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Trafficize Review – 

Easily Hijack & Legally Siphon Hordes Of Free Buyer Traffic From Tiktok & Instagram With This Unique Cloud-Based Software App.



Trafficize Review – The Product Overview

Product NameTrafficize
CreatorRichard Fairbairn
Launch Date[2020-Nov-04] @ 15:00 EDT
BonusYes, Best Bonuses Available
Official Site
Product TypeTraffic Training
SkillAll Levels
SuggestionHighly Recommended

Trafficize Review – What Exactly Is “Trafficize”?

Trafficize Review

Trafficize is a cloud-based software app that easily hijacks & legally siphons hordes of free buyer traffic from Tiktok & Instagram with this unique technology and turns the same traffic into major profits.

Trafficize lets you access an innovative traffic link and Bio page platform that turns your Tiktok, Instagram or almost anywhere you use it into a traffic syphoning magnet.

With Trafficize, you can now create as many backlinks as you want on both Instagram and Tiktok (and almost anywhere else!), allowing your customer to tap into this huge traffic source. People can place their websites, lead magnets, and offers in front of engaged buyers without ever having to change their profile or bio again.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing online. By using this special platform, you can bypass the link rule that you usually have on both mega social platforms and turn your posts and bio links into a 24/7 ATM!

Who Are The Creators?

The Creators of Trafficize

Richard Fairbairn, Paul Okeeffe and Steven Harvey have got you Trafficize. As a software developer with many hot products such as FunnelsKit, Newbie Affiliate, Project Restart, Marketers Boost, Curation Cloud, Underground Affiliate System, Social Studio, Listify, etc. Meanwhile, the other two men, Paul Okeeffe & Steven Harvey, are well-known affiliate marketers whose names, also of many hot competitive launches, frequently appear in the leaderboard.

They have won their reputation for smashing leader boards on a daily basis and they almost always end up in the top five, even the top three. Most experts in the world have always recommended their products and have earned high user ratings. Trafficize is an unique product that you gonna fall in love with it.

Trafficize Review – How Does Trafficize Work?

  • Step #1: Create multiple links on your bio links inside of Instagram and TikTok
  • Step #2: Builds trust with your audience so they engage on your recommendation links
  • Step #3: Redirect that flow of traffic to any offer, product, or service you choose
  • Step #4: Helps you build up a list of subscribers and prospects that you can use as your own personal ATM
  • Step #5: Make it super easy and fast to get these links in place with stunning visuals as well

>> Click here to watch the full walkthrough video of Trafficize

Trafficize Review – What Are The Best Features?

  • Biolink Pages: Normally, you can only display one link on your pages, but with Trafficize … the developer has created a way to overcome this hurdle so that you can see different links for different offers. All you need to do is add your links to your money pages, post, and watch the flood of traffic.
  • Shortened links: One link to rule all of them! You’re never going to need to use a link shortening service like bit-ly ever again. Say goodbye to unsightly long URLs with the in-built link Shortener.
  • In-depth statistics: You’ll also love the fact that the software gives you a keen insight into every single link you’ve ever created on the platform. You’ll be able to see clicks, impressions, referral traffic, uniques, browsers, devices, the latest activity on your links, and more! Perfect for knowing who’s interacting with your posts and profile and creating an offer to target those people.
  • No need for any web hosting: because everything is done on the cloud server, you will never have to pay any extra web hosting costs. This way, you can get started today and start generating traffic right away without waiting for your hosting company to set up things.
  • Use with a custom domain: If you want more control over your branding, then you’ll be glad to know that you can also use Trafficize with any domain you own. Just follow a few steps on the platform and your custom domain will be linked to the software in no time!
  • Verified Instagram check mark: major trust factor: not only will you be able to get more traffic to multiple offer links, but you will also be able to build trust with all the traffic you see your offer. It’s a known fact that Instagram puts a checkmark on verified profiles, and by having this add on your bio and pages, you will have a confirmed authentic presence in the eyes of your visitors.
  • Google Analytics Ready: If you want more control over your tracking, the developer has also integrated google analytics inside the platform. Just add your analytics I d and you’ll be able to see all the data you need in your google analytics account.
  • Facebook Pixel Ready: If you’re running paid ads on Facebook, then you’re going to love pixel tracking on the platform. Developer has made this super easy to add to your tracking pixel. Just copy and paste the I.D pixel.
  • SEO options: perfect to appear in google: It’s a known fact that your posts may sometimes appear in search engines. Especially if they start to go viral and pick up steam as google always wants to show the most relevant content to its users. So to make sure that you appear the way you want, the developer has created an option for you to add page title and meta descriptions to your Biolink pages.
  • UTM parameters: more google analytics customization: The creator didn’t just stop giving you the option to use google analytics, but the developer also took a step further with the UTM parameters option. This way, you can track specific text strings when your links are clicked and viewed in your google analytics log.
  • Social buttons-build your following on other networks: you can also redirect traffic to other networks so that you can build more online reach. Add social buttons to your pages that include Facebook, FB Messenger, e-mail, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, Spotify, & Pinterest. Plus, you can also customise the colours of these buttons!
  • Over 7000 + font included awesome icons: the developer also integrated awesome font inside the Trafficize dashboard. This way, you can access more than 7000 + different font icons to make your pages stand out.
  • Schedule when your links are displayed and gone: have more control over the links you post to your pages by turning them on and off automatically. This is a great way to rotate the links without having to do it manually day in and day out. Just pick your start and end date, press the update, and go to your business. The software is going to handle the rest!
  • Drag and rearrange the order of your links on your page: If you want to change the order of the links on your page, the creator will have you covered. Just a simple click and hold your mouse will allow you to arrange links to show how you want them to show up without having to delete each link and start over.
  • Add animations to make your links stand out: you can also add animation to each link if you choose to do so. Choose from animations such as TADA, wobble, bounce, rubber band effect, swing, shake, and more. This is the perfect way to draw attention to any link you want above the others.

What Trafficize Can Do For You?

How would you like to turn your Instagram & TikTok profiles and posts into money printers in the next 24 hours? Traffic software helps you get tonnes of traffic, no matter what you do online.

  • Use it to make money from an affiliate offer
  • Generate all the traffic that you need for your own products
  • Build an email list that you can market over and over and make a bank
  • Send traffic to CPA offers on a daily basis if you wish
  • Use it to build your follow-ups on other networks and get more online access.
  • Get more leads to your funnels
  • Get more clients to your coaching programmes
  • Build more sales from your ecom stores

The possibilities are endless.

5 Reasons Why I Recommend Trafficize

  1. Link multiple money pages, get traffic, and get paid: Do you not know which offer your audience is best suited to? Or do you want to test multiple headlines for a single offer? There’s no problem! By using our software platform, you can bypass a single link restriction and connect multiple offers to your bio pages that allow you to get paid for and test for accurate data. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes, but it can pay dividends forever.
  2. No need to lose your wallet with paid ads any longer: While paid ads are great, they can also be very tricky to master. And, along with our platform, you can use paid ads. However, it’s not unusual for most people to lose their arms and legs before they figure out how to make a profit with ads. But with traffic, you can get loads of free traffic without any risk.
  3. Perfect for newbies and advanced marketers alike: Getting traffic is still the # 1 fight for most online entrepreneurs. This is true of those who are just starting out and those who have been marketing online for years. But when you get access today, you’re going to be able to turn the traffic tap on at a moment’s notice. This is great if you have new offers that you want to test, revive old offers, or even push traffic to sites, posts, podcasts, or other social platforms!
  4. Shows correctly on every device so that you don’t miss any opportunity to sell: Today, more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet. And this number is only increasing with the lockdown. Almost 50 percent of online traffic is carried out on a mobile device. That’s why the creator designed this software to display correctly on every single device out there. You’re not going to miss any revenue this way because visitors skip your pages.
  5. 100 percent runs in the cloud, no messy downloads or installations: Traffic designed to be completely independent of personal computers and installations. So it doesn’t matter what your operating system is like. You just need a net connection, and you can get going immediately. There’s no conflicting software on your computer to fight with that way. You’re going to be able to syphon traffic right out of the gate.

Trafficize OTO, Upsells and Pricing

Trafficize: The Front End ($27 One-time)

  • Lifetime access to the traffic platform
  • Instantly access the unused traffic source
  • Create unlimited bio-pages
  • Create unlimited campaigns
  • Create unlimited link
  • Stylish Biolink Pages-create and manage multiple pages
  • Fully customizable-match your style or add a touch of your own
  • Full statistics suite-see which links give you the best results
  • Trafficize pro-remove shackles from Trafficize FE by giving you unlimited everything
  • 2x VIP training courses-Get the first 1000 followers on Tiktok and Instagram
  • Agency rights-Selling Biopages as a service to clients
  • Reseller rights-usually an expensive OTO at the end of the funnel. By retrieving the front end of traffic, your
  • customers will also be granted full reseller rights. A huge point of sale

Trafficize OTO1: Trafficize Autobahn ($37 To $97 One-Time)

The autobahn addon allows traffic to run on the fast lane so that you can experience more traffic, sales and profits without doing any hard work. This upgrade also provides gold and platinum options, including resellers and an optional traffic package where we’ll send 10,000 real visitors to your business. This is normally sold at $197 for the reseller and $297 for the traffic (great point of sale). In this upgrade, you will also have access to…

  • Growth analysis – keep track of any public TikTok profile and generate statistics on a day-to-day basis.
  • Projections – generate predictions based on existing data.
  • Export to csv or pdf – some data from generated tiktok profile reports can also be exported.
  • API – the ability to access tiktok-related data stored via the rest API.
  • Tiktok video downloader – download tiktok videos in mp4 format and download tiktok video and mp3 video files.
  • Lists – Create, update and delete lists to help you save and categorise specific tickok profiles that you want to keep track of.

Trafficize OTO2: Trafficize Tiktok Empire ($97 One-Time)

Trafficize empire is a fully done-for-you Tiktok business, guaranteed to bring in your first set of followers. Your team of designers will create fresh daily content for your business that will push your interaction, traffic and sales through the roof. It’ll all be unique to you, designed to turn your tiktok accounts into an evergreen traffic machine.

  • They’ll design the content for you
  • They’ll create the content for you
  • They’ll edit the content for you
  • They’ll deliver the content for you

Trafficize OTO3: Trafficize Turbo – Monetization Edition ($37 One-Time) 

Instantly monetize your trafficize Biopages with our turbo platform. The turbo platform gives you a huge set of over 70+ DFY offers, DFY bonus pages and over 200+ bonuses that you can use to give away in your promotions.

  • Over 70 campaigns ready to go
  • Build your own campaign drag and drop
  • Over 200 bonuses to use with your campaigns

Trafficize OTO4: Your Own Turnkey Online Business ($497 One-Time)

You’re going to be able to start your very own online business. Simply choose from one of 5 different niches and build an automated / outsourced / reseller business for you-designed to generate passive income. You don’t even need to buy your own inventory or own any of your own products because your store will be fully stocked from day 1. You’ve got to

  • Your own unique premium domain name valued at over $1k.
  • Easy to manage website (no coding skills required)
  • Completely done-for-you store with over 100 preloaded products.
  • The ability to easily add thousands of extra products
  • Automated processing of orders
  • Site optimised for fast loading to give the best customer experience.
  • Elegant responsive store theme compatible with all devices.
  • Mobile Business Ready Store
  • Level-1 PCI compliant so you don’t have to worry about the security of your customer’s credit card data.
  • Professional design of the logo
  • All content and graphics on the website
  • Functional page of contact
  • Free ssl certificate is included
  • Full support for getting your store up and running

Trafficize Review – The Pros and Cons

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”true” pros_title=”– Pros –” cons_title=”– Cons –” button_icon=”icon icon-cart-7″ link_text=”VISIT THE SALES PAGE” link=”” ][i2pros]100% cloud based app
Easy to use & beginner friendly
No paid traffic
Lifetime access to the Trafficize platform
Access an untapped traffic source instantly
Create unlimited Biopages
Create unlimited campaigns
Create unlimited links
Stylish Biolink pages – create and manage multiple pages
Fully customizable – match your style or add your own touch
Full statistics suite – see exactly which links are giving you the best results[/i2pros][i2cons]There is no significant con until now[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Trafficize Review – My Last Thoughts

You already know that 80 percent of online success is getting traffic. But you also know that generating free traffic can be a huge struggle even for some of the most experienced marketers. So since you already know that, just obtaining a copy of trafficize makes sense right? Especially since it gives you a sure-fire way to get all the traffic you could ever want from Instagram and Tiktok.

Think of it this way:

You’re most likely to use one or both of these networks later today. So why don’t you spend a few minutes setting up your profile and creating links that can give you some cash? As I said earlier, you’re already using these platforms so it makes sense to use them to get paid? That’s why it’s a great choice to get access today. All you need to do is integrate trafficize into what you’re already doing and get paid for doing so.

By choosing to get started today and using the software, you can literally start generating traffic to any offer you choose in the next 24 hours or less. So, don’t delay with that being said. Go ahead and sign up now and get access at a low discounted price while you’re still able to.

Special Trafficize Bonus From Me

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You Can Pick Any 2 Bonus Packages

Bonus Package #1 (Value $2,566) => See The Bonus

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Note: These are my custom bonuses for “Trafficize” You can’t find these bonuses anywhere else on the internet. I hope my bonuses will help you get best results with this product.


STEP 1: “CLICK HERE” or click on any one of the buttons advertised on this page and it will take you to the official sales page.

STEP 2: Order the product from official website.

STEP 3: Send me you purchase receipt to below email id. You will get your bonuses within 24 hours.


Trafficize Review – My Bonus Tips

Just think about what all the free buyer traffic can do for your bank account! There’s so much revenue that our software can help you generate free traffic. But let’s take a quick example of this …

Let ‘s say you have an offer that’s going to give you $25 per lead. And let’s say that for every 50 people who see that offer, you get 2 people to sign up for that offer. So, you ‘d make $50 for every 50 people. Not bad.

Now let’s say that traffic, you delivered 200 people a day, on average, to those links that you’ve posted. So that means for 200 people, with all things being equal, you’d have 8 conversions of $25 each. This is $200.

So, $200 a day, that means you’d be looking at about $6k a month. Now, this isn’t going to buy you a country, but that’s a cool $72,000 a year.

But what if you were only half as good and made $100 a day out of all the free traffic? That’s still an extra $36,000 from doing what you’re doing on these platforms every single day.

For some people, that’s a full-time income. But with an extra $100 a day, there are places in the world you could travel to and live like a king!

And even if you didn’t travel, an extra $36,000 or $100 a day could help make your life even better. That’s the difference between a better house, better cars, a better school for kids, and even a retirement.

This is the power of what we are putting in your hands today. We’re giving you a tool that will allow you to hijack all the traffic and use it for your own benefit. The only thing you have to do is take action today and get access to it.

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Thank you for reading my Trafficize review. I hope you got some detailed information about this product. I welcome you to visit my website on a regular basis.

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