The 6 Best AI Copywriting Tools to Help You Write Better Content

If you are looking for the best AI copywriting tools to help you write better content, then this blog post is for you! We have compiled a list of 5 different software programs that will make your life easier and save time.

AI Copywriting Tools

What Is AI Copywriting and How Does It Work?

AI copywriting is a term that refers to software that can help you quickly and easily create blog posts, articles, or other content.

AI copywriters use a variety of methods to craft original content, from scraping existing articles to spinning sentences in order to make them seem more interesting. However, while these programs may be able to generate some decent content, they cannot replace the quality of human intelligence.

The basic premise of AI copywriting is simple: by providing specific parameters for the program such as keyword density and sentence length, the software will generate text that matches those criteria.

The more parameters you provide, the better the software gets at generating accurate content. You might have noticed that some blog or article titles are identical to others on the internet and wonder how this can happen.

With AI copywriting programs, it’s possible to create a title that is exactly like another one without even realizing it!

For example, if I want an article about cats with 350 words of content (probably not what you’re looking for), I could input that information into an AI copywriting program and it would generate a new article for me. All I have to do is press the “generate” button and voila! The software will spit out 350 words of original content about cats in no time at all.

However, while these programs may be able to generate some decent content, they cannot replace the quality of human intelligence.

Why Should You Use an AI Copywriting Tool?

There are a few reasons why marketers and copywriters might check out AI copywriting tools.

First, these tools can save you time by generating full articles automatically! They work 24/7 too so if you need to craft content at 3 AM- your problem is solved.

In addition, they do bulk jobs like product descriptions which mean more free time for strategic marketing tasks such as lead generation and KPI tracking.

Finally, the dreaded “writer’s block” that every writer experiences will be eliminated with help from this tool – whether it be brainstorming ideas or just some general writing assistance; get creative again (and keep up) with an AI assistant in tow on the ride!

If you’re a busy content creator with multiple deadlines or dreams of scaling your content production, it’s worth exploring how AI copywriting may help you. In the meantime – keep reading for one more reason why AI is beneficial to marketers and copywriters: generating ideas on demand.

AI Copywriting limitations

Like any digital marketing tool, AI copywritng has its own set of limitations.

First off, while it is impressive that the tech exists and can produce good content for your business with minimal input from you or a professional writer – there are some drawbacks to keep in mind when considering this option as an alternative to manually written posts:

  • You’ll need human approval on everything they create before publishing;
  • The writing style may not be perfect based on how people use today’s language (e.g., “awkward phrasing”);
  • It won’t have the originality feel because humans will always possess more creativity than machines which means all their work would just seem like someone else’s anyway. So proceed with caution.


AI Copywriting Tool: ShortlyAI

Recently, AI writing assistant software has taken the market by storm. It’s a great place to start with unlimited generations and some really excellent tools to help you write quickly which leads us right into our next point!


ShortlyAI is a web-based AI copywriting software that has helped me produce an all-new document in just two clicks.

What sets Shortly apart from the other available tools, and something I didn’t thoroughly consider when researching for this type of product was its minimalistic interface which really fits into my workflow without disrupting it.

And another little bonus here: if you are also using Grammarly premium then not only can you use Grammarly right on your browser but there will be no issues with syncing or formatting as they both work seamlessly together!


If you want to get started, they offer a 3-day free trial that can help. After the initial period is up, ShortlyAI offers two different plans: Monthly Plan – $39.99 per month (billed monthly) or Annual Plan -$24.99 per month (billed annually). So for only 39 bucks a month and unlimited text generation on top of it all; this is an excellent value when compared with other tools that have higher prices and limits where your users will be restricted by how many times you use AI-generated texts without being charged extra!

AI Copywriting Tool:

You know how you’re always looking for new content to write, but it’s hard to find the time? is a copywriting assistant that writes 100% unique articles of any objective and topic–even if they are all different versions! It even helps get rid of writer’s block by thinking up ideas with you when needed so there will be no more excuses about being unable to come up with anything relevant or coherent in your business goals.

Features: can generate blog posts, sales copy, and email subject lines for you in a matter of seconds which will save your time! is not only capable to write SEO headlines or descriptions for products but it also writes personalized cold emails that send automated messages at specified intervals based on the recipient’s preferences (e-mail frequency). It can even create videos intro scripts with the video titles and descriptions and a lot more.


There are three plans to choose from at SpectrumNET. The starter plan is only $29/month with limited credits, the Pro Unlimited Credit Plan costs $99 – giving you more than enough credit for what your company needs, and finally there’s our Boss Mode PRO Plan which gives unlimited access for an extra dollar a month so you’ll never have to worry about running out of resources again.

AI Copywriting Tool:

CopyAI offers you a new way to generate content for your writing projects. From brainstorming topics all the way through crafting social media posts, CopyAI can help get those creative juices flowing in less than minutes! It’s easy-peasy and super time efficient too: just select one of four copy types from their suite (brainstormer, writer’s blockbuster, blogger helper, or meme maker), provide some words/phrases that are relevant to it (or not), and watch as they do most of the work for you by producing authentic human-like text almost instantly using our state of art machine language model GPT-3.


CopyAI is a great choice for any business looking to spice up its marketing efforts. With CopyAI, you can generate copy in seconds from Instagram captions and product descriptions all the way through value propositions, and with its suite of idea generation tools, it’ll never be hard finding inspiration again!


They offer both monthly subscriptions (billed at $35) or rolling monthly subscriptions ($49), starting from 7 days of free trial use!


AI Copywriting Tool: Copysmith

Copysmith is the one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs. Whether you’re a freelancer or in charge of an in-house team, Copysmith’s tailored tools give you everything that it takes to actually accelerate growth through great copy – not just create good writing!


Copysmith is an innovative company that offers a wide range of copywriting services to suit your needs. For example, if you run a small online store and need help with generating FAQ content or product descriptions for social media posts, Copysmith can do all the work without breaking your budget. Not only are their prices reasonable but they also offer discounts on bulk orders!

With over 12 years of experience in marketing communications and branding strategy development across different industries including education technology, retail apparel design & manufacturing as well as luxury automobile dealerships – we know how important it is to articulate brand values effectively through words alone which influences consumer behavior; not just by what products look like but how consumers feel about them too.


Starter package costs $192 per year or $16 per month with 20 plagiarism checks every single time you need assistance; Professional service starts at $600 but only requires one payment of that amount ($50 monthly); And finally, the cheapest option comes in as low as just ten dollars (per six months) because it offers limited services such as 30% discount on things like Adwords ads integration.

The Enterprise package comes with unlimited plagiarism checks and blog ideas, plus it has a suite of integrations. It costs $5,088 per year or $499 when paid monthly.


AI Copywriting Tool: Copysmith

Writesonic is a powerful AI-driven marketing tool that helps you produce engaging content for your business. Whether it’s landing pages, Facebook ads, or anything in between, Writesonic will help boost your SEO and get the attention of potential customers. The user can simply select from one of their templates and provide some basic description such as what they want to create like a newsletter campaign or an article about green energy before being given multiple copy samples to choose from which include everything they need including pictures!

Writesonics automatically generate creative ideas based on keywords so if you’re struggling with coming up with compelling writing material – this might be just what you’ve been looking for!


Writesonic is the best solution for marketers who want to automate tasks like welcome emails and marketing copy. The billing structure is also very flexible, so you can scale your package depending on how much content needs to be created each month.

The landing page generator was a standout feature of Writesonics – simply supply a few key details in order to generate an optimized engaging landing page with just one click!


  • Starter: If you want to get started with a basic plan, it’s only $29 per month for 75 credits and access to features like SEO tags.
  • Professional: It costs more if you subscribe monthly ($99), but it’s cheaper long-term when buying an annual subscription ($89). You have the option of getting 150 credits each time or 1200+ advanced features such as full article writing.
  • Business: Get everything in our Professional package plus all sorts of extra benefits at a price that suits your needs best from either one year up front (annual) subscriptions($449) or single months($499).


AI Copywriting Tool: Wordsmith

Do you rely heavily on data for your day-to-day decision-making? If so, check out Wordsmith. This platform generates organic sounding content based on analyzing large sets of data, meaning it can be used in a variety of ways: including journalism and financial reporting to name just two.


Wordsmith is all about scale. Scaling your business has never been easier with Wordsmith, you just create one template and set up a few variables to get multiple scripts! For example, have customer requests? Create chatbot scripts that respond differently depending on what they ask for or even write video game scripts while having the data in understandable English thanks to AP which uses it publishes over 3 thousand reports every quarter!


The pricing structure is shrouded in secrecy, so you’ll need to request a free demo and answer some of Wordsmith’s business-related questions on their website.


We hope that this blog post has been helpful for you in your search for AI copywriting tools. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your content or save time, these programs can be used by all types of businesses and marketers! If there is a program on our list that we didn’t mention but should have, please let us know as it will help future readers find what they need. Thank you so much for reading through this article and don’t forget to share with any friends who might also want some amazing information about artificial intelligence copywriting software programs!




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