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It’s common knowledge that WordPress pages are sluggish by their default … But what is less well known is that the latest optimization plugins do HALF A JOB …

It is important to optimize sites for speed in order to achieve higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates and lower your ad spending …

In WordPress, every page you request must be compiled by your server and you must also load all the extra code from your themes, plugins, database and, of course, your images … It takes a lot of time …

To make matters worse, the WordPress website inevitably bloats over time, and most of us don’t optimize our images … Bringing our pages up to 10x quicker.

So, yeah … 99 percent of web pages are weighted down by heavy graphics, sluggish databases, templates, plugins, and even hosting issues.

At 3 + seconds load speed you lose 50 per cent + traffic and at 20 + seconds you lose 95 per cent + traffic according to Kissmetrics … This is a serious issue.

In today’s topic, i will be reviewing a product called “WP Optimiser”. 

This is really a wonderful plugin that optimizes your WordPress website within minutes.

Make sure to real my full “WP Optimiser Review” before you are going to purchase it.

WP Optimiser Review And Bonuses


Product NameWP Optimiser
Product CreatorsIM Wealth Builders
Launch Date & Time2020-April-23, 11:00 AM EST
Price Range$17 to $27
Refund 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Official sitehttp://wpoptimiser.com
Product TypeWordPress Plugin
Customer Support Responsive
SkillsAll Levels
RecommendedHighly Recommended!


WP Optimiser is a unique plugin that optimises your WordPress site peak performance. This is an evergreen tool designed to solve real site problems faced by all WordPress webmasters.

“WP Optimiser” is the fastest and easiest way to optimise your site & diagnose issues in a few clicks + boost your site rankings, reduce ad spend & make more profit.


WP Optimiser is a combination of quick fixes & diagnostics that give you advice on how to fix your site speed issues – more importantly we cover all 6 Primary site optimisation factors – at best our competitors cover just 2 factors & charge more.

Here’s what the product solves…

[+] Speed Factor #1 – Hosting – Poor global connectivity slows down your site
UNIQUE FEATURE    – WP Optimiser diagnoses hosting connectivity issues in real time

[+] Speed Factor #2 – Server – Poor configuration & inadequate hosting plans cause issues
UNIQUE FEATURE    – WP Optimiser diagnoses server configuration issues in real time

[+] Speed Factor #3 – Themes & Plugins – Can cause load speed issues
UNIQUE FEATURE     – WP Optimiser tests theme load speed in real time

[+] Speed Factor #4 – Un-Optimized GFX – kill load speed & eat bandwidth
SOLUTION                  – Flawlessly auto optimises site graphics without the cost

[+] Speed Factor #5 – Bloated Databases – Thrash your server’s processor
SOLUTION                  – Does advanced junk cleanup

[+] Speed Factor #6 – Long Pages – kill load speed and eat more server resources
SOLUTION                  – Allows users to enable lazy load on any page they wish

Not only that, WP Optimiser also does all these for you.

♥ Daily Site Monitoring      – It auto checks your sites config & operating environment

♥ Theme & Plugin Checks – it checks your theme & plugin’s load speed impact

♥ Image Optimisation        – it losslessly optimises your site images



Our plugin makes real-time connectivity quality tests to the USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any issues and also checks the uptime of your site to see how long your server has been up. This helps you to spot poorly maintained server hardware & bad server positions & weak peering arrangements at data centers.


Your site runs best in a good setting. To test this environment, WP Optimiser will run a series of checks on your RAM, PHP Memory, and PHP settings. Host settings & power of the drive. Once issues are detected, you can provide suggestions for setting improvements, which you may ask your host to enforce.


WP Optimiser performs load speed checks on your theme and compares that to the default WordPress theme. You’ll find that some of the themes you’re running will be slower by nature-that’s Cool. If the speed difference is serious, you can consider using an alternate theme to boost the output of your site.


Our Graphics Optimiser works with Tinypng-one of the most popular graphics crunching services. It helps you to batch-optimize all your current graphics in one go and auto-optimizes any new graphics you add to your media library. The API allows you to cut up to 500 images a month free of charge … you can update & pay for more or register for more APIs than you need.


Our professional database scrubber cleans up post / page updates, removes orphaned & meta data & removes up the garbage on your site to make your database thinner. The benefit of running a thinner database is quicker access times and less cpu load. This has the secondary advantage of keeping your hosting costs down as your site traffic increases-win-win for webmasters.


This is not a new idea, it allows you to load your page images on demand instead of loading all the images for each user, whether or not they scroll down your page .- This is especially useful for long landing pages or sales pages. The benefit of this is faster page loading and improved site efficiency when the site is under load.


www.VanillaLondon.co.uk – Site speed test after installing WP Optimiser

SimpleGourmetCooking.com – Site speed test after installing WP Optimiser

Crowley.link – Site speed test after installing WP Optimiser

BotGuru.net – Site speed test after installing WP Optimiser

That’s not all my friends. There are more proofs for this plugin.


Current optimisation tools focus on quick fix options such as cache, css & database tweaks (which work) but, these don’t address many of the underlying issues which cause 99% of the problems such as bloated graphics or underlying hosting & server issues.

Using cache before optimisation is like like adding a turbo to an overloaded truck…

So caching before optimising just masks the problem…

Cache for wordpress is fantastic but, it’s important to do basic housekeeping first… By caching a site without carrying out optimisation you are simply masking the problem…

A bloated graphic will still be bloated, heavy theme/plugin css will still be heavy and hosting or server issues will still be there.

ok, enough tech talk…

Lets start using WP Optimiser now and see the results for yourself.



Note: To get your WP Optimiser bonuses, simply forward your purchase receipt to my mail id: (bonus.spsreviews@gmail.com) and i will deliver all your bonuses within 24 hours.


1. Why Do I Need To Optimize?
A. Your site becomes cluttered with autosaved post revisions & plugin debris as you use it & 99% of users don’t optimize their graphics – this bloats your site & makes it slow .

2. Why Can’t I Just Use Cache?
A. You can however, you should be using cache after optimisation. If you are just using cache, you are still loading your heavy site graphics & bloated site code.

3. Do I Need to Pay to Optimise?
A. If you are an average user the answer is no – the allowance is 30 images per batch (500 images per month) – if you use more than this we recommend the paid upgrade service which also does the compression faster,

4. What is the best practice for GFX?
A. You have to size your images to the maximum size required, ensure your theme is fully responsive. Never upload images directly from your camera.

5. Why Are We Site Monitoring?
A. Nothing is ever static on a web server so you never know when you are running close to your servers physical & software limits this affects your site performance which is why we monitor this for you.

6. Why not Include Cache?
A. On combo products many users enable the cache first & don’t carry out the essential maintenance so we recommend using separate cache products. Which is why we built Viper Cache as a separate product.

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