WebinarLoop 2 Review – The Ultimate Webinar Platform Is Even Better

WebinarLoop 2 Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to my honest WebinarLoop 2 review (Not sponsored). My name is Partha a full-time blogger and software tester.

Through my WebinarLoop 2 review, you will know exactly what it is, how it works, what the features and benefits are, the pros, and cons, OTOs & pricing, and more. So that you can make a good decision if you want to buy it or not.

In case you decide to buy this product after reading my review, make sure you don’t forget to check out my WebinarLoop 2 bonuses below. These will help you get results fast. Ok, let’s get started.

What Is WebinarLoop?

Webinarloop is the most innovative webinar marketing software on the market. With this cutting-edge technology, you can create any type of webinar to sell anything and measure your success with powerful analytics tools that are easy to understand.

You’ll have a first successful webinar up in no time at all thanks to Webinarloops’ intuitive training modules! With its live or prerecorded options available for instant use, it’s sure to exceed expectations when catering to each customer their own needs like never before seen!

After the great success of WebinarLoop version 1.0, WebinarLoop version 2.0 is released to make you experience more innovative webinars like never before.

Let me discuss more this software through this WebinarLoop 2 Review.

What Is New In WebinarLoop 2?

  • Fullscreen viewing
  • Engagement Sidebar
  • Simulated Live Webinar with chat
  • Embeddable Optin Pages. Imagine a webinar optin that works anywhere (your blog, your squeeze page, popup, etc) and is easily editable. With Webinarloop 2 you can have that.
  • Live transfers with one click. If you are late to the webinar, just click on a button and your call will be transferred automatically
  • Custom Branded Signup Pages. You can have a unique signup page for your webinars. No more default grey templates. Just a couple of clicks and you are done!

All of this, and not just that. Webinarloop 2 is the ultimate webinar platform for you!

Why WebinarLoop 2?

WebinarLoop 2 Review - Webinar stats

Webinars are the most popular form of marketing and they help many people to sell their products. Webinars are interactive and they can easily engage their targeted audience.

However, webinars have some disadvantages that limit their potential for powerful engagement like time zone constraints and the inability to see who is online and participating in the webinar.

WebinarLoop 2 offers a revolutionary way to operate webinars. Its features make it possible for you to interact in real time with your audience and build powerful engagement, making it more convenient than ever before. Let me explain more details in the next parts.

WebinarLoop 2 Review

WebinarLoop 2 Rating

I’m going to keep this short, but I’ll share my experience with WebinarLoop 2 software. It’s a really good platform to use if you don’t want to spend too much time setting up your webinars and looking for templates and other things.

The interface is really easy to use and the features are great as well. There are tons of automation features in it that will save you a lot of time, as well as some really specific features that I found useful, such as integrations with Zapier or email or SMS alerts sent from the software.

It was also really easy for me to import my leads into the software without any major difficulties or problems. And it was especially helpful that they had little tutorials all over the place that helped me out along the way.

It’s reliable software and I recommend it if you’re looking for something like this!






OVERALL: 4.5/5

WebinarLoop 2 Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: WebinarLoop 2
  • Product Creator: Cyril Jeet
  • Launch Date: 2021-Aug-22
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $37
  • Bonus: YES
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site: https://getwebinarloop.in/
  • Product Type: Software & Tools
  • Recommendation: Highly Recommended

About The Creator

WebinarLoop 2 Review - About creator

Cyril Jeet is the founder and CEO of Digital Marketing Solutions. He has been in the industry for over 10 years, working with companies to help them grow their online traffic through SEO best practices and social media marketing strategies.

Some of his blockbuster software are CloudFunnels Version 1.0 & 2.0, CourseFunnels, WhatDROID, Ads2List, Email Jeet, AdPlify, AgencyApp, etc.

He got his start by running a content website in 2005 which ranked on page 1 of Google for competitive keywords within six months. His company has successfully grown from one man to a team of five in less than two years while maintaining customer satisfaction rates of over 99%.

WebinarLoop 2 Review – The Best Features & Its Benefits

WebinarLoop 2 Review - Features
  • You can run live webinars and share your screen or camera

You can go live from your Web browser. Webinarloop uses YouTube Live technology to create a live Webinar that runs smoothly without any drops or lags.

  • Run Powerful Live-Like Replays

Webinar replays can be made to look live, complete with Simulated chat or events. You’ll only need to get your attendees to sign up. Webinarloop handles everything, including reminders and playback.

  • You can host your webinars on your own domains and subdomains

Maximize brand value. Your webinars can be hosted on your domains or subdomains. Webinarloop allows you to create webinars on your Webinarloop domain. You can also point to any domain at it. Webinarloop allows you to keep your customers connected to your identity.

  • Webinars on Demand Supported

Don’t worry about your webinar timings ever again. Webinarloop’s Webinar On-Demand feature allows your attendees to enjoy the entire Webinar experience regardless of when they sign up. This includes live-like video, chat simulator, and call-to-action timers. Even if only one person is attending, you can still make sales!

  • Powerful Automated Scheduled webinars

You want to host an automated webinar that runs on a time schedule so that everyone knows what it is. Webinarloop makes it possible. Pre-recorded webinars can be scheduled and run exactly like live. This simulates a live webinar, complete with chat and all other features.

  • Fully customizable sign-up pages

You can create a signup page that encourages people to sign up by using one of the highly-converting templates in Webinarloop. Then, modify the page as you wish with Webinarloop’s integrated page builder. Your logos, graphics, and call to action can be added to your sign-up page to maximize conversions.

  • Call-To-Action & Live Buttons

Now you’re at the critical part of your webinar when you ask viewers to purchase. What should you do? Drop us a message in chat and Send a link to your presentation. It’s time to create something 10 times more effective. Call to action via a live button within the webinar. Click on the button to take your viewers directly to your sales page or buy right from the webinar.

  • Info-pops in the Webinar

In information pops, you can drop information tidbits or important updates to the webinar. To get maximum attendance and conversions, keep your audience interested and alert.

  • Take surveys in the Webinar

Asking a question to your Webinar attendees? Let them answer the question by showing them a question box. You can view the answers in your sidebar, and you can also look at them later after the webinar ends. This is a great way to engage your audience and collect valuable information.

  • Create polls that make voting easier

Do you want to conduct a survey during your webinar? With the Poll widget in Webinarloop, it’s simple to do a mini-survey. Viewers can vote and see the poll results.

  • Use graphics and ads in your webinars

Place ads and graphics inside the webinar. Viewers can view the graphics in the sidebar and take immediate action. You can show ads, infographics, and e-covers. Show screenshots, case studies, and other information. Your webinar should be so compelling that people will not want to leave.

  • Embeddable Sign-up Forms

You can embed your webinar sign-up form on your landing pages, blog, or email. Webinarloop’s embeddable signup forms make it easy. These forms can be used to encourage people to sign up on any page on the Internet.

  • There are dozens of premade templates

Webinarloop has dozens of templates to help you create thank-you pages and sign-up forms. No matter your niche, there’s a template that will work for you. Our templates are easy to use and convert.

  • Increase Webinar Conversions with Chat Moderators

Webinarloop has powerful Webinar moderation tools that allow you to engage your audience, answer questions, and drop links.

  • Analytics that is insightful

Do you want to know how webinars perform? Webinarloop analytics can tell you what is working and what is not. Webinarloop’s powerful analytics can help you improve webinars and make great sales pitches.

  • Powerful Call-To-Action Features

Conversions in Webinars are about displaying your call to action at the right moment. Webinarloop offers powerful Call-To-Action capabilities. Your conversion button can be displayed with your call-to-action, custom graphic, or even a scarcity clock! Webinarloop makes it easy to get people to the order pages quickly.

  • Uses popular autoresponders to integrate

You can continue to use your autoresponders and then add your leads automatically. Webinarloop integrates with Aweber and MailChimp. Sendgrid, MailEngine, and a growing number of other autoresponders.

  • Powerful Email-Reminder System Get You Max Attendees

Webinarloop will automatically send reminder emails to your attendees via email, but you can also create custom reminders and send them to your audience using WebinarLoop. Maximize attendance!

  • Google & Facebook Pixels Support

You can easily integrate your Google and Facebook conversion pixels to retarget your attendees.

  • Supports Zapier

Zapier allows you to transfer your data instantly to any CRM, marketing tool, or app. Webinarloop 2’s Zapier integration allows for instant data transport.

  • Automatic Webinar Recording

Record a webinar live and receive a copy after the event. You can quickly set up replays without any hassle.

  • Multi-user support

Your team will have limited access. Your designer won’t have the ability to modify your products and your email VA will not be allowed to alter them. Webinarloop allows you to create unlimited sub-users, and you can choose exactly what each user should have access to.

WebinarLoop 2 Review – What You Can Do With It?

  • You can conduct webinars just like the big men do. WebinarLoop 2.0 makes webinars interactive and easy to use with its full-screen video experience and innovative sidebar engagement panel.
  • You can create your own templates using the template editor. You have the option to create your brand, or you can use a template found on the market. Then you can build your unique approach to attracting leads to your business.
  • Auto-responders can help you attract more leads. The best way to keep new leads, especially long-term ones, is with autoresponders. WebinarLoop is partnered with the top autoresponders so you can import new leads to your webinars.
  • You can create effective sales decks and presentations by creating them as live or on-demand webinars. You can show them on any platform, including YouTube videos and Facebook ads. WebinarLoop is easy to use and edit, so anyone can use it.
  • You can create virtual seminars by using the pre-recorded and simulated chat features. WebinarLoop can run the webinar automatically or you can playback a recorded webinar. Simulated chat is a great way to engage people in conversation.

WebinarLoop 2 Review – What Can Be Sold Using A Webinar?

  • SEO Services
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Astrology Consultancy
  • Dating Coaching
  • Health Supplements
  • MMO Offers
  • Network Marketing
  • Marketing Training
  • Financial Investments
  • Insurance
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Software
  • Video Marketing Services
  • Affiliate Products
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Physical Products
  • Content Writing Services
  • Life Coaching
  • Poker
  • Travel
  • Dance Training
  • Career Consultancy
  • Community Building
  • Weight Loss

WebinarLoop 2 Review – How Does It Work? Watch The Demo

  • Step 1: Create Your Webinar – Use the user-friendly webinar creation system
  • Step 2: Publish Your Sign-up Page – Modify a template with Drag & drop ease.
  • Step 3: Get Paid – Watch your prospects love you with their credit cards.

Watch This WebinarLoop 2 Demo Video to See How It Works

Who WebinarLoop 2 Is For?

  • Independent freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • Remote workers.
  • Digital marketers & small business owners.
  • Marketing experts who need to create presentations, sales decks, or other marketing content on demand.
  • Marketing departments for large enterprises need to do a full-scale webinar campaign without having to handle the technical details of running one.
  • Broadcasters who want to broaden their audience and showcase valuable content online.
  • Marketers who want to bring their audience into new worlds with interactive virtual seminars.
  • Educators looking for an innovative way to engage students in online classes while improving their engagement rates.
  • Sales departments and marketing teams attract leads into the sales funnel by merging email, social media, and webinars together.
  • Solopreneurs looking to run their own business without having the have an extra full-time staff member or IT person on their payrolls.

WebinarLoop Review – How WebinarLoop 2 Is Better?

WebinarLoop is already a proven software with more than 10,000 users worldwide. This one data is enough to prove its credibility and usefulness.

Since the creator Cyril Jeet knows his customers’ needs best, he added the most requested features that users wanted.

  • Full-Screen Streaming: The old version of WebinarLoop 2 is only able to display your video feed on a small portion at the top-right corner of the screen. Now, with full-screen streaming, your video is displayed on the entire screen and helps you draw more attention to what matters: Your live feed!
  • Creative Sidebar Engagement Panel:  In WebinarLoop 2, you can actually watch your audience leave comments which are automatically played back in the chat. You can type in responses or just watch them talk and engage with your presentation!
  • Pre-Recorded Customer Chat:  You no longer have to worry about the lack of engagement when running a webinar if there are no live participants online. During the pre-recorded webinar, you can throw away the script and let WebinarLoop autoresponds to your pre-recorded audience’s comments!

In many ways, I can say that WebinarLoop 2 is a better version than the previous one. Let’s take a look at the comparison with other webinar tools…

WebinarLoop 2 Review - Features comparison

WebinarLoop 2 Review – The Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive platform with an amazingly easy-to-use UI.
  • Rigorously tested.
  • Detailed tutorials and training included.
  • Dedicated 24 hours support team with live chat support round the clock.
  • High-quality evergreen app maintained with diligence.
  • Self-hosted SAAS works on any hosting
  • Agency rights
  • Commercial rights
  • One time price


  • No cons until today

The Benefits of Using WebinarLoop 2

  • Sell leads. Make webinars, find leads, and sell leads to any relevant business.
  • Create webinars for other businesses and find them leads on a per-lead cost or commission.
  • Sell other people’s products as a webinar manager and earn commissions.
  • Create your own products, build webinars, and sell using paid traffic, organic traffic, or product launches.
  • Easily get signups for your own webinars
  • Higher conversion rates, more conversions, and increased optin rates.
  • More leads in less time with the templates and lead generation software.
  • Perform better studies on past webinar results with detailed landing page analytics.
  • Makes it easier to use third-party software such as Sales Funnel templates and autoresponders.
  • Works with WordPress, OptinMonster, Wishlist Member, SumoMe, GateZero, ListBuilderPro, and almost any other software you can think of.

WebinarLoop 2 OTOs & Pricing Details

WebinarLoop 2 Review - OTO's

The Front End: WebinarLoop 2

  • Agency rights (5 accounts)
  • Commercial rights (unlimited)
  • 10 webinars
  • Multi user
  • Maximum 250 attendees

OTO1: WebinarLoop 2 PRO

  • 100 webinars.
  • Unlimited attendees.
  • Webinar sharing.
  • Custom branding.
  • Multiple presenters.
  • Unlimited call to actions.
  • Unlimited engagement drivers.
  • Chat moderator support.
  • 2 years upgrade.
  • Readymade sales page.

OTO2: WebinarLoop 2 Agency

Sell Webinarloop 2 yourself and keep all the profits.

OTO3: WebinarLoop 2 Template

Over 30 readymade templates for Webinarloop sign-up pages.

OTO4: WebinarLoop 2 CloudFunnels

Build powerful landing pages and memberships with the most powerful funnel builder.

OTO5: WebinarLoop 2 PersueApp

Powerful cold email marketing software

WebinarLoop 2 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

WebinarLoop 2 Review - Pricing comparison

There are so many webinar platforms out there. I never saw a webinar platform that cost only a one-time fee with these premium features such as full-screen streaming, pre-recorded customer chat, and a creative Sidebar Engagement Panel.

If you want to run your webinar the way it is supposed to be run, then I highly recommend WebinarLoop 2. It will save you so much time and money in creating a custom platform for your business!

When compared to paying $97 per month some big webinar SAAS company would charge you, WebinarLoop 2.0 is definitely a better deal.

What Other Users Are Saying About WebinarLoop 2?

WebinarLoop 2 Review - user 1

I use several of Cyril’s products and have no hesitation in recommending them. They are game changers for small business owners, entrepreneurs and people who struggle to get noticed. Webinarloop 2 will help me to elevate my business by connecting with my clients more effectively and professionally.

WebinarLoop 2 Review - user 2

Webinarloop is a new software from Cyril Gupta that will make my business better.

WebinarLoop 2 Review - user 3

I love all Teknikforce products and am looking forward to getting my hands on this webinarloop2 platform.

WebinarLoop 2 Review - user 4

The only Self-branding, Scheduled or On-Demand Webinar – as usual only quality products for the reputable Cyril and Teknikforce amazing team. WebinarLoop 2 is not different!

The Conclusion Of WebinarLoop 2 Review

Thank you for reading my full WebinarLoop 2.0 review on this page today. I hope you found this review useful and I wish you all the best!

WebinarLoop 2.0 is a truly revolutionary webinar platform that offers an innovative way to operate webinars and build powerful engagement. With its features, it’s now more convenient than ever before for you to do interactive marketing at a large scale with WebinarLoop 2.

If you want the best deal on your next webinar or if you’re unsatisfied with any other platforms out there, then I highly recommend using WebinarLoop software – especially since it costs only $47!

If you are still not confident with the WebinarLoop platform, you have a 30-day refund guarantee to request a refund.

WebinarLoop 2 Bonuses

Bonus Logo, Bonus Button, Take Action, Wait

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You can get my amazing bonuses (mentioned below) by completing just two steps below:

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