PrimeHost Review – Unlimited Hosting For Life?

PrimeHost Review

PrimeHost Review

Building a website is essential for any business because it gives you a chance to increase your market exposure and sell your products or services.

However, website building is not as easy as it sounds because if you don’t have robust hosting, even the best web design can fail and bring down your business.

Many entrepreneurs spend tens of thousands of dollars yearly on buying expensive web hosting service for their websites. But it doesn’t take too long for their site to become slow and unstable due to the sheer amount of traffic they receive.

If you run an eCommerce business then the conversion rate is directly proportional to your customer satisfaction. And if your customers aren’t happy with your product or service, it will be tough to retain them.

Also, if your site goes down for a few seconds or minutes, it could actually result in lost sales and unhappy customers.

Your website needs to be lightning fast to keep users engaged with the content and encourage them to buy from you. So what should you do?

You need to choose a right web host that not only ensures high network uptime but also has a strong support team to address all your technical related queries.

PrimeHost promises to give you exactly that…

But wait is it actually true? Can a super fast web hosting offered at an unbeatable price actually exist?

Let me breakdown the most common misconceptions so you can learn the truth in my PrimeHost review.

PrimeHost Review – The Brand Overview

  • Product Name: PrimeHost
  • Product Creator: Tom Yevsikov
  • Launch Date: 2021-Oct-03
  • Launch Time: 11.00 EDT
  • Front End Price: $47
  • Refund: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Official Site:
  • Product Type: Web Hosting
  • Recommendation: Not Recommended

What Is PrimeHost About?

According to their sales page “PrimeHost is providing the top-of-the-line and unique unlimited hosting service that lets you host unlimited domains and websites on super-fast and extremely reliable servers for an unbeatable price cost once-off”

Who Is Behind PrimeHost?

PrimeHost is brought you by two online marketers – Firas Alameh and Tom Yevsikov. The team has a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry, with their expertise coming from launching many Six Figure products that are currently ranked among JVZoo’s top 1%.

They specialize mostly on creating easy-to-use software solutions perfect for all levels of users including those new to digital marketing or even entrepreneurs looking at starting out small business online while still making sure it’s affordable due its low start up cost.

These are some of the previous launches of Tom such as Ranksnap 3.0, Madsense Revolution, Local Hero, PrimeMeet, Little Video Monsters, SendSnap, PointRank 2.0 and so on.

PrimeHost Review – The Truth

PrimeHost Review - Sales Page Preview

Most webhosting companies claim that they offer fast and reliable hosting, but if you sign up with them, it becomes apparent within a few days that their claim was false.

They may provide great customer service and ensure network uptime of at least 99.9%, but their servers become slow as your site starts getting traffic.

Servers become slower because they cannot handle the load of high traffic or your website is not optimized for performance.

You may see many companies claim to provide super-fast web hosting services, but in reality, most of them fail to deliver on their promises at all. The following are some major reasons…

High Costs

High costs are the biggest reasons why most web hosting companies fail to deliver on speed. As your traffic increases, you need more powerful servers, which just aren’t possible with their existing infrastructure.

They have to either upgrade their servers or downgrade your plan to one that’s meant for low-traffic websites. Neither case benefits you as a customer.

A Lack of Dedicated Resources

Most web hosting companies oversell their servers and resources, causing high congestion and slow speeds. When multiple customers share the same server to host their websites, there is a higher chance of network downtime which results in slower speeds for all users.

Under-Optimized Servers

Some web hosts use servers that are much older than what they promote. They may also be running operating systems that are no longer supported, which results in slower speeds and frequent downtimes for all users.

Website Design

If your website has too many things going on at the same time, it will take time to load even if your hosting is fast. So, before signing up with a web host, you must check their refund policy and read reviews to get an idea of how fast their servers really are.

Unlimited Disk Space

Nowadays everyone claims to give unlimited disk space and bandwidth, but what they don’t tell you is that their sites will slow down after receiving a little bit of traffic. The reason is there are hundreds of other websites hosted on the same server and when there is a sudden spike in traffic it causes server errors. The result? A slow, unresponsive website leading to lost revenue and potential clients.

Unlimited Customizable Features 

Many hosting companies promise to give an impressive set of customizable features for free, but the truth is you will end up using only a handful of them and the rest will go unused. This meant that you will need to pay for features that aren’t in use anyway which is silly because PrimeHost has an excellent feature control panel where you can shut off any feature you don’t want at any time.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Most hosting companies claim to give unlimited bandwidth, but the truth is they throttle down and limit your bandwidth and you never know when they will do it.  Also, in most cases if they detect a spike in traffic on your site, even if that is for a few seconds, then the company will suspend your account until you upgrade to a higher plan.

After going over all the above points, you must be wondering how PrimeHost has managed to stay afloat in this intense market.

Also my biggest question is how PrimeHost can provide these features and absolutely no limits for a low one-time fee?

It is practically impossible! It is better to stay away from such a hype. Read my rest of PrimeHost review to learn more.

How Does PrimeHost Work?

Step #1: Login PrimeHost

Login to your PrimeHost account and add the name of your domain. You may create as many domains and websites as you wish.

Step #2: Manage Your Hosting Account

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to access your hosting account from a simple and effective control panel.

Step #3: Install 100+ Web Script In Just 1-click

From the dashboard, you can now install over 100 web scripts in one click..

If you don’t know how PrimeHost works, watch this video to get a better understanding.

Who Is PrimeHost For?

PrimeHost is for people who have a blog or personal site with no intentions of growing it.

It’s also for people who need a temporary solution for hosting their sites, such as web designers and digital agencies which require multiple domains and features to handle more than one client at a time.

Basically, PrimeHost is meant for low-traffic websites. Neither case benefits you as a customer.

Who Is PrimeHost Not For?

– PrimeHost is not for people who want to grow their site.

– Not for Businesses that are looking for a long term hosting solution

– People with an active blog that gets more than 100K page views per month

– Web designers and digital agencies who require features like Domain Privacy Protection, and advanced root access.

What Do I Like/Dislike About PrimeHost?

Actually, there is nothing to like about PrimeHost except its price.

What Do I Like About PrimeHost?

PrimeHost price is so cheap. It is a one-time payment of $47-$97. So if you still believe PrimeHost is a good hosting then you can try it.

Also they do have a 30-day money back guarantee which means they can’t scam you.

What Do I Dislike About PrimeHost?

Actually, there is nothing to like about PrimeHost except its price.

PrimeHost has no phone support. So if you have any problem you will need to open a ticket on their website or submit your question via email.

They do not have live chat support, which is a must for hosting companies.

Also, they are not transparent about the features included in the package. They don’t tell you what specific features are included in your account.

Rating Of PrimeHost

PrimeHost Review - Logo

PrimeHost Rating

PrimeHost is the best service for those looking for a hosting package that is affordable. PrimeHost also features some of the best features on the market, such as quick website installation, 100+ free scripts, and more. They are reliable and fast.

PrimeHost is not for everyone. If you are looking to grow your site past a certain point or need more than one domain or website then PrimeHost may not be for you. Basically, if you need a low-budget hosting service with amazing features then PrimeHost is the way to go.






OVERALL: 3.5/5

PrimeHost Upgrades & Pricing Details

The Front End: PrimeHost ($47-$97)

  • Host Unlimited Websites & Domains For Life
  • Get Your Own Personalized Email Account
  • Super-Fast Servers for Lightning Fast Site Loading Speed

Upgrade 1: PrimeHost Premium ($67)

  • Protect your data from malware and hackers
  • Never worry about losing your websites or files again with automated backup
  • You can host any type of website you like with our simple one click installation

Upgrade 2: PrimeHost Website Builder ($47)

  • You can build a website in just minutes without any technical skills!
  • You’ve got 2000+ designs to choose from, so you’ll never run out of ideas for your site.
  • With an easy drag and drop system, anyone can edit their site as they see fit.
  • Save time and money by building a website with PrimeHost’s premium features!

Upgrade 3: PrimeHost Cloud Drive

  • This PrimeHost upgrade offers unlimited file space
  • It has an automated backup service that will backup your files for you to ensure they are always safe
  • Upload any file with drag and drop simplicity. You can upload any type of media or document, no restriction!
  • The company’s servers are located all over the world, so you can access data at anytime, anywhere in the world

Upgrade 4: PrimeHost SEO unlimited

  • Boost your rankings and conversions with a simple all-in-one SEO tool
  • Site index and malware scans to make sure the site is safe for customers
  • Automatic keyword analysis gives you data on where they’re ranked
  • Get suggestions on keywords that rank well in Google, people are searching for, or converting

Upgrade 5: PrimeHost Web Conversion

  • Advanced tracking tool to maximize your conversions
  • Improve conversion rates for all of your campaigns on any site
  • Easy setup and integration, so you can get started today
  • Maximize profits by getting fast results from

Note: Front end is compulsory. Once you get the front end offer you will see all the upgrade links of PrimeHost one by one.

Is PrimeHost A Scam Or Legit?

I can’t say PrimeHost is a scam or legit because we don’t have sufficient customer reviews yet because it is new.

So I can only say that PrimeHost is not a scam and it does provide service but there are some negatives that I personally feel such as they don’t offer live chat support and they do not offer transparency in their packages.

The team behind this is actually reputed people, so they are not a fraud. But you have to use them with caution and follow the right direction.

I don’t recommend this for businesses that need to grow but if you need a affordable hosting plan then PrimeHost is the right fit for you.

PrimeHost Review – My Honest Opinion

There are a lot of good hosting companies out there. If you are serious on building a real business then you should consider different hosting companies.

PrimeHost has a lot of hype on the sales page and I don’t think they will be able to survive for very much longer.

If you want a good hosting company then I recommend that you go with SiteGround (Which is what I use for years) because it is the industry leader and offers the best customer service in the world.

It has 99.99% uptime, 1-click automatic WordPress installs, blazing fast servers, unlimited bandwidth and storage plus it is super affordable.

If you want to know more about SiteGround then check out here. I recommend that you go with SiteGround because it’s the best hosting company in the world by far.

Also, my other great recommendation is WPX hosting. WPX is one of the fastest WordPress optimized hostings in the world, you can check it out here. Their customer service is also second to none.

Both SiteGround and WPX hosting are little bid expensive but if you want to build a serious business you should invest in a good hosting plan.

Instead of going with PrimeHost which has a bad reputation and is not transparent about their features then why not go with SiteGround or WPX hosting which have a great reputation.

You should always be careful when it comes to choosing a hosting company because if you choose the wrong one, you will end up losing your money.

The Conclusion Of PrimeHost Review

In case, if you’re looking for a good small business which gives you all the features and services with fast servers and unlimited storage, then PrimeHost is a good choice for you. It’s worth giving it a try.

Thank You. I hope this review has been helpful to you. Thank you again for taking the time to read my review on PrimeHost.

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