Member App Challenge Review & Bonus – Recreating A ‘Workshop-Like’ Environment On The Internet”

Challenges By Member App Review

Member App Challenges Review


COVID-19 has made it hard for many people to offer workshops. Because of this, they have had to move their workshops over to the internet. There is a problem though: it is difficult to hold someone’s attention on the internet.

Many marketers have used Facebook groups, Instagram private chats, or webinars to host their challenges. But there are problems with these methods. For one thing, they’re not very professional. It’s difficult to charge people a high fee for unprofessional challenges run through social media or webinars.

But there is a solution to create and run professional workshops on the internet without any distractions. With this new SAAS service called Challenges By Member App, you can do a workshop that includes all of the things students love about in-person workshops: interaction, homework, active learning, daily content, interactive chat, etc. The result is better for both you and your students. You can charge more and stay up to date with how your student is doing!

Member App Challenge Review – The Product Overview

==> Product Name: Challenges By Member App

==> Product Creator: Sam Bakker

==> Price: $67 [Worth The Money]

==> Bonus: Yes

==> Refund: 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

==> Official Site:

==> Product Type: Challenges Creator Online App

==> Recommendation: Highly Recommended

What Is a Challenge?

It has many names. Challenge, Bootcamp, or Marathon. It’s like a workshop or boot camp but it’s on the internet. These ‘Challenges’ start at a specific date and time when you sign up to finish a goal by the end of it. Your goal could be to learn a new skill, build a website or make money online.

When the challenge starts, students can talk to each other and with the person who is teaching. Every day they get new things to do. After 30-60 days, they will finish their challenge and have accomplished what they said at the beginning when they agreed to this challenge.

Member App Challenge Review – What Is it?

With the Challenges by Member App, you can create a professional challenge. You can make a time-based challenge or one that never expires. You can customize your challenge in the visual editor by changing colors and adding pictures. When you publish your challenge, you have to invite people first. You can also integrate it with other services so that people could use pre-selling or selling spaces to buy spots for your challenges.

With Member App Challenge you can:

  • Create professional challenges in minutes, not hours
  • Share your content with your audience and start earning money immediately
  • Set course start times & end times
  • Set evergreen challenges
  • Create & review student homework
  • Put reminders & student notifications
  • Generate challenge certificates digitally
  • You can do a challenge group chat
  • Do automatic workshop/webinar enrollment
  • Track students challenge progress

About The Creator

Sam Bakker is an established entrepreneur and digital marketing guru who has spent the last few years developing some of his best video marketing products to date.

He has been in the online business world for over a decade. He specializes in video marketing products such as Virtual Event Summit and is well respected among industry peers, even ranking as one of JVZoo’s best vendors.

This time, he decides to launch a brand new product – Member App Challenge or Challenges by Member App. I am certain that it will not be an exception and I wonder if it’s a good match for you. Please go on to the next part in order to figure out if this product is a good match for you or not!

How Does Member App Challenge Work?

In three simple steps, you can able to create challenges using Challenges by Member App.

==> Step 1: Create your ‘Challenge’

You need to choose the name for your challenge. You also need to set a start and end date. Then you can create lessons for your challenge. The lessons will be released at the times you choose.

==> Step 2: Customize Your Challenge

You can find the ‘Visual Editor’ in the sidebar on the right side of this page. The editor will allow you to customize your challenge and preview it.

==> Step 3: Publish & Sell your challenge

Publish your challenge and invite people to join. Connect it with a third-party service so that when they buy or sell something, you can see who wins. Manage the challenge as people take part in it. You can check progress and add new people throughout the duration of your challenge.

Watch This Member App Challenge Demo Video to See How It Works

How This Member App Challenge Can Help You? & Who Should Grab It?

Course Creators

Challenges By Member App – Challenges in your course can make students feel more engaged. You can create a challenge where students work together and compete with each other at the same time.

Challenges also give them more time to complete the training. It is easier for them to connect with one another and be motivated by each other when they are working on a challenge.

As a course creator, you can make your students’ results better. Take testimonials for your future challenges. Sell more products and package them in a course that is 30 or 60 days long.

Software Developers

If you want to sign people up for your software and have them pay a monthly fee, the best way is through a challenge. You can do this by teaching them how to use it over 30 days.

If they finish the challenge, then give them a reward or offer. This will make people more loyal and increase customer retention!

For example, you give students a 30 day trial to your software. Then you use the challenge to help them successfully use your software and get results.

If they finish the challenge, they will stay users of your software for much longer than if they had just signed up but never gone through the challenge. This is an effective strategy for growing software startups.

Online Marketers

Some courses have a challenge. You can make your course more engaging by adding a challenge. The people who do the challenge will get more out of it and be excited to buy your product.

This is perfect if you sell training products. If you are on JVZoo, Clickbank or some other place like Paykickstart or ThriveCart, then this is good for you.

Experts/Trainers & Coaches

Member App Challenge – Engage your students with high-quality and online challenges. Engage with your audience in a “live workshop” style environment on the Internet.

Create webinars and publish homework for the people who are participating to do after the live workshop. You can also charge more for these classes and run live workshops at the same time that you are running an online challenge.

Run Challenges For Clients

Educate your clients and engage them in a new way with challenges. Sign up high-paying clients and help them to run more results through challenges. Get paid for this service.

Challenge your clients and charge them to do it. This can be a great service for businesses, fitness trainers, or experts.

Member App Challenge Review – The Complete Features Breakdown

Plan your entire challenge With ‘Challenge Planner’

Challenges App Review - Member Area

Plan out your challenge with Member App Challenge. Choose what days different ‘challenge lessons’ are released. Make a visual representation of how each lesson will be structured with pictures and text.

Drag and drop ‘Visual Editing’ System

Challenges App Review

You can edit your lessons as much as you want. There is a visual editing system that lets you move things around. Make sure the lesson includes everything it should and is in the right order.

Create ‘pre-sell’ events around your challenges

Challenges App

With Challenges By Member App, you can Build hype for your challenges and give people who are interested in them a chance to buy spots ahead of time. People can see when the challenge will start and how much time they have left.

Auto-Enroll students to your challenges

Challenges App Review - Member Area

With Member App Challenge, you can invite students to your challenges. You can also use third-party software to automatically enroll new customers in your startup or fitness programs.

Set Start Time’s & End Times

Challenges App Review

With Member App Challenges, you can choose when to start and end your challenge. For example, you can do it in January. All of your students can prepay for membership before January and then the “Challenge” will be unlocked at the same time as the challenge starts. Anyone can join at that time too.

If a student signs up, they can start the challenge right away. They can also do this without having to wait for the next year.

Drip Feed Content Lessons

Challenges App

You get to change the order of your content and customize it with Member App Challenge. You can choose when students can access different lessons, for example, by asking them to complete one lesson a week.

Create & Review Homework

Challenges App Review - Member Area

Create homework for your students to submit each day of the assignment. Customize the homework as they do their work. Then review it with them when they submit it, and write back to them if there is a problem. If you want, you can also let students skip the homework if they don’t want to do it and go on to the next lesson, or require that they do it before moving on.

Keep Students Engaged With Reminders & Notifications

Challenges App

Challenges By Member App – As your students run through your challenge, remind them with notifications. You can decide when they get these reminders. Remind them and make sure they complete the lessons you have for them in the challenge.

Challenge Completion Certificates

Challenges App Review - Member Area

Once a student completes your challenge, you can send them a certificate. The certificate can say what the student did and congratulate them on their achievement. You can choose when the certificate should be sent to the students and give them different rewards if you want. They will receive a digital copy of the certificate but they may also get something physical if you want to do that too.

Communicate & Engage Your Students

Challenges App Review - Member Area

Communicate with your students by using group chat. Send messages to all of your students by typing them in the chat. Students can reply, ask questions, or talk to each other. This helps create a collaborative and helpful environment for your students. Students can help encourage each other as they work on the challenges that you give them.

Track Your Students Progress

Challenges App Review

You can follow what your students are doing and know when they are beginning the challenge, how much of it they have done, and what actions they took. You can also help out if you see them getting bored. If you see your best students completing their daily goals, tell them that they are great!

Collect Testimonials, Reviews

Challenges App Review - Member Area

When students finish your challenge, you can turn on ‘video testimonials’. At the end of the challenge, students are asked to submit a video testimonial about the challenge. This will help you collect feedback and reviews that will help you improve your future challenges.

Pros and Cons

Member App Challenge Review – My Final Thoughts

COVID-19 seems to have caused a crisis for many people in the workshop world.

To get around this, they offer workshops through video broadcasts on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook Live Video Chat now instead of holding them face-to-face with attendees.

However, while these are great ways to teach something new or share stories without being interrupted by someone else’s conversation, it can be difficult for viewers who may not know how much time is left in the broadcast so they don’t feel bad if their attention wavers as you talk about topics more deeply than what might be done at an event that only lasts two hours.

Member App Challenges that lets you do workshops on the internet. It’s like in-person workshops but without any distractions. You can charge more and stay up to date with how your students are doing.

Sam Bakker (the product creator) spent over $200,000 to make this software.

It is the most professional and high-quality challenges creator software out there today. It does something that no other software has ever done before too.

I know Challenges By Member App is going to make your business better. They will help you make more money. You can use them as a timed event for your students and they will pay attention better.

Member App Challenge Rating


The Benefits of Using Member App Challenge?

  • Create a customized experience for your students
  • Give out challenges for free or as paid content, increasing ROI
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration with your students
  • Organize student progress and track their success
  • Create professional workshops from the comfort of your home
  • Get paid more for your workshop and stay updated on how they are doing in a new interactive interface
  • Connect with students without distractions
  • Keep up-to-date on their progress to understand what’s working and what isn’t during the class

Member App Challenge OTO’s & Pricing Details

The Front End: Member App Challenge ($47-67)

  • Sell To Businesses
  • Challenges Software
  • Challenge Start Times & End Times
  • Evergreen Challenges
  • Challenge Pre-Sell Pages
  • Create & Review Student homework
  • Reminders & Student Notifications
  • Challenge Certificates
  • Automatic Workshop/Webinar Enrolment
  • Track Students Challenge Progress
  • External Payment & Email Integrations

OTO1: Member App Challenge All Access ($47/month)

  • Challenge Group Chat
  • Actions System
  • Gamification
  • User Feedback
  • Student Analytics
  • Video Hosting & Uploads
  • Mobile responsive video & audio player
  • Additional Templates
  • Create Static Courses
  • In-Membership Upgrades
  • Multi-course Memberships
  • Advanced Style Customization
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customizable Checkout pages
  • Affiliate Management
  • Coupon System
  • Membership Bundles
  • Editable Email Templates
  • Editable Legal Documents
  • Integrated Payments
  • Action Integrations

OTO2: Member App Challenge Agency ($297)

  • Client Management Dashboard
  • Charge & Invoice Clients
  • Team Management
  • 3 Brand New Themes
  • Collaborate With Clients
  • Rebrand Membership Client Dashboard
  • Export HTML
  • Agency Resources
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

OTO3: Member App Challenge Bootcamp ($97)

  • 30 Day Training System
  • 4 Workshops
  • Tools, Resources & Planning
  • 2 ‘Done For You’ Challenges

OTO4: Member App Challenge Funnels ($197)

  • Funnels Software
  • Professional Features
  • 150+ Templates
  • 20 Done For You GrowViral campaigns
  • Commercial Rights


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