and support


  • No cons found

Who Should You Buy It?

Anyone who wants to run a successful online business in any one of the following areas, that kind of people can use this software.

  • affiliate marketing
  • eCom selling
  • drop shipping
  • social media marketing
  • lead generation

Also, this software is perfect for people who just getting started to make money online.

If you are a blogger and want to engage with your audience you can use this software

If you are a freelancer and want to offer this bot service to your customers, you can have this.

The possibilities are endless.

The Pricing & Evaluation


Marketibot is an all-in-one chatbot salesforce eCommerce solution + FB chat level, comments, and likes automation software with a powerful email broadcast solution for multi-channel audience reach.

[+] Fb comment automation: auto comment campaign
[+] Comment automation: auto-reply posts
[+] No. Facebook accounts – unlimited
[+] No. Of Facebook pages – unlimited
[+] Facebook posting : text/image/link/video post
[+] Facebook posting: carousel/slider post
[+] Facebook posting: CTA post
[+] Conversation promo broadcast send
[+] Ecommerce store – unlimited
[+] Flow builder (limit on the number of flows user can create) – unlimited
[+] Email broadcast – unlimited (SMTP integration or autoresponder)
[+] Email sequence campaign – unlimited
[+] Email phone opt-in form builder – unlimited
[+] Subscriber manager: background lead scan


Instagram automation feature to empower reach out to the 1 billion sized market audience + sms broadcast + unlimited chat flow builder

[+] Instagram auto comment reply
[+] Flow builder (limit on the number of flows user can create) – unlimited
[+] One-time notification send – 5 (meaning, you can send up to 5 promotional messages within 24 hours – facebook limitation)
[+] Sms broadcast
[+] Sms sequence campaign – 5


Take advantage of 8 extra social media platforms for maximum reach out and bring your brand circling everywhere with the same automation powers

[+] All FE+OTO1+OTO2 features +
[+] Social poster – account import: LinkedIn
[+] Social poster – account import: medium
[+] Social poster – account import: wordpress
[+] Social poster – account import: wordpress (self-hosted)
[+] Social poster – account import: blogger
[+] Social poster – account import: Pinterest
[+] Social poster – account import: Reddit
[+] Social poster – account import: Twitter
[+] Social poster – account import: youtube
[+] Social poster – HTML post
[+] Social poster – image post
[+] Social poster – link post
[+] Social poster – text post
[+] Social poster – video post
[+] RSS auto-posting
[+] Search tools
[+] One-time notification send – 20


[+] Including FE + features + OTO 1+ OTO 2
[+] 100 users

MarketiBot Frequently Asked Questions

[ Q. ] How Does Marketibot Make My Life Easier & More Profitable?

Every core marketing solution is contained within a single dashboard with this software. You’ll save dozens of hours of your time, as well as hundreds to thousands of dollars in recurring subscription fees. Because everything inside Marketibot works together right away, it simplifies your life. There will be no tangled integrations or technical nightmares… Simply set everything up once and you’re ready to go.

[ Q. ] Can I Use This For Affiliate Marketing?

Sure, and it’s actually one of our favorite ways to use chatbots. To practically automate commissions, include affiliate links in both your chat and email marketing messages!

[ Q. ] How Fast Can I Get Results?

We can’t make any claims about your individual results because it’s against the law. But we CAN say that many Marketibot users, including some complete beginners, have generated new traffic, leads, and even sales on their FIRST DAY.

[ Q. ] I’M A Beginner – Will This Help Me?

Yes, absolutely! To begin, you don’t have to do or use everything. We’ve had a lot of beginners start with social media tools and then progress to multi-channel marketing when they’re ready. In addition, in an over-the-shoulder video, the step-by-step training walks you through everything.

[ Q. ] What About Traffic?

One of Marketibot’s best features is how it helps you get more FREE traffic from authority social platforms. You won’t need any paid advertising to make this work… Marketibot, on the other hand, can be integrated directly into paid traffic campaigns if and when you want to scale.

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Thank you for reading my honest MarketiBot review. I hope you got the clear information about this software. Please visit my website to read more software and internet marketing product reviews almost every day.

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